Very Old News

23 December 2002 - Finnish language files for 1.6.13

qriff has sent in a set of Finnish language files updated for Eggdrop 1.6.13. Also included is a Finnish version of the default motd and partial translations of the help files to provide a more complete translation of Eggdrop.

27 November 2002 - Portuguese language files

absolute has sent in a complete set of Portuguese language files for 1.6.12, which can be found on the files page.

25 November 2002 - Eggdrop 1.6.13 released, Italian language files

A new version of Eggdrop is out! You can download it direct from one of the FTP servers listed below.

Eggdrop 1.6.13 [ 913 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA/Canada (round robin):
The Netherlands:

A list of the major changes in this release can be found in Wcc's release message.

|olio| has submitted a complete set of Italian language files for Eggdrop 1.6.12. The previously submitted set contained only a core language file.

21 November 2002 - ppslim's 2000th post

I don't know how he does it, but for a couple of years ppslim has been tirelessly helping people in the user forum, and has today reached his 2000th post (not counting the posts from the old UltraBoard forum). He embodies the best of the Eggdrop community, which would be difficult to imagine without people like him. To thank him for his contribution, ppslim will be receiving special Christmas present. Although I suspect he would prefer a bottle of tequila, a 25 gift certificate from is on its way.

A big thank you also goes to people like Petersen and stdragon who've helped make the forum what it is today.

18 November 2002 - Site changes, Romanian language file, updated MegaHAL, MC_8's FAQ

A few little changes have been made to the site over the past few days, most notably in the shell provider list, which now allows you to list providers by region or country. And glaringly obvious is the little box in the top right hand corner of the home page showing the current status of the more dynamic sections of the site.

In other news, blowfish has sent in an updated Romanian language file which supports Eggdrop 1.6.12.

BarkerJr has released version 2.5 of the MegaHAL module with the following updates:

  • Added support for !channels.
  • Added Tcl commands 'learn' and 'getreply' (non-win32 only).
  • Added a config setting, mega_wpm, where you can specify the speed at which the bot responds.

And MC_8 is very proud of the new Eggdrop F.A.Q.'s section of his website.

7 November 2002 - Italian language file, security notice

An Italian core language file for Eggdrop 1.6.12 has been added to the files page.

The script NO! autorejoin v1.1c by nickerne contains a vulnerability that can allow people to kill your bot (thanks to fili for reporting it). I've removed the script from the Tcl Archive and, obviously, if you're running this script on your bot, you should remove it. The vulnerability in this particular script relates to the use of the utimer command which, along with timer, expr, and exec, needs to be treated carefully when writing scripts.

11 October 2002 - Security notices

Two important security-related notices today. The first is the release of another new version of the MegaHAL module, available in the modules section. It was discovered that the module had an exploitable buffer overflow, which this version fixes. It also contains some new features and changes.

The other involves the script quotes v1.1 by blue (filename "quotes-1.1.tcl.gz"). This script fails to perform adequate checks when using the expr command, creating a serious vulnerability. I have removed the script from the Tcl Archive. If you're running this script on your bot, you should remove it immediately. Thanks to Marek for reporting this problem.

Problems with expr and exec are common in Eggdrop Tcl scripts. In August, a bunch of scripts were found to contain vulnerabilities relating to the exec command, and a year earlier a similar number of scripts with expr-related vulnerabilities were found. This would perhaps be an appropriate time to mention that scripters who use either the expr or exec command in their Tcl scripts need to take special precautions. I am currently creating a document for scripters showing potential vulnerabilities with expr and what can be done to secure their scripts. For the exec command, this post in the user forum already contains several good suggestions.

20 September 2002

BarkerJr has sent a new version of the MegaHAL module with the following changes:

  • Made message brainsave require a password to save.
  • Changed the module load binds so they won't collide with other modules or scripts.
  • Added a channel setting (+nomegahal) to enable/disable responses to messages said in that channel.
  • Megahal now backs up its brain (file) when eggdrop backs up its userfile.

The module, including a Win32 version, can be found in the modules section.

30 August 2002

Due to a configuration error which I discovered today, the form for requesting changes in the shell provider list has not been functional since around 4 August. Funny, I just thought people were no longer starting new shell providers. I've fixed the problem, so please resubmit any request you may have made this month. And not to forget that overused phrase: I apologise for any inconvenience :)

23 August 2002

For some mysterious reason, an old version of the netbots.tcl page got uploaded the other day and the descriptions for the updated components weren't complete, so a couple of little extra notes I'd added weren't there. If you're using the updated components, you might want to briefly check the page again for the updated descriptions. The date of the files has also been corrected (from 18 August to 19 August) but the update files themselves haven't changed, so you don't need to download them again or anything.

19 August 2002

I've released a couple of updated components for netbots.tcl and added them to a new section on the netbots.tcl page. This allows for some updates to be provided before the next major release of netbots.tcl (which I probably won't have time to work on properly until the next holiday season).

15 August 2002

An IPv6 patch for Eggdrop 1.6.12 has been added to the patches section. Note that the same patch for 1.6.10 has been removed since it was buggy.

5 August 2002

Following this post in the user forum, I went through many of the scripts in the Tcl Archive and found the following containing vulnerabilities that can allow people to create or corrupt files on your bot's shell:

  • bserv1.0.tcl v1.0
  • hlserver.tcl v0.3 beta
  • Internic-Lookup v1.0
  • Qstat4Eggdrop v1.5
  • Qstat4Eggdrop v2.0
  • Quote TCL v3.50
  • Shoutcast Search Engine v1.00
  • sms sender v1.0

The problem is caused by inadequate precautions in the script when using user input as an argument in the "exec" command. The scripts have been removed from the archive until fixed versions are available. If you're running any of the scripts listed above, I recommend removing them from your bot immediately.

27 July 2002

Eggdrop 1.6.12 has been released! Download it from or direct from one of the locations below.

Eggdrop 1.6.12 [ 879 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA/Canada (round robin):
The Netherlands:

What happened to 1.6.11? Well, it was released a little while ago, but found to be a dud because of the inability to telnet to the bot.

11 July 2002

A security problem has been found in the script Bible 1.0 that could allow users to execute commands on the bot's shell. The script has been removed from the Tcl Archive, and anyone running the script should remove it from their bot immediately. The author is aware of the problem, and a fixed version should soon be available.

2 July 2002

Wcc has sent a couple of modules and a new modules section has been added to the files page just for them. If you have any modules that you'd like to contribute, please send them.

29 June 2002 has been moving to a brand new host over the past couple of days, and you may have noticed some things such as the Tcl Archive have been broken at various times. Everything should be working fine now, but if you do run into any problems (e.g. server errors) or see anything that doesn't look quite right, please let me know.

I've also taken the opportunity to upgrade the user forum software. All existing users and posts have been transferred over. If you have a user forum account, please login and take a look at your profile settings to make sure they are as you want them.

23 June 2002

qriff has sent a set of Finnish language files for Eggdrop 1.6.10.

I've been doing a lot of fiddling with the site over the past few days. It has been primarily back-end stuff, so most of it won't be apparent, but there are a few things that should be noted:

- The file extension of most pages has changed from .shtml to .htm, and a few pages have been moved or renamed. This means links to pages on (e.g. in bookmarks/favourites, links from other sites) may be broken.

- The Tcl Archive uses a new delivery mechanism for search results, and is now on its own little page for quick loading. My own scripts have been moved to a page of their own (including botlogin.mrc which was previously on the files page).

If you experience trouble with any aspect of the site, please let me know.

22 May 2002

Marlon has submitted a set of translated .help files which will display Eggdrop's MSG help in Portuguese. It can be found in the language files section.

Freddo has kindly provided the Delphi source code of his Eggdrop config file maker for people who are interested.

9 May 2002

Don't .restart your bot! Well, not if you're a user of the uptime module and don't want to lose your position in the uptime statistics. Unfortunately, if you do a .restart, the uptime module is unloaded then restarted, which is something that isn't supposed to happen with this particular module. The problem affects all Eggdrop versions since the uptime module was created, and will be fixed in 1.6.11.

30 April 2002

A long overdue update for the standalone version of sentinel.tcl is finally here. You can download sentinel.tcl v2.70 from the Tcl Scripts page. This version brings the standalone release up to date with the bug fixes and features already implemented in the netbots.tcl component version of sentinel.tcl.

27 April 2002

Two updates to the files page today. A small Windows application for generating Eggdrop config files, created by Simeon, and another updated version of my botlogin.mrc script can be found.

19 April 2002

I've released an updated version of my botlogin.mrc script containing some new features. You can find it all the way down the bottom of the files page.

Also new to the files page is "eggdroplog", a CGI script for displaying your Eggdrop's channel log files on the web.

8 April 2002

A new version of netbots.tcl has finally appeared. netbots.tcl v4.09 is a minor release that contains fixes to some bugs in the core, and a somewhat revamped repeat.tcl which fixes problems in the previous version. The next major release is in the works, but more development and testing is needed and it will be some time before it's ready.

30 March 2002

Eggdrop 1.6.9 was meant to be a near perfect release in the 1.6 series. But, as is so often the case with software, several irritating bugs conspired to prevent this. So here comes a new contender - 1.6.10.

Eggdrop 1.6.10 [ 873 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

Alternative methods for downloading include or typing "wget" in your shell. If you'd like to read guppy's release message you can do so here.

20 March 2002

blowfish has submitted a set of Romanian language files that can be used with Eggdrop 1.6.9. You can find the set on the Files page.

Quote script v2.87 by stigmata contains a bug which could allow people to delete all the quotes in your quotefile by using one of the script's public commands. The author has asked me to remove the script from the Tcl Archive. I'm not sure if any updates to fix the bug are planned. Alternative quote scripts can be found in the archive.

12 March, 2002

Eggdrop 1.6.9 has been released. This release includes fixes to some nasty bugs in 1.6.8 - most significantly the nick2hand and hand2nick bugs which could cause Tcl scripts to act strangely. The usual release message from guppy can be read here, and the usual download locations have are listed below.

Eggdrop 1.6.9 [ 873 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

A new, alternative method for downloading Eggdrop has also been created. Visiting will automatically offer you the latest Eggdrop version for download. One little quibble I have with this site is that, at the moment at least, there's no way to tell what version you have or are getting until you extract it.

22 February, 2002

The creator of SUNiNET has informed me his website will be available again tomorrow, which is obviously great news.

And for anyone who gives a damn, yesterday I posted a small update to my botlogin.mrc script after Petersen complained that it wasn't working on bots with stealth-telnets enabled :)

19 February, 2002

The new version of mIRC inspired me to write a mIRC script that makes logging into bots quicker and more convenient. You can find it here if you think it might be useful to you. It's my first mIRC script of any significance, so please don't judge it too harshly :)

For several weeks now, the SUNiNET website has been unavailable. This is of great concern, as the site's Guide to TCL scripting had become an invaluable resource for budding Tcl scripters. If there's anyone who knows what has happened to the site, I'd be most grateful if they would let me know.

3 January, 2002

A new Eggdrop release welcomes in the new year. 1.6.8 is described as having a lot of small fixes, read guppy's release message for more information. You can download Eggdrop 1.6.8 from one of the following locations:

Eggdrop 1.6.8 [ 863 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

Note that *BSD users should read this little update for info on possible compiling errors.

22 December, 2001

An article originating from Reuters which describes Eggdrop as a Denial of Service tool has appeared on several news services, including CNET. The article reports that a large number of vendors with the CCBill payment service installed on their web servers have been hacked. Less ambiguous articles about what happened can be found here and here.

Following the theft of credit card numbers, hackers (or 'crackers', for the more technically literate) have installed some form of Eggdrop onto these web servers. The bots, which all sit on a particular IRC channel, can then be used to coordinate distributed DoS attacks from the hacked servers. The practice of utilising IRC bots in DDoS attacks has been described at (another article which ignorantly labels IRC bots as nothing more than DoS tools, but is otherwise informative).

It is an unfortunate fact that a significant number of people have utilised Eggdrop for malicious purposes over the years. Originally, this was contained within the bounds of IRC itself - bots such as Eggdrop were often used in attacks on channels and other users or bots. Today, this abuse has expanded to have an impact outside of IRC, and ranges from illegal distribution of software to distributed DoS attacks. Although I consider the number of abusive users to be in the minority, it is nonetheless a significant one and it is they who have given Eggdrop a bad reputation.

What is more significant, however, is the majority of Eggdrop users. Eggdrop is used on thousands of IRC channels to help provide and maintain a stable environment for people to communicate. The bot also expands functionality of this environment by storing a list of regular users and the time they were last seen, saving and recalling frequently-requested information, hosting trivia games, displaying up-to-date financial information, and so on. Many people incorporate their own additional functions into the bot, and gain programming experience from doing so.

These things are what Eggdrop is all about, and indeed, Eggdrop itself has never been capable of launching any type of significant attack. Rather, abusive users take advantage of Eggdrop's IRC and botnet abilities to avoid having to recreate this functionality, then add the abusive tools themselves in exactly the same way one may install a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic and create a cracking tool with it.

The existence of malicious users and their actions are not Eggdrop's fault, nor are they the victim's fault. The responsibility lies solely with the abusers, and it is they alone who deserve a bad reputation.

16 December, 2001

After having fallen behind with the Tcl Archive updates once again, there's been big update today with the addition of 12 new scripts, including an important security update for LoL's TooLz users. Although I aim for updates to the archive on a weekly basis, it is sometimes delayed due to lack of time.

It seems as though an old MIME type problem with .tar.gz and .tgz file downloads may be rearing its ugly head. If you have problems opening these types of files after downloading them, please let me know what browser you're using to help me figure out whether there's a problem with the site or specific browsers.

9 December, 2001

Eggdrop 1.6.7 has been released! The new version is described as one of the biggest in terms of bug fixes. For full details on this release, read guppy's release message. Download Eggdrop 1.6.7 from one of the following locations.

Eggdrop 1.6.7 [ 905 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

Note that I believe the new uptime module is inadequately documented given the privacy concerns people may have about it, and the fact that it is enabled by default. It is expected that 1.6.8 will improve the documentation, but in the meantime, I've created a uptime module description outlining what the uptime module does and how to disable it if you wish to do so.

24 October, 2001

At long last, the Eggdrop Command Reference has been updated from 1.4 to 1.6. However, there weren't huge differences in command help between the version it was originally based on (1.4.3) and the latest Eggdrop version (1.6.6), so the update might not be immediately apparent.

13 October, 2001

I just became aware of the following today:

In support of the recent appeal for help by the International Federation, the monies from all registrations made by mIRC users in October will be donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, who are preparing to help between 350,000 to half a million refugees in what has become a huge humanitarian crisis in countries around Afghanistan.

I know there are a great number of Eggdrop users out there who also use mIRC. If you are a mIRC user like me and haven't yet registered your copy, now would be a great time to do so.

10 October, 2001

TuRKeR has sent a set of Turkish language files for Eggdrop 1.6.6. They can be found in the language files section. Turkish-speaking users might also find the Eggdrop, Shell ve TCL Hakknda Yardm site useful.

5 October, 2001

Due to lack of time I've fallen behind with updates to the Tcl Archive, which will be resumed today. I'll be adding the backlog of submitted scripts bit by bit during the next couple of weeks.

I have an update on two of the vulnerable scripts that were reported in back in mid-August. The original author of nodbot.tcl has informed me that the vulnerable version of the script was an offshoot created by another person, and the original does not contain the reported vulnerability, while the author of cyc's tools has sent a latter version of the script with the vulnerability fixed. Both of these scripts can now be found in the Tcl Archive.

25 September, 2001

The user forum has moved! If you have a bookmark directly to it, please change it to the new location at Forum users should read the announcement for more information.

19 September, 2001

A word of congratulations to ppslim, who has just reached his 1000th post in the user forum. ppslim is one of many invaluable members of the forum who volunteer countless hours helping people with a complete range of Eggdrop-related problems.

9 September, 2001

Several places (including Johoho's Eggdrop Page, the user forum, and the eggheads mailing list) have seen reports of a bug in various Eggdrop versions that causes it to mishandle UNIX times of greater than 9 numbers. Incidentally, the number ticked over to 1000000000 (10 numbers) on September 8 or 9, depending on where in the world your bot is.

At its most basic, the problem will cause dates and times to be messed up, but it has the potential to cause more serious problems. The problem is confirmed to exist in Eggdrop 1.6.2 - 1.6.4. It was recognised and fixed in 1.6.5, so that and later versions are fine. It is yet to be confirmed whether older bots (1.6.1 and earlier, including the 1.3 and 1.4 series) are affected, although the tcl unixtime command seems to be fine on these versions.

If you're using 1.6.2 - 1.6.4, it's recommended you upgrade to the latest 1.6 version. If you're using an older Eggdrop, I'd suggest keeping a close eye on it to observe any strange activity.

4 September, 2001

netbots.tcl v4.05 is available for download from the netbots.tcl page. This version contains a couple of small fixes and changes, perhaps most importantly a fix for small bug in the sentinel.tcl component which prevented sl_masktype 2 from working correctly.

24 August, 2001

Today is the day! Almost exactly five months after the release of netbots.tcl v3.80, a fresh new version of netbots.tcl is finally available. Visit the netbots.tcl page to download v4.00, which is perhaps the most significant update to the script since v3.00.

So far I've received only one updated script out of the scripts listed the security announcement below. A new version of Eddie's Extensions with vulnerabilities fixed can be found in the Tcl Archive.

16 August, 2001

A serious security problem has been identified in several popular Tcl Scripts. The scripts contain unintentionally exploitable code which can allow people to gain complete access to your bot (and possibly your shell). The affected scripts include:

cyc's tools 0.57 (cyctools_0.57.tcl.gz)
Eddie's Extensions v0.8.1 (eddie-0.8.1.tar.gz)
nodbot script 3.1-8 (nodbot3.1-8.tcl.gz)
PiNG THiNGiE 1.01 (PiNG_THiNGiE.1.01.tar.gz)
PiNG THiNGiE Romanian Translation (PiNg2.tar.gz)

These scripts have been removed from the Tcl Archive until updated versions are available. This is not necessarily a complete list of scripts that may have this problem, only the ones I have become aware of. But it does cover the most popular and obvious ones. Several older scripts that are not in's Tcl Archive, such as pinglag.tcl, may also be affected.

If your bot is running any of these scripts, it is essential that you unload the script by removing its source line from your bot's config file, then shutting down and restarting the bot.

Note that the authors of the scripts have already been contacted about the problem.

12 August, 2001

SUNiNet's Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6 has finally reached v1.00. This is probably the best guide around, particularly for people who are new to Tcl and would like to learn how to create their own Eggdrop scripts.

8 August, 2001

DiZ` has created a complete set of Romanian language files for Eggdrop 1.6.6. As always, they can be found in the Language Files section.

27 July, 2001

Lukasz Luczak has created an Eggdrop config file generator, which allows you to create a config file via a web form. This is a beta version based on eggdrop.simple.conf, with generators for the advanced and complete versions of the config file also planned.

24 July, 2001

aardvark has created a full set of Spanish language files for Eggdrop 1.6.6. You can find them in the Language Files section. Speaking of languages, a language translator for is now available again. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to use it. You can also find manually translated versions of on the Links page.

Note that the user forum is currently in the process of being moved to a new server. If you're having trouble accessing the forum, please temporarily use the address

21 July, 2001

A couple of nasty bugs in 1.6.5 mean that the release of 1.6.6 is already upon us. The main fixes in this release involve problems compiling on SunOS, and a bug that could cause the bot to crash when the .whois DCC command is used.

Eggdrop 1.6.6 [ 821 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

The development team is holding an Eggdrop Logo Contest. The person who designs the best logo will win a free Eggdrop t-shirt or other form of Eggdrop merchandise. Click here for entry details.

11 July, 2001

It's been almost three months since the last version of Eggdrop was released, so I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear a brand new version with lots of bug fixes is now available. Download Eggdrop 1.6.5 from one of the following locations.

Eggdrop 1.6.5 [ 819 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA (round robin):
The Netherlands:

For full details on this release, read guppy's release poem.

19 June, 2001

Sup has created a patch that adds a a topic enforcement feature to Eggdrop's chanmodes, so you can use, for example, ".chanset #channel topic This is a cool topic" to enforce that topic on the channel. Versions for both 1.6.4 and the 1.6.5 CVS are available. You can find the patches on the Files page.

13 June, 2001

One of the most common questions asked by some Eggdrop users is where they can get a free shell. Those people will be pleased to hear that Freedom Shell currently offers free shells which, according to the admin, Jeff, lots of people have already signed up for and are running Eggdrop on. For those interested, some of the account features include:

- 5 MB disk space, sometimes 10 MB (varies depending on admin's mood).

- Pathetic uptime, extremely high load averages.

- No privacy, contents of your account may be shared by the provider with anyone.

- No technical support whatsoever.

Full terms and conditions can be found at Freedom Shell's website.

31 May, 2001

ppslim has created a patch to fix the ban expire problem many people are experiencing in the latest version of Eggdrop 1.6. The problem, introduced in 1.6.3, causes all sharebots to remove a ban from the channel when it is removed/expired on one sharebot, which can result in rather nasty -b flooding on a channel with a large botnet. If you're experiencing this problem, download the patch from the Files page.

15 May, 2001

For the past year or so it has been a requirement for listing in the shell provider list for a provider to publish their contact address and/or phone number on their website. To make it a little less tedious to maintain the list I've decided to remove this requirement. This also allows for the addition of a number of good providers who don't publish this info on their website for whatever reason. But at the same time, I've strengthened warnings in the shell guide to be wary of providers who do not publish this info, letting each informed individual to decide for themselves whether or not to sign up with such a provider.

6 May, 2001

The Tcl Archive, which is just shy of 400 scripts for Eggdrop, is now searchable.

14, April, 2001

Eggdrop 1.6.4 has been released. Note that some of the mirrors listed may not have been updated at the time this was posted, so try another if one doesn't work.

Eggdrop 1.6.4 [ 810 KB ] [ Updates file ]


11 April, 2001

An updated standalone version of sentinel.tcl can be found on the Tcl Scripts page. The new v2.60 standalone version includes all the updates that were made in the latest netbots.tcl version of the script.

I've also released a new version of partmsg.tcl to make it compatible with Eggdrop 1.6's modified part bind.

25 March, 2001

netbots.tcl v3.80 has been released! Download in on the netbots.tcl page. This version is particularly important for users of the sentinel.tcl component as it fixes some nasty bugs in the banning of idents and domains. A new standalone version of sentinel.tcl will be available within a week.

28 February, 2001

Eggdrop 1.6.3 has just been released. Click here to read guppy's release message. Note that some of the mirrors listed may not be updated at the time this was posted.

Eggdrop 1.6.3 [ 810 KB ] [ Updates file ]


27 February, 2001

After some feedback I've decided to end 'need-related' errors in botnetop.tcl once and for all by implementing a miniature version of clearneeds.tcl into the script. By completely wiping out channel need settings on every startup and rehash, most bop_ and getops (e.g. gain_entrance) errors should now be eliminated automatically, without having to clear channel need settings manually by using clearneeds.tcl or another method.

The new botnetop.tcl component has been released today in netbots.tcl v3.72. A new standalone botnetop.tcl is also available. These versions should end the current flurry of new releases.

24 February, 2001

netbots.tcl v3.71 with fixed botnetop.tcl is now available. Upgrading to the new version is only necessary on Eggdrop 1.6 bots.

23 February, 2001

As promised, new standalone versions of botnetop.tcl and sentinel.tcl are now available. You can find botnetop.tcl v2.20 and sentinel.tcl v2.50 on the Tcl Scripts page.

Update: A bug was found in botnetop.tcl which could cause bop_ errors on 1.6 bots when adding new channels. You can now download the updated v2.21 release. Unfortunately this bug is also in the botnetop.tcl version included with netbots.tcl v3.70, so a new version of netbots.tcl with an updated botnetop.tcl component will be made available tommorow.

18 February, 2001

A new version of netbots.tcl has finally arrived. Download it from the netbots.tcl page. New features in v3.70 include tsunami flood protection, a more efficient botnetop.tcl and an enhanced nocycle.tcl to further reduce the number of madly cycling bots. New standalone releases of botnetop.tcl and sentinel.tcl will follow soon.

17 February, 2001

The user forum has been moved to a separate server and is now located at Please update your links to point to the new address. Hopefully this move will make the forum a tiny bit more reliable.

30 January, 2001

An important notice for server admins. A CERT Advisory has revealed vulnerabilities in BIND 4 and BIND 8 that could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to DNS servers. It is recommended that users of BIND 4.9.x or 8.2.x upgrade to 4.9.8, 8.2.3, or 9.1. A general overview of the vulnerabilities and potential for exploits can be found at SecurityFocus.

18 January, 2001

A patch for Eggdrop 1.6.2 has been released to correct a problem with the .binds command which can cause the bot to crash.

Eggdrop 1.6.2 bindsfix patch [ 843 bytes ] [ Description ]


The main reason for applying this patch is to stop people from accidentally or purposely crashing the bot using .binds (which is accessible by global masters and above, so it's not a major issue unless you're giving global master status to malicious users). See the Using Patches section for more info on how to use it. This patch isn't really essential and you may find it much easier to simply add a line or two to the end of your bot's config file to unbind or rebind the command, e.g. unbind dcc m|- binds *dcc:binds

15 January, 2001

Fabian and guppy of Eggdrop development thought it would be a nice day to release Eggdrop 1.6.2. So, as per tradition, the download locations are listed below. Note that some of the mirrors listed may not be updated at the time this was posted.

Eggdrop 1.6.2 [ 808 KB ] [ Updates file ]


30 December, 2000

After a couple of weeks of generally unreliable operation of the user forum (some of you may have noticed the little 'user forum status' thing I needed to add to the left menu since it was going up and down like a see-saw), I upgraded the forum software and switched back to the old database system today. Again, it should work fine now but, if it doesn't, well, bugger.

Since this will probably be my last post of the millennium, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe new year. If all goes to plan, 2001 will be the year in which netbots.tcl finally becomes self-aware and takes revenge, ending IRC as we know it :-)

14 December, 2000

The registration form in the user forum was broken. Oddly, it worked when I tested it myself after reinstalling the forum. It should be working fine now so, if you had trouble registering your account, please try again.

/me reaches for the stress ball.

13 December, 2000

The user forum is finally back up after a two week absence. Unfortunately, all the existing user accounts and posts are gone, and existing users will need to register an account again :-(  (If you had 'op' status before, please e-mail me after you re-register and I'll restore it). For those who want the background - a couple of weeks ago my web host decided to do a major upgrade without telling its users. This upgrade corrupted the forum database, and the backed up database would not restore properly because of server limitations. After a long ping pong game of support e-mails with the forum maker that wasn't getting anywhere, I decided to start the forum anew instead of waiting forever to get the backup restored.

Perhaps one bit of good news is that the forum is now using a MySQL database, so it should run a bit faster.

24 November, 2000

Eggdrop 1.6.1 has been released. The reason this new version is being released so soon is because of a couple of significant bugs in 1.6.0 which needed fixing. See below for download locations.

Eggdrop 1.6.1 [ Updates file ]


For further information on this release, read guppy's release message.

17 November, 2000

Eggdrop 1.4.5 and 1.6.0 have been simultaneously released. Download locations are listed below.

Eggdrop 1.6.0 [ News file | Updates file ]


Eggdrop 1.4.5 [ Updates file ]


If you're a 1.4 user looking for a quick upgrade, I recommend 1.4.5. But, if you have more time, try the new 1.6.0. You can read guppy's release message here. The new 1.6 version now becomes the stable version of Eggdrop, while 1.4.5 is likely to be the last release of 1.4. Work is now beginning on newer versions, and a complete rewrite of Eggdrop is a possibility.

15 November, 2000

netbots.tcl v3.60 has been released. As always, you can find it on the netbots.tcl page. The main new features of this version include an enhanced sentinel.tcl and updated botnetop.tcl that's compatible with Eggdrop 1.6.

7 November, 2000

Eggdrop 1.6.0 RC1 has officially been released. You can download it from the following locations: (USA FTP) (Canada FTP) (France FTP)

This release candidate of the next major version of Eggdrop is intended to iron out any bugs before the final release. You can read guppy's release message for more information, and the list of updates in this version can be viewed here. Any bugs you encounter should be reported to the Eggheads mailing list or submitted via Bugzilla.

6 November, 2000

Eggdrop 1.6.0 RC1 is now available for download! You can find it at the following location:

This download is unofficial, and doesn't include an updates file, so only download it if you can't wait until tommorow for the official release.

28 October, 2000

Things have been pretty quiet again in Eggdrop land lately. The release of next big version of Eggdrop, 1.6, has been on hold for some time now while development continues. Hopefully the wait will not be too long. A new release of netbots.tcl has been in the works as well, and will be available in November.

A lot of people have been searching for a decent trivia script. If you're one of those people, you'll be pleased to hear Nerfbendr today released the impressively advanced-looking 'Triviabot' script. You can find it in the Tcl Scripts section. At least one more trivia script is expected in the near future, giving users a good deal of choice. In my opinion, trivia scripts are one of the few truly constructive scripts out there, great for testing your knowledge of many different topics. I had one in development myself almost a year ago, but unfortunately didn't get around to finishing it.

10 September, 2000

raeky has released the first cookie op script for netbots.tcl. The encryptop.tcl script provides an encrypted cookie mechanism, useful for channels where hijacking and general security are major concerns. You can download encryptop.tcl Beta 0.1.0 from raeky's tcls page.

Keep in mind that this is the first release, so it may contain some bugs.

30 August, 2000

The website has been down for the last few days due to problems with the previous web host, but everything is back up and running now. Sorry about the downtime. Unfortunately it was very bad timing with new releases of netbots.tcl and Eggdrop having just come out. We're now on a brand new host which most of you should find faster and more reliable.

23 August, 2000

Eggdrop 1.54 has been released. This is expected to be the last development version in the 1.5 series before its release as Eggdrop 1.6. You can download 1.5.4 (849 KB) from the following locations.'s file area (USA http) (USA ftp) (France ftp)

View the updates file and guppy's release e-mail for more information about this release.

22 August, 2000

Things have been pretty quiet in Eggdrop world over the past month, but it could be likened to the calm before the storm with a major new release of Eggdrop expected very soon.

In the meantime, a new version of netbots.tcl has been released. You can download netbots.tcl v3.50 from the netbots.tcl page. Updated standalone versions of botnetop.tcl and sentinel.tcl will follow soon.

26 July, 2000

It's now been more than a year since the last new standalone release of the sentinel.tcl flood protection script. Today I'm pleased to announce a brand new standalone version, sentinel.tcl v2.00, based on the updated version included with netbots.tcl. Many internal refinements have been implemented since the v1.54 release. Download v2.00 in the Tcl Scripts section.

18 July, 2000

Norwegians will be pleased to hear they are the first with an updated language file for the new Eggdrop 1.4.4 release. You can download it from the Language Files section.

16 July, 2000

Eggdrop 1.4.4 has been released. You can download it from one of the following locations:'s file area (USA http) (USA ftp) (France ftp)

As always, you can view the list of updates here.

13 July, 2000

I've created a new script called autolog.tcl. This script makes the bot automatically create new channel logfiles when you add new channels to the bot, saving you from having to specify a new logfile in the config file. You can download the script in the Tcl Scripts section.

3 July, 2000

A release candidate version of Eggdrop 1.4.4 is now available. You can download 1.4.4 RC1 from the following locations:'s file area (http) (USA ftp) (France ftp)

Click here to see the list of updates in this release.

1 July, 2000 now has a User Forum for discussion of anything and everything Eggdrop-related. It's also a support forum, so if you're having a problem with your bot, feel free to post a message there. I've split the forum into separate sections for Eggdrop, Tcl scripts, netbots.tcl, shells, and website-related stuff.

21 June, 2000

A new Eggdrop Command Reference section has been created. The reference is basically a web version of Eggdrop's help system, with a list of all of Eggdrop's commands and the descriptions for each.

16 June, 2000

netbots.tcl v3.35 has been released on the netbots.tcl page. This is a relatively minor update, though it does contain some important fixes as well as a faster opping mode in botnetop.tcl that many of you have been requesting.

A new version of the standalone botnetop.tcl, containing the updates made in the netbots.tcl version, is also available.

4 June, 2000

Another long overdue standalone script update - superbitch.tcl v2.0 contains all the enhancements it has been given as part of netbots.tcl, and it now works fine on Eggdrop 1.4.2 and later.

botnetop.tcl has also been updated to v2.02 to fix a couple of problems.

29 May, 2000

A couple of Small Script updates today. The previously unreleased partmsg.tcl is now available. It's a bit like a greet script, but sends messages to people who part the channel. A new version of keepout.tcl is also available. It has been enhanced with some new features, including support for +k channels.

25 May, 2000

A new Norwegian language file for Eggdrop 1.4.3 is available in the Language Files section.

21 May, 2000

Because of the focus on netbots.tcl over the past year, I haven't had much time to work on my old standalone scripts. Many of you have been waiting a long time now for new standalone versions, so today I'm pleased to announce the first updated standalone script - botnetop.tcl v2.00.

This new version contains all the latest refinements and features from the netbots.tcl version of botnetop.tcl. Download it on the Tcl Scripts page.

14 May, 2000

It's been quite a while since the last release of netbots.tcl, so users of the script should be pleased to hear that v3.30 has been released on the netbots.tcl page. This version fixes some bugs and has lots of efficiency improvements.

The superbitch.tcl component, which hasn't been working properly recently due to changes in Eggdrop 1.4, has also been updated and now works with Eggdrop 1.4.2 and later.

11 May, 2000

No money to buy a shell? Not to worry - there are currently two contests running in which you can win a free shell account for a whole year: is offering a free year of web hosting or shell services to the winner of their Hurray For Boobies contest. Ends 16 May.

BotnetCentral will be giving a free one year shell to the person who adds the greatest number of comments/descriptions to their file archives. Ends 10 June.

Good luck! :-)

7 May, 2000

A new version of Eggdrop 1.5 has been released. You can download the 1.5.3 beta from the following locations:'s file area (http) (USA ftp) (France ftp)

The list of updates can be found here. Eggdrop 1.5 is a development bot which will be released as 1.6 when it becomes stable. Currently, the 1.5 series is recommended for advanced users only.

13 April, 2000

The final version of Eggdrop 1.4.3 has been released. You can download it from the following locations:'s file area (http) (USA ftp) (France ftp)

Read the updates file for the list of updates in 1.4.3.

5 April, 2000

Another release candidate version of Eggdrop 1.4.3 is now available. You can download Release Candidate 2 from the following locations:

Click here to read the list of updates in this version.

21 March, 2000

Eggdrop 1.4.3 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is now available. This is a test release to ensure any significant bugs are found before 1.4.3's final release. You can download it at the following locations: (Iowa, USA) (New Jersey, USA) (Canada)

For a list of updates in this version, read the updates file. Also check out guppy's e-mail for more information about the release.

15 March, 2000

New Danish language files are available for download on the Files page.

9 March, 2000

Recently, I've received several complaints from people who signed up for a shell account with a provider they found in's Shell Provider List. The provider in question charged their credit cards, but never set up the account they signed up for and never replied to their e-mails. Not surprisingly, this particular provider did not have any address or phone number listed on their website, and their domain name information had a Hotmail e-mail address in the contact.

I think it's timely that I reiterate the warning I give in Shell Accounts guide - unless you want to get burned, do not sign up for an account with a provider that doesn't publish their street address and phone number on their site. If the provider gives this information on their site, give the number a call and make sure there's an answer before signing up. It may also be useful to check their domain name record to ensure they provide valid contacts there. There are many decent, reputable shell providers out there - performing these checks will help you find the good providers and avoid the unscrupulous ones.

5 March, 2000

netbots.tcl v3.15 has been released. You can download it from the netbots.tcl page.

20 February, 2000

The Using your Eggdrop guide has been expanded with a new section explaining channel settings.

A new version of cleanusers.tcl has been released on the Tcl Scripts page.

12 February, 2000

A new Eggdrop FAQ page has been created.

5 February, 2000

Eggdrop 1.5.2 has been made available for download. This version of Eggdrop has been in development for some time now, and this is the first official release. You can download it from the following locations: (USA) (USA) (France)

The 1.5 series is a development bot that will eventually be released as 1.6 once it's considered to be stable. Users who want the most stable version of Eggdrop should stick with the 1.4 series. However, if 1.5's new features are of interest to you, you may want to give it a try. For more information, read Fabian's release e-mail and the list of updates in 1.5.

1 February, 2000

The Tcl Archive has been updated with 10 new and updated scripts. A new page listing newly added Tcl scripts has been created as well. Many more scripts will be added in the next few days.

The Tcl download problem some users were experiencing has finally been fixed, so if you had trouble with downloaded scripts before, please try again.

31 January, 2000

Eggdrop 1.4.2 has been released! You can download it from the following locations:

Read the list of updates here.

25 January, 2000

A new Finnish language file for Eggdrop 1.4.1 has been added to the Language Files section.

24 January, 2000

Eggdrop 1.4.2 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is now available. You can download it from the following locations:

Read the list of updates here.

20 January, 2000

Wingman has completed his !trigger creator for Eggdrop. The page allows you to easily create your own Tcl script for making the bot respond to a specified trigger word.

You want your bot to respond on e.g. !rules and send the 'writer' a txt file? Or just a notice? But you donīt know anything about TCL? No problem, just fill out this simple form and thatīs it.

You can find the !trigger page at Wingman's new BotnetCentral site.

19 January, 2000 reports that Peer has finally been caught. Peer's decade-long rampage ended when arrested last Friday and charged with resetting connections. Read the full story here.

18 January, 2000

wacko has created a web-based Eggdrop Config Maker, allowing you to create your bot's config file by filling out options on a web page.

A new section containing language files has been added to the Eggdrop Files page. If you'd like to use a language file but you're not sure how, refer to the new section on Using Language Files.

9 January, 2000

A new release of netbots.tcl is available on the netbots.tcl page. v3.10 fixes a couple of problems that were in v3.00, and also has some changes and new features.

18 December, 1999

A new era in botnet management has arrived! netbots.tcl v3.00's new component system and improved botnet update features make managing scripts across the botnet easier than ever. Download the latest version of netbots.tcl on the netbots.tcl page.

Eggdrop 1.4.1 has also been released. You can download it from the following locations:'s file area (http)

The list of updates in this version can be found here.

2 December, 1999

Many new and updated scripts have been added to the Tcl Archive:

BadWerds 1.5 by MC_8
Ban Flooders 1.7 by MC_8
chaninfo 1.3 by dw
fbnc.tcl 1.0 by FireEgl
mp3voice 1.4 by MC_8
NotePod 3.03 by Amadeus
sendfile.tcl 1.1 by MC_8
sureops.tcl 1.0 by FireEgl
tmcak.tcl 1.6 by [-Scorp-]
Top Users 1.5 by MC_8
TopicServant 1.1 by The Valheru
unloadtcl.tcl 1.1 by Wingman

25 November, 1999

Released another new Small Script - keepout.tcl. An updated version of quitban.tcl is also available (it fixes an error for users not running netbots.tcl). Both scripts can be found on the Tcl Scripts page.

21 November, 1999

Two new Small Scripts have been released - botnick.tcl and quitban.tcl. You can download them from the Tcl Scripts page.

18 November, 1999

Released a new script in the Small Scripts section called botresync.tcl. It's an annoying little script (but necessary for some) that tries to keep your bots synched on nets such as Undernet where bots can often become desynched. More new Small Scripts requested by users will be released during the next week.

Six new and updated scripts have been added to the Tcl Archive:

Color Auto Kick Script 1.1 by [-Scorp-]
GreetWondeR 1.8.2 by Wingman
News 2 HTML 1.0 by Wingman
Public Note 1.0 by Wingman
REQS 1.3.1 by [-Scorp-]
unloadtcl.tcl 1.0 by Wingman

10 November, 1999

Eggdrop 1.4.0 has been released! You can download it at: (Iowa, USA) (Sweden)

More mirrors are listed here. You can read the list of updates in 1.4.0 here.

Eggdrop 1.4.0 is actually 1.3.29, but there has been a major change in the version numbering system. You can find out more info about this in Jeff Fisher's announcement on 1.4.0.

8 November, 1999

Added a new section to the Tcl Scripts page called 'slennox's Small Scripts'. This section will include many little scripts that do small, handy things. The first script to be added is cronchk.tcl - a script that checks the bot's crontab entry once a day to make sure it isn't empty. If there's a little feature you've been wanting to add to your bot but can't find a script that does it, e-mail me - I may just write a Small Script for it :-)

Some more scripts have been added to the Tcl Archive. These are listed below:

limit 1.3.c by ayna, et al
Moretools.tcl v1.17 by MC_8
Multiple Channel Ops v1.0 by Crewd

1 November, 1999

Development of Eggdrop 1.3.29 has been frozen to prepare for it release. The final release version should be ready in about a week. Click here to read the list of updates done so far.

Wingman is maintaining a tarball of the 1.3.29 CVS at his GreetWondeR site. Updated automatically each day, it contains the very latest version of Eggdrop. Be warned that the CVS version is a work in progress - don't use it if you're afraid of bugs. If you have a bug to report, be sure to use the BUG-REPORT form located in the doc folder.

30 October, 1999

More new and updated scripts have been added to the Tcl Scripts archive:

BadWerds v1.4 by MC_8
chankey 1.1 by blue
GreetWondeR 1.8.1 by Wingman
keeptopic1.3.tcl by FireEgl
Moretools.tcl v1.1.6 by MC_8

26 October, 1999

It's now been one year to the day since I first released a Tcl script - an updated version of DeathHand's bitchxpack.tcl. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've released a brand new version of bitchxpack.tcl on the Tcl Scripts page.

bitchxpack.tcl's flood protection mechanism formed the basis of my first script (lockchan.tcl), which eventually led to the creation of the many Tcl scripts for Eggdrop that I've released so far. During November, I'll be releasing updated versions of many of my scripts - so be sure to check back often if you've been waiting for a new version of a particular script.

19 October, 1999

Due to a major bug in RC2, a new 1.3.29 release candidate has been released. You can download RC2.1 at the following locations:

18 October, 1999

Eggdrop 1.3.29 RC2 is now available. This is the second release candidate version. You can download it at:

The list of updates can be found here. Bugs should be reported to the Eggheads mailing list using the bug report form located in Eggdrop's doc directory.

12 October, 1999

#eggdrop on Undernet is giving you the chance to win a free six month shell account. The person who presents the most compelling argument as to why they should win will be the winner. Click here to enter.

The Tcl Scripts archive has been updated. New and updated scripts include:  DNS Lookup by Vertex & dw,   Getops 2.2q by various authors,  GreetWondeR 1.8 by Wingman,  Ban Flooders 1.5 by MC_8,  Converter v1.1 by MC_8 & seraphium,  mp3voice v1.3a by MC_8,  ReadFile v1.1a by MC_8,  Moretools.tcl by MC_8,  radio by Gh0stWriteR,  and Top Users v1.3 by MC_8.

4 October, 1999

Released a new Tcl script. cleanusers.tcl removes users from the userfile when they haven't been seen in a specified number of days. You can download it in the Tcl Scripts section.

30 September, 1999

Eggdrop 1.3.29 RC1 is now available. This is a release candidate version. You can download it at:

The list of updates can be found here. Bugs should be reported to the Eggheads mailing list (see the Links, etc. section for info on how to subscribe).

28 September, 1999

Added some new and updated scripts to the Tcl scripts section. New scripts include BanChan by Clown-Man, chaninfo by dw, country codes by toot, Moo Script by marky, NickServ Identifier by blue, and tmcak.tcl by [-Scorp-]. Updated scripts are ircN (fixed) by Sase and Translator v1.2 by dw.

25 September, 1999

FireEgl has released his new Registry.tcl script. This unique script makes the bot create a web page displaying profiles of users on the bot. You can download the script at the Registry.tcl page, and see an example page here.

I've added a bunch of new Tcl scripts by toot. These include hostcheck.tcl, mchattr.tcl, newgreet, tinfo, and topicchange.tcl. You can download these in the Tcl scripts section. There are now over 200 scripts in the archive.

24 September, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.55 has been released. You can download it on the netbots.tcl page.

14 September, 1999

Development of Eggdrop has been split into two series - the new Eggdrop 1.4 will continue the implementation of new features, while 1.3 will focus purely on optimisations and bug fixes to create a more stable bot. The two versions will be developed concurrently.

The Tcl scripts section has been revamped to cater for a larger number of Tcl scripts. You can now find over 100 scripts split into two archives, all with descriptions. I'll be adding even more scripts soon.

My new simple.conf has been added to the Files page. This is a simplified version of the example config file (eggdrop.conf.dist) included with Eggdrop. If you're new to Eggdrop and don't want to go through the daunting task of examining 1000+ lines of eggdrop.conf.dist to configure all the options, simple.conf is for you.

2 September, 1999

A new section containing pre-compiled Eggdrops has been added to the Files page. Currently there are precompiled bots for several Linux and BSD operating systems - this will soon be expanded with precompiled bots for other OSes such as Solaris.

Several people have been reporting problems with Eggdrop 1.3.28 linking on larger botnets. The sharefix+ignorelist patch doesn't fix this. If you upgraded to 1.3.28 and find linking is no longer reliable, I suggest switching back to 1.3.27.

There's a small bug in netbots.tcl v2.50 which can prevent the settings file from loading the script file. Many people will have spotted the error and fixed it themselves, but less experienced users will have followed the "don't edit below" instruction :-)  A fix has been posted on the netbots.tcl page.

29 August, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.50 has been released. You can download it on the netbots.tcl page. I've also added a section containing older versions of the script.

18 August, 1999

A patch for 1.3.28, eggdrop1.3.28+sharefix+ignorelist.patch, is available. The patch fixes some userfile/sharing-related problems in 1.3.28, and should be applied if you're having problems sharing with pre-1.3.28 bots, or if you use the ignore feature. You can download the patch in the Files section. I've also added a version of the 1.3.28 source with the patch already applied.

11 August, 1999

Eggdrop 1.3.28 has been released. You can download it in's Files section, or from the Eggheads FTP site at

Read the Updates file to find out what's new in 1.3.28.

netbots.tcl v2.40 has also been released. You can download it on the netbots.tcl page.

6 August, 1999

It seems the August 1 release date for Eggdrop 1.3.28 has slipped. Yet another pre-release version (1.3.28+prerelease-v3) is available. You can download it in the new files section.

The shell provider list has been updated. More than 20 providers seem to have disappeared in the past few months alone. This should serve as a strong reminder of the volatility of the shell market. To avoid getting burned, be sure to read the shell accounts guide for advice on buying a shell account.

27 July, 1999

The Eggheads FTP site is down. You can download Eggdrop 1.3.28 pre-release v2 here.

netbots.tcl v2.34 has been released, you can download it from the netbots.tcl page. The web documentation is now fully formatted, and most people should find it easier to read than the plain text documentation.

25 July, 1999

A new version (v2) of the Eggdrop 1.3.28 pre-release is now available - you can download it here.

A pre-release version of Eggdrop 1.3.28 is now available for download. The pre-release version is intended to help iron out any significant bugs before the final release. Bugs in the pre-release version should be reported to the mailing list. The final version of 1.3.28 is expected to be released on the first day of August.

17 July, 1999

So far it's been a quiet month in Eggdrop world, with 1.3.28 still in development and no release date set. It's also been a quiet month for, mainly because I've been spending my free time working on netbots.tcl v2.30 which I've released today. This will be the last major release of netbots.tcl, at least for several months. I'm very happy with the way the script has turned out - it's well refined and packed with features, without being too bloated.

Many users of Eggdrop 1.3.27 are experiencing crashes when using the .adduser DCC command. This is fixed by the poptix-nullchan patch, which has been available for over a month now. For more info about using patches, click here.

23 June, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.20 has been released! Download it here.

14 June, 1999

Yet another new release of netbots.tcl :-)  You can download v2.15 here.

10 June, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.13 has been released! Download it here.

7 June, 1999

The mailing list has been moved to a new host at You can find info on how to subscribe in the Links section. Existing subscribers have automatically been transferred to the new list.

6 June, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.10 has been released! Download it here.

1 June, 1999

Orlando Sodre has announced he will be closing Sodre.Net. The and mailing lists will cease to operate immediately, and the future of EspReSso's Eggdrop Archives (the largest Eggdrop file archive on the web) and its mirrors is uncertain.

If you're looking for another Eggdrop mailing list to post to, there are currently two others - and See the Links section for info on how to subscribe.

26 May, 1999

Added a new section on Bot Protection and Security.

24 May, 1999

netbots.tcl v2.00 has been released! Download it here.

22 May, 1999

Well, it's finally finished, but it's also just the beginning. I hope you enjoy the site. First time Eggdrop users should check out the pages on shell accounts, setting up Eggdrop, and Using Eggdrop. More experienced users should find the shell provider list, Tcl scripts, and Links sections very useful. There are several pages still under construction, which I will be working on over the next few weeks, many refinements to be made, and there are a couple more pages which will be added soon such as a FAQ page.

Be sure to check back often. This news page will keep you up-to-date on all the latest Eggdrop-related developments and significant updates to the site. And don't forget to stop by the channel #eggheads on EFnet, where you'll find me and others to help with Eggdrop questions and discuss Eggdrop-related stuff.


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