Uptime Module Description

The uptime module is a component of Eggdrop (added in 1.6.7) that includes your bot in a contest to show which bots and which types of bots can achieve the highest uptimes. Uptime statistics from the contest can be seen at http://uptime.eggheads.org/

If the module is loaded, your bot will contact the uptime server every few hours and send your bot's botnet-nick (usually, but not always, the same as your bot's IRC nickname), version, IP, current IRC server (limbo bots are not allowed), current uptime, and a cookie to prevent cheating. The only publicly available information will be the bot's botnet-nick, version and uptime.

The module binds a UDP port to send the info to the uptime server. However, it does not listen on this port for incoming connections.

The sample config file(s) loads the uptime module by default. If you would prefer not to load the module, you need to find the following line in your bot's config file:

loadmodule uptime

and comment it out by adding a hash character before the line, i.e:

# loadmodule uptime

If your bot is already running with the module loaded, you will need to shut down and restart the bot (or simply use .restart) to unload it.