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Name Version Date Last Author Description
mIRC style logging - 01/04/2002 Kenny Creates channel logs in mIRC format. Very simple operation. Channels are logged as soon as the bot joins them. No addition of channels to extra files or configurations is required.
mIRCStats Eggdrop Logger 1.5.5 29/03/2001 Jules Creates channel logfiles in mIRC format so that they can be used with mIRCStats.
Moderator-02.tcl - 03/12/1999 nix Warns/kicks/bans people who repeat, use caps, use bad words, etc.
Modes 1.2.003 10/09/2004 perpleXa This public commands script adds the most used modes, such as op, deop, etc. (supports wildcards).
Quote Scripts
1.0 13/04/2003 evilTone Small quote script based on Dubya, but uses quotes from Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information.
Moo Script 3.3.5 alpha 08/07/2000 marky Public commands script with botnet support.
More Tools 3.1 25/10/2003 MC_8 A TCL pack for other coders to utilise. Either to learn with it or use the procs in their script. It includes such procedures as stripping mIRC color codes/ 0-19 optioned host masking/ and a new email sending proc. See the script for a complete list.
Morse.tcl 1.6.0 21/11/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Makes the bot translate strings into morse code. Both public, msg and dcc commands are avaiable.
motd.tcl 1.3 08/04/1998 Gord-@saFyre, et al Improved motd system.
Game Scripts
2.1 09/09/2008 MenzAgitat French word game where you must guess the word the bot has chosen. Each time you make a proposal, the game informs you which letters are well placed and which ones are at the wrong position. Includes many new features and many possible settings.
Quote Scripts
1.1 10/11/2001 JimG 184 quotes from 11 movies, multiple triggers.
Movies from 0.01d 10/12/2007 Rosc2112 Shows movies playing now, opening this week or coming soon, from (formerly
Game Scripts
0.8.1 20/07/2003 Moxon Advanced trivia script with multi-language support. Can be configured to speak in English, French, German or Greek, and question sets containing thousands of entries for English, German, Malaysian and Norwegian are included. See extended description.
MoxQuizz tueb mod
Game Scripts
0.3.16 30/10/2011 tueb A German-specific update and modification of MoxQuizz 0.8.1 which adds new commands and functions. See extended description.
Mp3 Auto Voicer 1.00 03/05/2008 TaoWine Auto-Voices your Mp3 Servers on your specified channel. Looks for CTCP's in the channel, specifically SLOTS, produced by servers using programs such as OmenServ and SpR. You can set the minimum amount of files allowed to be automatically voiced.
MP3 Voice 3.0.1 22/07/2003 MC_8 Will auto voice a user for sharing an mp3 or any other file type you specify in the configuration of this script. Detects file sharing via SPR's unwritten standard of 'ctcp ' and 'ctcp slots'. Also has features to show various information about channel statistics based on the servers.
mp3.tcl 0.1 13/10/2002 {4}m0N`Ra Makes the bot say that is listening for an mp3 at random intervals. Used as an anti-idle.
MP3List 1.00 18/09/2002 DrN Geared towards DJs. Lets you compile a list of your MP3s and allow people to search it online or DL a complete list. Extra ID3 tag information can be requested as well. Playlist requests can be submitted for DJs who want to take requests.
MSChatBan.tcl 1.3.0 06/12/1999 Nils Ostbjerg Will kick/ban any and all users that say "# Appears as" and send some text to the user being kicked with info about where to get a proper client.
msg 1.1 10/09/2001 Rich25 Complete msg package for Eggdrop 1.1.4 and above. This will save msgs to a channel specific file (i.e msg.#mychan). Based on topic.1.3.0.a.tcl by DaZa.
MSG Help Logger 1.1 12/11/1998 Dude Logs the 'help' msg command.
MSG X Forbid
Services Scripts
1.2 05/03/2008 theface & c|imate Prevents users who have access to party line sending messages to X on Undernet through the bot. Only users with a specified flag can msg X through the party line.
MSG.TCL 1.0 - DEi Using a customisable public command, a person on the channel can make the bot read from a file and display its contents to them in a private message. See extended description.
msg_say.tcl - 18/02/2002 fraff Repeat in a chan what is messaged to the bot, allows you to talk anonymously through the bot.
Botnet Scripts
0.5b 07/02/2000 benbe A GetOps-type script that uses msgs instead of botnet communication to allow bots to op one another.
MSN Messenger Status 2.0 13/07/2005 MrBoss Check the status of the MSN Messenger service using a public command. Also features a timer that displays the status in the channel automatically. Script is in Portuguese.
muh 1.0 23/04/2001 irco Allows the bot to connect to a muh server.
Multi-channel onjoin messages
Greet Scripts
1.0.0 01/03/2001 ppslim Allows you to set messages to be seen while joining a channel.
Greet Scripts
1.3 22/05/1998 Creative1 On-join greet script. Supports random greet msgs.
Multiple Channels Ops 1.0 08/11/1999 Crewd Ops a user on all channels they are in with one command.
Murphy's Laws
Quote Scripts
1.00 23/01/2004 DrN A pointless script that will make your bot spit out Murphy's Laws when triggered.
Mute 1.0 - MeTroiD Devoices a person and sets +m (moderated). Will autovoice anyone joining without voicing the person who is muted.
Game Scripts
1.1 09/03/2011 rojo Acro game similar to be-acro.tcl but (I think) much improved. This script requires either the SQLite library or a MySQL server, plus a TCL interface for one or the other. See extended description.
Info Scripts
- 06/08/2001 Gaston Provides an infobot-like learning system. Can store a lot of definitions per word. Bots on different machines can use the same database.
Quote Scripts
1.4 02/09/2003 mortician Yet another quote script. Using Mysqltcl to store the quotes in a MySQL database. Can be used on more channels, and it comes with a php file to generate a webpage of your quotes. See extended description.
Quote Scripts
2.0 06/02/2005 fragp Complete rewrite of mortician's MyQuote script. Uses Mysqltcl to store the quotes in a MySQL database.
MySQL User List 0.1 02/09/2009 MPIIIMan Populates a MySQL table with the users on a given channel. See extended description.
mysqlegglog 0.5 18/03/2004 t Connects your eggdrop to mysql db. Logs channel actions & msgs/notices/ctcps. Partyline & stuff however is NOT logged.
MySQLNews 1.0 02/01/2006 Matt Schultz Adds a MySQL-based news system to Eggdrop.
Seen Scripts
1.1 30/11/2000 Sato1 Seen script that utilises MySQL. Includes information on how long a nick has been on the channel.
NAME 1.1 04/03/2009 BLaCkShaDoW On join, if a user's realname contains any of the restricted words that are set in this script, the bot will ban the user. Users who have access on the bot are excepted.
name 0.7.1 25/08/2003 AcADIeN Made for shell providers. You can public commands to Add Staff, Del Staff, View Staff, View URL and View Uptime.
names 01.00 - Buster Explains the meaning of names. Information is retreived from Script is in Russian.
NASA Launch Schedule 0.01d 22/01/2008 Rosc2112 Retrieves NASA Launch Schedule. Shows next 1, 5 or all scheduled launches.
NeedOps - - [Dv]DKing Will make the bot ctcp (/ctcp nick op pass) its owner for ops if it needs them (works for on join and deop). software and news parser 1.0 15/04/2004 CoolCold software and news parser & channel advertiser script. Shows main and software news from the website. Has some configurable settings like maximum messages per request, message type mode (notice/privmsg [channel] or autoselect), etc.
Nerdbot Scripts 1.0 12/11/2000 Fester A collection of scripts written for use with Nerdbot.
Nerfbendr's AcroBot
Game Scripts
1.0 Beta 16/12/2000 Nerfbendr Channel game script.
Nerfbendr's Madlib Bot
Game Scripts
1.0 Beta 05/01/2001 Nerfbendr Channel word game. (Fixed version.)
Nerfbendr's Online Fishing & Hunting
Game Scripts
1.0 Beta 16/12/2000 Nerfbendr Channel game script.

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