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Name Version Date Last Author Description
LoL's TooLz 7.0c 16/05/2008 Lorenzo Leonini A complete script with public commands, !ban !op !kick !topic !mode...
lolgiggle.tcl 1 28/01/2004 AirBorne^911 Replies with funny sayings when somone says "lol" in the channel.
Long text detector 3.0 03/12/2002 Prince_of_the_net Kicks and optionally bans users for typing excessively long text on the channel.
longtext.tcl 1.3 01/12/2007 fyre Bans those channel users who use excessive characters in a single line, and locks the channel (moderate i.e. +m) to protect the channel from the same repeating offence, as seen in the message flood that clones display their messages again and again.
LoReZ Public Commands Script 1.0 28/06/2005 LoReZ Public op, voice, kick, ban, topic, etc. with customisable command triggers and user flags required to use each. Requires moretools.tcl.
LoReZ ShoutCast Script 2.1 05/12/2005 LoReZ Advanced, highly configurable shoutcast script for stream owners.
Lotto 6-49
Game Scripts
1.1 30/12/2010 BLaCkShaDoW The famous lottery game Lotto 6/49. You have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49. The eggdrop (lottery) draws the numbers. You win if you guess numbers from the lottery. Allows you to play against the bot and/or a list of friends. See extended description.
love.tcl - 21/03/2004 carinito A Dutch script based on loveserv.tcl.
loveserv.tcl 1 01/06/2003 TALES A Tcl version of loveserv.c, for IRC servers that don't have loveserv or eggdrop owners who want it on their bots.
loveserv.tcl 1.1 19/02/2008 Saint2000 German translation of loveserv.tcl by TALES.
M3S 08/01/2005 MOSSs An advanced bot script with more than 70 commands and 6 access levels. Script is in Russian.
Magic 8ball
Game Scripts
0.99 04/12/2009 hextasy 8ball script that works without any additional fun commands. Only requires a 8ball.txt text file populated with clever replies.
mailbot 1.01 27/10/2007 comrade Implements a messaging service in form of a bot on IRC. Users are able to post messages to channel groups, as well as send private messages to each other. The script is in Tcl, and runs on top of eggdrop. It uses SQLite for the storage backend. See extended description.
Mailtools 1.0 21/02/1999 Taske Relays messages via e-mail. See extended description.
Mainlev.tcl 1.0 27/10/2007 erago Danish public commands script.
mainserver.tcl 1.04 31/01/1999 slennox Tries to keep the bot on a particular server. Useful if you have several bots and wish to keep them on different servers.
Info Scripts
1.0 11/10/1998 thepin Information storage/retrieval. See extended description.
Marky's Color Uno
Game Scripts
0.98.9 13/04/2011 Marky A simple Uno game for Eggdrop-1.6. It plays much like other uno bots, responds much faster, makes use of color, has play shortcuts, and the robot player actually wins games ;-)
Marky's Color Uno (German)
Game Scripts
0.96 17/01/2007 SPiRiTX Simple Uno game for Eggdrop-1.6+. Based on Marky's Color Uno Script but translated into German.
Marky's Color Uno (Spanish)
Game Scripts
0.98.9 06/05/2012 SpaM Marky's Color Uno script modified by SpaM to translate its messages into Spanish.
Marky's KAOS
Game Scripts
0.91 25/06/2004 Marky A KAOS-like trivia game for eggdrop. The bot asks multiple-answer questions and the players attempt to guess them within a time period. A sample question file is included.
masend.tcl - 29/12/2002 MaSTeR|xX An Italian script that adds a private command for making the bot DCC send specified files.
Mash Quotes
Quote Scripts
1.0 15/02/2003 Datacide Randomly quotes lines from the TV show MASH.
mask_tempban02.tcl 0.2 26/08/1999 GiZZmo, Buster Adds the .tempban DCC command.
Mass Clone Join/Part & Revolving Door Protection 4.24.b 30/06/2005 awyeah Detects mass joining, parting clones/bots and removes them. Also detects join/part, revolving door floods and fast join/parts. Provides the ability to remove excessive clones residing in a channel, remove suspecting ordered and randomly generated mass joining botnet and clone nicks etc.
Mass Kick Prevention 2.83.b 29/08/2004 awyeah Prevents your channels from being masskicked by network services such as ChanServ and OperServ. Will kick out all network services on channels your bot is opped on as soon as they join your channel to enforce a masskick. This script only works on networks which support ChanServ etc, such as DALnet.
Mass Note THiNGiE 0.1 31/05/1998 FlyBoyUSA Lets you send a mass note to users with/without particular flags.
Masskick 1.00 03/03/2010 ALG0RITHM Mass kick script. Kicks everyone in a channel except the excluded nicks setup in the config. Allows for setting the hostmask of the admins who are allowed to use the trigger. Choose between fast flood kick or normal kick (handy for floodpatched bots and networks). See extended description.
masskick.tcl 1.0 31/05/2000 heze Adds a public command that kicks all unopped users who aren't +b or +o.
Massop 1.0 07/02/2005 superior Adds a public command that makes the bot quickly op everyone on the channel.
MaSTNOTE 1.0 03/03/2003 MaSTeR|xX A system of private messages. All the users will be able to write a message on the bot to the owner. All users with the flags set on the tcl will be able to read the message, and eventually to cancel it!
MaxVisitors 1.01 29/03/2002 DrN Simple script that will keep track of the channels maximum visitor count and when it was achived.
MCC 2.4 06/04/2013 dirty Inc. Provides public commands for many of Eggdrop's standard functions.
mchattr.tcl - 15/09/1999 toot Adds a DCC command for performing mass flag changes.
MD5 login 0.1 25/12/2003 Ofloo Makes using your public admin triggers lots safer by using the flag "Z" to bind to instead of "n". Once you login, the script adds the flag "Z". If your nick changes or if you part the channel, the flag will be taken from you.
MDsummarise.tcl - 07/07/2004 MD87 Summarises a webpage (by finding a paragraph of readable text), and disaplays the summary on IRC.
MediaDico 2.5 07/07/2008 MenzAgitat & ALIEN57 & Auberdjin French dictionary. Uses "" (powered by mediadico) to display the definition of French words.
Megahal.tcl 0.1 10/03/2004 Tiniduske A script for the the MegaHAL module which allows you to set all options on or off using public commands.
Meltdowns Anti-Advertise
Anti-Spam Scripts
2.6 02/07/2004 Meltdown Bans a user for advertising. "Forbidden words" and bancounter are in seperated files. Words can be added, removed, and listed directly in the chat. Latest versions at
Meltdowns Anti-Overtake 0.9 02/07/2004 Meltdown Bans (and removes flags from) overtakers. Triggers on chansets +i, +k, +l, etc., kicking 3 ops in 30 secs, banning bot, botowner, or "bot-channel-op". Automatically sets "channel-needs"(need-op, need-unban). Optimized for quakenet but will work on other networks.
Meltdowns NickChecker 0.1 25/09/2004 Meltdown Detects spam/flood-bots on join. It looks to see if the nickname joining was created by random which produces non-readable words. Detection is done by the frequency of following consonants.
Meltdowns Picture-URL-Checker 0.3 07/04/2004 Meltdown Bans for messaging picture-urls (eg : which are NOT pictures. Nearly all "pic-urls", which are not pics, are viruses.
Meltdowns Topic-Recover
Topic Scripts
0.2 10/02/2004 Meltdown Stores every chantopic in a file to recover the last topic if none is set (can be forced with !recovertopic). Topics can be viewed directly in the chat as well. With !rollback you can rollback to the first topic set on specific day (!rollback m/d/y with leading zeros).
Meltdowns Topic-Recover
Topic Scripts
0.5rosc 29/08/2006 Rosc2112 Revision of topicrecover by Meltdown. Stores channel topics and provides the ability to display past topics with index numbers, roll back to a past topic using its index number, reset the last saved topic when the channel topic has become unset, etc. Works with multiple channels.
Memo Sys 1.02 29/10/2001 ClubCX Mimics the performace of DALnet's MemoServ to allow users to send memos to each other, to channels, and to users on other bots. Also allows for memo blocking, and memo forwarding. Very useful for bots on networks without such services.
MemoScript 1.1 02/08/2001 Krystar Allows users to keep a mailbox. Mailboxes are password protected (stored on server as plaintext). Script notifies user onjoin when they have new messages.
menu.tcl - 28/12/2011 Indra Pratam & Novita Displays a food and drink menu. The bot responds with a funny action when a food is requested. See extended description.
Microsoft Comics Chat Detection - 03/08/2001 John Hall An advanced script that detects Microsoft Comic Chat users on the channel. Fully configurable.
millenium 1.0 03/05/1998 Arkadiusz Miskiewicz Reports the number of days until the next millennium. Messages in Polish.
mirc eggdrop logger 1.4 21/04/2001 Lanze Creates channel logfiles in mIRC format for use with stats programs.

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