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Name Version Date Last Author Description
knuffel.tcl - 22/05/2001 NeoFlame A simple Dutch bartender script.
KreyNet Auth
Services Scripts
- 10/03/2006 Doa Identifies your bot to the K service on KreyNet.
Kufur.tcl 2.0 29/07/2005 Stonkeep Yuklendi Turkish badword script. GLINEs and KILLs if the bot is an IRCop, otherwise it will kick and ban from the channel.
kurs 01.00 - Buster Displays the exchange rate for world currencies. Information is retreived from Script is in Russian.
KYoutube 1.4 28/05/2014 Outsider Automatically fetches and displays video information when a YouTube link is posted to the channel. Can also be used to search YouTube.
l33t limit protection
Limit Scripts
1.0b5 18/12/1998 compudaze Maintains a channel user limit.
LaBo Trial DJ Script 1.0.0 23/01/2007 LaBo A trial DJ script for Internet radio stations who want to trial DJs. This is my first ever script and it works great with Tido's icecast/shoutcast scripts.
Lagcheck 1.8 - Mettwurst For checking the connection time between the eggdrop and the network server.
LameNickometer - 02/09/2006 Rosc2112 A LameNickometer in TCL! Impress your friends, insult your k-l4m3 enemies! Includes multi-channel support, public command and optional on-join trigger.
Lamer.tcl 1.7 01/12/2001 acenoid Kickbans specified users on command to prevent them from autorejoining. See extended description.
LamerzWatch 1.2 05/12/1998 David LeBlanc Allows only bots/masters to op users.
lamestbot.tcl - 04/04/2004 kazoo A fully fuctional irc service. Designed for ircu-undernet and being an oper, however, it works without being an oper (some of the proctection, servermode command won't work however).
lanparty-mfz.tcl - 14/09/2003 Y0Gi Provies a trigger (!mfz) that returns the number of entries for a special party in the "MitFahrZentrale" from - a list where people can request or provide free car seats when they want to visit a lan party.
File Server Scripts
1.1 12/06/2010 Globulus Will catch XDCC announce from Iroffer bots and put it in database. When asked, bot can reshow them on the chan or privately. Trigger 2.0rc1 23/08/2006 jesse Posts varied information (recent played tracks, weeklytoptracks, weeklytopartists, topalbums, topartists, toptracks, friends, playcount) from any user in your channel. See extended description.
LegoMan's Quote Database Script
Quote Scripts
1.2.0 08/07/2007 LegoMan A simple script to allow people to save and recall quotes on configured channels the bot is on. See extended description.
leo.tcl 0.5 10/04/2008 fragp Uses "" to retrieve a German <-> English translation. Includes public and DCC commands.
LFS World Script 1.0.10 07/08/2008 CyBex For the game Live for Speed. Catches information about racers, times and world records.
Info Scripts
2.47 15/12/2008 Mirora Library script for adding keywords and definitions for the keywords.
Lightning-Bolt v2.Series.b2 20/09/2003 E|iminator A general script with many public and msg commands, NickServ, ChanServ, and OperServ functions. See extended description.
LilyKarma 4.4 16/06/2013 Lily Karma database. Has flood protection, basic self karma prevention, locking, item search, stats. Uses SQLite3 (one easy lib, NOT MySQL).
Lilys Simple Dictionary 3.0 18/10/2013 lily Dictionary definitions from WordNet via Public !d command returns a word definition. Output is short and simple.
Lilys Simple Weather 4.6 15/02/2013 Lily Simple weather script. Attempts to format the output in a natural sounding paragraph, and also returns a forecast. Will report for any location served by, and html code change breakage should be minimal. Has channel flag, so can be set on or off on a per channel basis. NEW: Metric output can be set as primary.
Limit Scripts
1.1 24/02/2001 Black Wolf Maintains a channel user limit.
Limit Scripts
2.2.1 06/12/2002 AEn|gMa Maintains a channel user limit. Fully configurable via a DCC command.
Limit Scripts
1.3.c 08/11/1999 ayna, et al Maintains a channel user limit.
Limit Protect
Limit Scripts
- 28/08/2003 ^DooM^ Kicks users for removing the limit set on a specified channel that the bot is in. Based on Kami's Limitprotection.tcl, this script protects a single channel rather than all channels the bot is in.
Limit Protection - 22/07/2003 Kami Kicks people who remove the limit.
Limit Scripts
1.1b 19/04/1999 ube Maintains a channel user limit.
Limit Scripts
0.8 19/04/2004 Majonas Punishes users who change the limit. The user is deopped and kicked, booted from the partyline, and the channel is set invite-only to protect it. Can be used as a netbots component or standalone script. Script is in German.
Limit Scripts
1.0-beta 18/06/2002 John Hall A channel limiting TCL unlike the others. Contains dynamic features and in-channel controls, plus memory for each channel and the ability to turn it on and off from IRC.
Limit Scripts
1.00 13/11/2006 Wietnam^ Will help you to manage the channel limit. Simple commands: !autolimit on/off/status & !limit new-limit. Script messages are in Hungarian.
Limit Scripts
1.0 06/02/2003 SerialCRACK Limits the channel (+l) when a user joins, parts, quits or is kicked. This avoids mass-joins. Script is in Italian.
Line Up manager - 14/08/2001 Ozh Adds a public command that automatically picks players from a given list. Primarily designed with European Quake CTF in mind (5 vs 5) but could be used for anything.
linfo.tcl - 22/03/2002 lum3 Adds a public online command and chan command to get more information on the chan.
Channel Linking Scripts
0.9 02/12/1997 Goo Links channels on different IRC networks. See extended description.
Botnet Scripts
1.0 14/09/1999 Syn Automatic reverse-linking (makes the hub initiate bot links to non-linked leaf bots).
Channel Linking Scripts
- 03/06/2001 BarkerJr Allows one bot to relay channel messages between two networks using a socket.
linkGrap.tcl - - Blackcat Will write all the ftp and http links said in a channel or privmsg to a file of your choice.
linuxnews.tcl 1.0 23/07/2003 Sheyh Displays Linux news from when someone types !news (or via private notice if someone already requested the news recently).
list kicker 0.1 28/06/2004 Cobratek Kicks a user for using a banned word. For people tired of having warez kiddies coming into their channels, throwing out a !list and leaving. Based on BadWord.tcl by TheGhost and/or Rajeh Alharithi, but stripped down to the essentials.
LiVE.tcl 1.0 13/02/2000 xiv Checks the public_html directory for a file and displays its contents on the channel. Useful for sending messages to a channel through a web page.
LiveStats 1.0 07/11/2004 redd Creates mIRCStats-style LiveStats (who is online, where from, topidler etc.) of your IRC channel.
LiveUpDate 2.0 14/08/2003 Progeny Check every day for a new version of eggdrop and send to all +n users a note if a new version is avaiable.
loadall.tcl 1.01 02/08/2000 Sup Loads all scripts from a specified directory.
loader.tcl - 18/02/1998 SilverD Script that loads Tcl scripts.
lockchan.tcl 1.5 12/01/1999 slennox Temporarily sets modes +mi on channels which are being CTCP flooded. Designed to stop flooders before they're able to flood users off your channel. Also sets +i on channels where the ban list has become full, and protects your bot from CTCP floods. This old script was the basis for sentinel.tcl.
Logtrim 1.0 21/06/2006 Uncle|Sam Checks whether your bot's logfiles exceed a specified size, and trims the oldest part if they do. Script is in German.
LogZipper 2.0 12/06/2001 Baerchen Zips .yesterday's logfile, puts date [dd/mmm/yyyy] in the filename and deletes the log. Keeps zipped logs for a definable period. Can also send zipped logs via e-mail. See extended description.
LogZipper.tcl 1.4.4 29/09/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Will zip logs shortly after they are changed.

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