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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Iweed.tcl 1.6.2 30/09/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Weeds out specified entries in the userlist. An improved version if Eggdrop's weed script that can be run from the partyline.
jdict.tcl 1.0 12/04/2006 AkiraX Online Japanese dictionary for English-Japanese lookups.
JeggLink 1.3 08/02/1999 Pierre-Mikael Legris Uses a Java applet to make your channel accessible via the web.
Jhepz JMessage - 08/11/2005 Jhepz Send a message to a channel or nick via the bot, using a public or query command.
jIRCoff Fserve
File Server Scripts
0.01-fixed 06/01/2000 DVS01 Advanced file server script. See extended description.
jIRCoff Fserve
File Server Scripts
0.02 18/10/2005 thephreak Updated version of DVS01's advanced file server script. Supports ratios, multichannel, and more.
joaddons.tcl 2.11.0 10/05/2000 Johoho Adds several commands for easier user administration on local/remote bots. Designed as a netbots.tcl component.
joeĊ½s awayscriptkicker 1.0 14/03/2002 joe An easy to use awayscript kicker that looks for any action with *away* in it.
Join & Kick Counter 2.1 26/04/1998 Neuromancer Counts joins and kicks on the channel.
Join counter 2.4 21/08/1998 Turbo- Advanced join counter script.
Join counter 2.4FR 08/10/2001 lechat French translation of Turbo-'s advanced join counter script. See extended description.
Join Part Flood Protection 1.3 09/09/2005 fyre Channel Protection Script for Join/Part or Revolving Door Floods. BAN the IP's, Optional Banmask, Multiple Lock modes to protect channel from any sort of abusive message, as seen in join/part flood that clones send their messages during parting.
Join/Part 1.06 19/10/1998 `RoyG, et al Adds .join and .part DCC commands. See extended description.
joinbot.tcl 1.0.2 20/10/2007 arfer Call the bot into any channel by simply typing its nick in that channel. Requires one of the complimentary mIRC or XChat scripts provided to function. A trigger word is also used to instruct it to part. Optional channel message functions provided. Written for DALnet, may work on other networks.
joinnotify.tcl 1.0 16/09/2001 greenbear Sends you an email when any of the nicks specified join one of the channels specified.
JoinSMS 1.1 24/07/1999 xiv Sends a SMS (Short Message Send) to a mobile phone when specified users join the channel.
JoinSMS.tcl 1.0.0 18/07/2000 TyTkaM-ce & DJ-TiSHo Sends a SMS (Short Message Send) to a mobile phone with the Hostname and simple text for Nickname when specified user joins the channel.
Jokes 1.0 02/04/2004 Sarkanyka Automatically reads a joke from a file every 20 seconds and sends it to the channel.
Jokes.tcl 0.1a 25/11/2006 Rosc2112 Pulls a random joke from a file and spits it out in channel. If you format jokes with a semi-colon seperator, it'll add a configurable delay to the subsequent parts of a joke (for like, "Have you heard about?" type jokes.). Lines can have more than 1 seperator for multi-part jokes.
jump4.0.tcl 4.0 26/12/1999 FireEgl Makes sure your bots are on different IRC servers.
jupe.tcl - 14/09/1999 Bass Makes the bot jupe a nickname.
k.tcl 1.0 02/12/2002 ]HaTiX[ A script to let your bot automatically log into K (kind of chanserv) on the Dutch KreyNet-server.
k9 Login
Services Scripts
1.02 29/04/1999 Java, et al Makes the bot login to, and get ops from, K9.
Karma 1.31 06/11/2007 Sleejuhr Stores scores ("karma") for items in a mysql database. Update from v1.3 by SiD3WiNDR - now uses the mysqltcl package to connect to a mysql database.
KCommands - 04/03/2004 Kasket Public commands script that lets you control your bot/bots through a channel, with customisable trigger character/word for each bot. See extended description.
Botnet Scripts
1.3 12/06/2004 FireEgl Will make your bot try to connect to all the other +h and +a bots in its userlist once an hour.
keepnick.tcl 1.0 14/09/1999 Troy Davis Enhancements to help the bot keep its nickname.
keepnick.tcl 1.1 15/07/2004 bos An updated version of keepnick.tcl v1.0 by Troy Davis. Uses his routines for obtaining the nick, but has an added feature (/msg bot unjupe) that allows owners to take the primary (or altnick) that the bot is holding. Will automatically try to get nick and altnick (in that order) every 20 seconds.
Keepout 1.5 - MeTroiD Will kickban anyone joining without the proper flags. You can easily add kick messages which are taken by random when someone gets kicked.
keepout.tcl 1.3 29/05/2000 slennox Checks users who join +i (invite-only) and +k (keyed) channels, kicking and/or banning them if they don't match specified userflags.
Topic Scripts
1.5 12/06/2004 FireEgl Saves the topic when it's changed, and sets it back if it's ever empty.
kernel.tcl - 06/12/2000 CyberBrown Fetches info about the last kernel with the command "finger" and displays it on the channel.
Services Scripts
- 12/06/2002 K-sPecial Identifies to NickServ/ChanServ. Supports up to four channels.
Kick Ban Log Html Generator 01a 05/03/2007 Rosc2112 Generates an HTML file with the Top 10 (or whatever number you want) kicking/banning ops.
Kick Commentor 1.00 28/05/2001 DrN Spits out a random text line in the channel when someone gets kicked.
kick note 1 06/03/2007 TS Allows bot owners (or selected user with given flag) to be sent a note when someone is kicked from a channel. Channel flag specific (+n by default).
Kick on Word 1.0 23/05/2003 Matthias Gieseke Kicks users if they use a certain word or sentence on the channel. The word and kick reason can be changed arbitrarily.
Kick Remove
Services Scripts
1.0 07/03/2007 Pahlwaan Will deop and remove ChanServ access from a user if they kick the bot. The bot must have SOp access for this script to work. Channel Founders and SOp's are ignored, only AOp's are affected.
KickCheck - 21/01/2009 Dexi Kicks out anyone who isn't on the list of allowed members that you define in the script.
KickCount420 1.1 30/09/2002 eD This is a kick counter, in effect, it counts the number of times someone gets kicked from a channel and adds it to a file. Determines how much weed you would have if you were given a dubsack each time someone is kicked.
Kickscript.tcl 0.1 29/12/2002 GOoS Voiced and oped users can kick other users with .k <person to be kicked> reason. When normal users try this, they get kicked themselves. When voiced users try to kick opers, they get also kicked themselves.
kicksource 0.2 26/05/2004 #@homer Kick a source (moderator) from a shoutcast radio stream using a public command.
killdcc.tcl 1.02 02/08/2000 Sup Adds a command for killing DCC connections.
KillLog.tcl 2.0 06/11/2001 Wcc Logs kills/klines/akills seen in the channel to a log file, and generates an html file.
Killonword.tcl 1.0 09/08/2000 ^Nemisis^ Kickbans people who say forbidden words.
Kimnotices.tcl - 10/04/2003 Nor7on Sends notices to a channel at a specified time interval. Script is in Spanish.
Klip Irc News 0.3B 15/05/2002 Ycarus For Eggdrop and windrop, allows you to display the latest news from any site directly on IRC. It use the Klip file format from Right now there are more than 150 sites where a .klip was made. Script is in French/English.
Klip Irc News 0.51 05/06/2002 Ycarus A script for Eggdrop and windrop that allows you to display the latest news from any site directly on IRC. It use Klip file format or XML service list. Right now there are more than 2000 sites. This script is in French and English.
KNAC - 25/09/2002 Ozh The bot answer to !knac with the name of the song and artist currently on air on (streaming rock radio).
KnK Script 1.0 13/10/2007 KALAG & reggaeky0 A very simple script that shows the bot uptime and shell uptime, load averages, and version of OS with a simple public !uptime command. Has !join and !part commands as well. You can edit the script to configure whether anyone can use the commands or just known users.

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