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Name Version Date Last Author Description
incith:wow r113 16/04/2009 incith World of Warcraft realm status checker. Supports both North American and European realms. Features partial title searches (just search for a part of the realm name).
incith:xrl r94 21/01/2009 incith Will (un)shorten long URL's using or Can also automatically shorten and remembers the last URL spoken for quick one-command shortening.
Game Scripts
0.91.0 22/01/2012 Indra^Pratama Kaos game in Indonesian only. See extended description.
Indonesian Auto update horoscope 1.1 04/12/2005 teduh Indonesian Horoskop fetched from Based on incith's horoscope script.
Indonesian News Auto update 0.1 20/09/2008 teduh Receive daily news updates from Script is in Indonesian.
Info Tcl
Greet Scripts
2.0 18/11/2002 max4o Greets users who join the channel based on their flags.
Info Scripts
1.3 13/04/2001 zeen Makes the bot 'learn' from things said on the channel. Based on infobot.
iNgADvert.tcl o.1 07/06/2000 iNgLiSh Sends an advertisement to the channel at specified intervals.
INI Database
Info Scripts
0.4.2 16/12/1999 mamaKIN Allows Tcl scripters to store and retrieve information in INI files.
Insult 1.02 13/07/2003 DrN Hurls bad insults at yourself or others when triggered.
Insulter 1.0 16/12/2002 SerialCRACK Adds an !insulta command for insulting a nick. Script is in Italian.
Info Scripts
- 20/01/2002 tarball A French version of the popular "Learn" tcl. No MySQL needed.
interactive stats 0.99 - IhaQueR MRTG-like channel traffic/user/voice graphs, channel history and channel status.
intern.tcl 18/01/2006 miCHa Kicks users who don't match a predefined list of hostmasks when they join the channel. Intended for closed or private channels. Script is in German.
international horoscope script 0.8 26/02/2006 #@homer Retrieves horoscopes from a web page when requested and displays them on the channel. English / international version.
International Weather 0.739 20/01/2005 Ycarus With this script you can see the weather of any city in the world. You can see the actual weather and forecast weather. This script is in English, French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian. You can set the display result to what you want.
interview.tcl 1.4.13 05/12/1999 Futon Advanced script for recording interviews.
Info Scripts
0.55 - BouBBIN Army-Finnish-Army dictionary. Over 800 army words and their descriptions in Finnish.
invite.tcl - 25/07/2001 Banned Kickbans people who send specified 'invite' messages to the channel. In Bulgarian.
invite.tcl 1.2 16/08/2004 Pro^ Same as the invite script by Dreamer only expanded with more functions.
Inviterreport.tcl 1.0 27/02/2002 Ha0 Bot reports to the channel any invite messages it receives.
invkick 1.03 13/06/2004 [NUT] Bot invite and kick script. Makes the bot respond to invitations and stay away after being kicked.
iok (inviteonknock) 1.1 31/03/2003 stylus740 Lets the bot invite a user who sends a /knock to a channel. Fully configurable in the partyline. Users and chans can be added, deleted, changed and listed. Script is in the German language.
Ionix global.tcl 0.2 12/05/2002 Alpha-]x[ Can broadcast messages on the bot you're using the command (to all channels that bot is in), and through the botnet to all bots you set in the config-file and which are having the script loaded as well.
Ionix Identify TCL
Services Scripts
0.2 12/05/2002 Alpha-]x[ An advanced identify script for services on several networks. See extended description.
IP ban 0.6 22/09/2004 raspi Bans all joining users with non-resolvable IPs.
IP Location 1.0 25/06/2013 MadaliN Allows you to find information about 'internet protocol' (IP) much easier and better. Provides information such as country, city, region name, latitude and longitude.
IP Locator script 0.1c 28/11/2006 Rosc2112 An IP / Hostname location lookup script. Uses Anti-Online and/or Geobyte's IP-Locator websites for data retrievals.
Ip-to-Country 0.8 - Ofloo Looks up the country associated with an IP address from a remote HTTP XML database. Supports IPv6 and maps the 6to4 address to its original IPv4.
Ip-to-Country lookup lib - 17/10/2003 Ofloo Performs a lookup through a csv db and returns the country/location of the ip. This lib is for an eggdrop to use in your scripts.
IP2Country 0.1 10/02/2007 karika200 An IP2Country script. Adds a public command that displays the country associated with an IP address.
ipcheck.tcl 4.0 23/06/2009 arfer Returns IP, city & latitude/longitude information for a nick/IP/hostname. Retrieves IP/hostname by sending a network /whois for nicks not on a bot channel. Designed for DALnet and may or may not function on other networks. Now supports multiple geolocation servers.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.00 14/12/2006 Lu5ck Bans users who spam an IP address to a channel.
IPv6.tcl 1.00 07/01/2002 G_ADam Allows eggdrops 1.6.x (and most likely previous versions) to use IPv6. Script requires external program 6tunnel. See extended description.
iq.tcl 1.0 22/08/2005 GoD Randomly guesses your IQ and makes an appropriate commment. Script is in Dutch. See extended description.
IRC Server UpTime - 07/02/2013 dirty Inc. Very small script that shows the current irc server uptime and connection count. Flags and command can be set in the script settings.
irc2html 1.00 10/12/1998 Natrak Creates a web page displaying channel activity.
irc2html.tcl 1.0 30/07/2004 Aaron Mason A function that converts strings with IRC formatting codes into HTML. Useful for such things as displaying lines of chat to a browser.
ircd.tcl 2.4 29/09/2004 demond Emulates ircd by connecting as IRC server and relaying nicks/chans/msgs in attempt to populate your tiny network; has the ability to relay channels as one-to-many, i.e., to split a large channel your bot is on into several smaller channels; supported uplink types are hybrid6, hybrid7 and unreal.
ircgraph.tcl 1.0 02/10/2003 CrazyCat Based on the perl script ircgraph. Makes IRC network graphical statistics using rrdtool. The generated graphs are exactly the same as those the perl script makes. Requires rrdtool.
IRCguard Channel Settings Public Commands 2.0 26/06/2005 B0gdaN Complete public commands for channel settings commands. For example, to peform a .chanset #channel +seen, you can type ".seen on" in the channel.
IRCguard Xcommmands
Services Scripts
1.0 05/11/2004 B0gdaN Complete Eggdrop channel administration via Undernet's official bot. For Eggdrop v1.6.x or higher. Especially designed for Undernet.
ircN 6.04pl.2 14/09/1999 Sase, et al Makes your bot look like an ircN client. See extended description.
IRCop_WircSrv.TCL 1.0 06/09/2001 BaRDaHL A script for windrops to make the bot login as an IRCop in the WircSrv server IRC for Windows. Only people with the flag +O can make the bot kill, put modes, login and all functions of the IRCop WircSrv.
IRCopScan.tcl - 03/12/1999 _]NiX[_ Informs channel ops when an IRC operator joins the channel.
ircstats.tcl 1.0 03/04/2001 Caramel Automatically updates your IRCStats page.
IRCstats1.0.tcl 1.0 03/04/2006 5th Raider A working IRCstats script that allows you to control the update time/rate. Requires the IRCStats log analyser.
IRPG Control
Services Scripts 05/09/2006 plugin Allows you to play IRPG with your bot. Your bot can join teams, leave, give his level, perform a whoami, etc.
IRPGLogin.tcl 1.c 17/06/2006 Get_A_Fix A GameSurge specific #IRPG script to log your eggdrop into IRPG bot. AutoLogin initiates when your eggdrop joins the #IRPG Channel. A DCC Console command was also added in case a manual login was needed.
irpgstat.tcl 1.5 14/09/2004 DragonFlu Displays idle rpg stats to your channel from efnet's website. See extended description.

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