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Name Version Date Last Author Description
hosts.tcl 1.0.0 20/02/2001 ppslim Adds features to help manage user hostmasks with ease.
hosts.tcl 1.2 28/11/2000 q_balzz Adds functions for helping masters sort through and clean up hostmasks for users on the botnet.
Services Scripts
1.0 10/05/2012 Echelon System Allows your bot to change its hostname (to create a spoof) using HostServ services @ UniBG Network.
Hourstat 0.11 23/02/2002 MeXaHuK Creates a statistics webpage for your channel. See extended description.
Quote Scripts
1.0 18/12/2010 tvrsh Pastes random Bart and Homer Simpson, Eric Cartman, Stewie Griffin and Borat quotes from to channel.
HTML2.Tcl - 28/11/1997 kn0, Prime Creates a web page listing users on the channel.
Topic Scripts
1.8 05/11/2001 Wcc Allows ops to vote on a topic. Only ops in the voting channel may vote.
HTProtect 1.0 27/09/2004 DarkMark Allows protecting of webpages with a password (.htpasswd, .htaccess) that expires after a certain time. The passwords are delivered with EggDrop and the Tcl script on a channel on IRC. This allows you to have people on the channel get timed access to your site while excluding others.
http.tcl 2.5 10/09/2004 perpleXa Client-side HTTP for GET, POST, and HEAD commands. These routines can be used in untrusted code that uses the Safesock security policy. These procedures use a callback interface to avoid using vwait, which is not defined in the safe base.
Info Scripts
0.04 20/06/2004 Marco Ferra Learn engine based on a fork of the dicinfo set of scripts. Able to store any characters, multiple definitions per key, basic editable limits and very fast, secure, stable code.
Info Scripts
0.04 07/06/2004 Marco Ferra MySQL version of icel.tcl. Stores the keys and definitions in a MySQL database.
Ices cue file reading 1.0 04/02/2007 Ellis Percival Read the Ices cue file and display its results in the chatroom.
ICQ-drop 1.8 19/05/2002 ^DaRk^, et al Allows you to send ICQ messages via the bot using DCC, MSG, and public commands.
id3v1.tcl 1.0 23/12/2005 v0id Provides full functionality for parsing, creating and changing ID3v1 tags. Usage is similar to the http package.
Services Scripts
1.0.5a 16/12/2002 SerialCRACK For NickServ identification. Script is in Italian.
Services Scripts
- 13/08/2005 Chino_^ & __Claudiop__ Automatically executes an Identify with NickServ at the moment that the bot connects to IRC. Script is in Spanish.
Services Scripts
- 11/02/2002 Pistone Extremely basic NickServ identify script. In Spanish.
Services Scripts
1.0.0 10/11/2004 Alien Identifies your bot to NickServ when requested.
Idle DCC Kick 1.1 16/08/2002 EZJ Only allows certain flags to stay conected to bot, others get booted after the allowed time.
Idle Hands 1.1 08/09/2002 christfuk Anti-idle script that sends a msg to your bot instead of a channel.
Idle King - 26/09/2002 Ozh Returns either the name and idle time of the most idle user in a channel, or the idle time of a specified nick.
IdlE ToolZ - 01/12/2002 MafiaZ Removes the status of ops/voices when idle, and reinstates the mode when they're active again. See extended description.
Idle Top 5 - 28/02/2004 TrashF Shows top idlers on your channel.
idle-deop - 08/01/2001 CkNDstroy Makes the bot deop ops who idle for too long.
idleaway.tcl - 30/11/1999 - Sets idle users on the party line away.
IdleBan.tcl 1.3.0 28/11/2000 Nils Ostbjerg Will ban everyone kicked with kick reason "idle ? min" for 1 min.
IdleChat 1.01 27/08/2002 DrN Keeps track of channels and says something random after a given amount of idle time.
idlekick.tcl 1.1.1 23/03/2008 TCL_no_TK Kicks users after a set about of idle time, configurable via DCC chanset command. Ability to warn users before kicking and banning them, and other punishment options.
IdleOP 1.05 13/07/2003 DrN Will scan the idle times of OPs in channels you specify and deOP anyone idle for longer then the set amount of time. Other bots and +m's are currently exempt from idle deOP.
idleRPG 1.4 14/03/2009 dragon Used to automatically log you into the idleRPG game bot upon entering the idleRPG game channel. Also sets a timer to make sure you stay logged in! This script won't automatically make you join the channel so set that up in your .conf or with +chan.
IdleRPG.tcl 2.0 05/01/2005 perpleXa Fetches user information from and displays it to a channel. Supports comparison of users.
Ie-stress0.1.tcl 0.1 31/10/2003 Majonas Kicks users who set +I -I +e -e modes, which can cause the bot to become stressed and lagged. Script is in German.
Info Scripts
1.2 01/03/2005 iblood A Spanish script that stores frequently-used information in a database for later recall. Public commands are easily customised in the settings.
imdb info (ppx edition) 1.1.0 08/01/2005 phillie Based on bounty's imdb info script. Various features added.
IMDB Movies Now Playing/Coming Soon/Top 10 0.01e 02/11/2008 Rosc2112 IMDB Now Playing, Coming Soon & Top 10 Box Office Movies from
IMDb query 1.15 03/10/2010 username Adds the command !movie <title> to query the IMDb website and display details for the specified title. Originally by perpleXa, updated by username.
iMDB.tcl - 09/03/2007 NoBody Update of original script by B0unty, changed to work with new IMDB layout. Able to query a film and return a set of results depending on the options set within the script.
iMDB.tcl - 07/10/2010 username This is basically B0unTy's imdb script, modified to work with the new imdb layout and with some functionality added by OV2. Updated by username to fix page parsing errors.
iMDB.tcl 23.08.2011 23/08/2011 znuff An upgrade to B0unty's IMdb script.
incall 0.30.3 25/05/2001 Roman Karp Displays the phone number of the current caller. Includes a phone book.
incith:acronym r128 13/09/2009 incith Searches for the specified acronym/abbreviation (such as FWIW or LOL) and displays what it stands for.
incith:dictionary 1.5 02/01/2009 speechles Complete dictionary script. Allows searching by name, type (noun, verb, etc.), and number/range of results. Every message can be easily changed in config, uses cookies. Works in channel and in private message. A tribute to incith, coded with his templates.
incith:egghelp r96 21/01/2009 incith Searches the Tcl archives. Ability to check the newest scripts (-new) or the current top scripts (-top) as well.
incith:exchange 3.0 24/12/2008 incith Performs an exchange between two currencies from Yahoo! Finance.
incith:filemirrors r98 21/01/2009 incith Performs a 'contains' search for files on
incith:fix_url 1.0 05/04/2006 incith Provides a function that will simply turn various characters into their URL-friendly % symbol equivalent (e.g. ; will get turned into %25). Intended for script developers.
incith:google 1.8.8g 22/08/2008 madwoota Get results from including: images, videos, news, print, local, movies, calculator, define:, spell:, US weather, area codes, travel info. Results in different languages, full colour/bold/underline/reverse options, flood protect, chan user filters (+v/+o), safe searches & Googlefight!
incith:horoscope 3.1 29/12/2008 incith Grab the daily horoscope from Can do both Zodiac and Chinese signs.
incith:pisg r82 21/01/2009 incith Manual and automatic (configurable) channel statistics generation using pisg. Ability to upload the logfiles via FTP. Script will read your pisg.cfg for minimal configuration requirements.
incith:weather 2.8p 18/12/2008 incith Fetches the weather and forecast from Has optional bolding and flood protection.

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