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Name Version Date Last Author Description
googlescore.tcl 1.0 17/03/2003 strikelight Will check google to get the 'score' google has for a specified site.
GoogleWeather - 26/10/2009 LuZ1 Uses the google-api for getting international weather information. Script is in German.
gotfrag.tcl 0.2 03/06/2004 Papillon Modified working gotfrag.tcl originally written by Mortician. Posts updates to the site to channel.
graph.tcl 2.0 03/01/1999 Goblet Creates a web page with a graph displaying channel traffic.
Greet & Leave
Greet Scripts
1.0 20/04/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Contains both a greet module & leave module. The greet module greets users onjoin on the chan with a private message. The leave module sends a message to the users when they part the chan. Both messages can be set on IRC with specific commands.
Greet Scripts
1.4.0 15/04/2000 Nils Ostbjerg Greets users and asks them to introduce or ident themsleves if they are unrecognised.
Greet Scripts
1.0 12/10/2010 pandaweb/pandroid Send raw IRC commands when a specified user enters the channel (PRIVMSG, MODE, NOTICE, ETC...). See extended description.
Greet Scripts
0.05b 15/06/1998 guppy Simple on-join greet script.
Greet Scripts
- 24/05/2004 kazoo Channel greeting script. Supports up to 10 channels.
Greet Scripts
1.0 01/12/2007 fyre Greets people who join the channel with random welcome messages. Greets can be sent as channel message, private message or notice. The script can be activated or deactivated on particular channels using .chanset in DCC.
Greet Scripts
0.2 26/05/2001 aerosoul Simple greet script that features random greets, flood protection, and option to limit greets to added/not added users in the bots userfile.
Greet Scripts
1.8.2 02/11/1999 Wingman Huge greet script with too many features to list. This would have to be the Microsoft Office of greet scripts :-)
Grep TCL Port - 10/09/2004 perpleXa A tcl port of linux' grep command. Supports parameters -l (limit), -i (ignore case), -v (invert match). query 1.8 17/08/2006 perpleXa Fetches quotes (random or by a given id) from the famous confessions page
GTFind 14/07/2003 Zsac For performing half-life player searches on
gu_heise.tcl - 21/08/2002 guruz Posts every 25 minutes the latest news item from the heise newsticker to a channel (
gu_telepolis.tcl - 21/08/2002 guruz Posts every 25 minutes the latest news item from the telepolis magazine to a channel (
guildBot 0.1 18/10/2005 Marco Hillger For World of Warcraft guilds. Features: Announce new boss kills in channels, Commands for players to list their points, List top players for your class or overall, DCC send latest patch.
Hadace messaging 1.5 03/12/2005 hadace Leave a message for a nick with "!msg <nick> <message>" when the nick isn't on the channel or is away. After the nick joins or says something on any channel, the bot delivers the messages.
Hadace messaging (Windrop) 1.5 beta 21/03/2006 hadace Leave a message for a nick with "!msg <nick> <message>" when the nick isn't on the channel or is away. After the nick joins or says something on any channel, the bot delivers the messages. Beta version for Windrop.
haiku.tcl 2.0 17/09/1999 Futon Displays random haiku poems on the channel.
Game Scripts
1.01 27/08/2002 DrN Just your standard Hangman game. Features 3 difficulty levels, 100 preset puzzles, and more.
Hangman (Romanian)
Game Scripts
1.01 15/02/2008 - Romanian translation of the popular game Hangman by DrN.
head.v-1.0.tcl 1.0 23/04/2008 digs Designed to test domain names for: 1) The Response Code for a domain IE: HTTP/1.0 200 OK; 2) Show the location of MOVED domains; 3) Show the server TYPE ie: Apache, Microsoft-IIS/6.0.
heise.tcl 1.6 30/11/2006 domsen Searches for new headlines on and posts them to your channel(s) whenever there is a new one. Can also tell you the latest headlines by public and message command.
Greet Scripts
- 24/07/2001 - Says something on join to every friend on the bot. In Bulgarian/English.
help_all - 08/08/1999 MC_8 Modifies the .help DCC command to show all available commands for loaded modules.
Services Scripts
2.0 26/06/2005 Get_A_Fix A DALnet specific script that utilizes NickServ/ChanServ/MemoServ commands, as well as some Public commands I have thrown in. Helpbot.tcl runs in conjunction with egghelp.mrc, a mIRC script which allows you to conveniently access all the commands.
hexidecimal & rgb calculator 1.0 13/02/2003 gozzip Convert hexadecimal values to RGB, and vice versa. This script was made right after the bin/dec script - and acts in many of the same ways. The most significant difference is that this script is slightly more difficult to operate.
Hide-Away 1.03 26/03/1998 `RoyG Makes the bot set away/back.
Services Scripts
1.2 15/03/2003 KorTexx Logs in your Eggdrop to Undernet's channel service X, sets +x mode (host hiding) and joins the channels only after the bot's host is hidden. Very useful against smurf/flood attacks, the bot's IP address being hidden at all times.
High Low
Game Scripts
2.0 25/10/2006 Justdabomb2 A fun game that everyone on a channel can play. You tell the bot to pick a random number and then you try to guess what it is. The bot will tell you if your guess was too high or too low. The first person to guess the correct number wins. See extended description.
hirek.tcl - 01/05/2006 Tusk Hungarian script that gets the news from
hitta.tcl 0.2 22/07/2007 ap A simple script to find Swedish phone numbers by using the directory site
HLSW suck 0.1 23/03/2003 LorT Prevents hlsw CTCP action on the channel.
Game Scripts
1.0 13/06/2011 rojo No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em script. Features optional AI opponents, optional Unicode card suits, and single-player up to 8-player games.
Greet Scripts
4.0 10/05/2000 tw|ster Sends a greet msg to specified channels.
holm-news.tcl 4.0 10/05/2000 tw|ster Displays the contents of a news file when a trigger is used.
holm-voice.tcl 5.0 19/08/2000 tw|ster Allows special voice users to kick, ban, change the topic, etc.
Hoppity Hop 0.9 24/05/2004 StarFox A script to mimic the effect of the mIRC /hop command. Includes options to automatically hop after deop and to kick the deopper.
HoroEsp 1.0 04/01/2012 niniOespesO Horoscope in Spanish, based on the portal Terra Argentina. More info on Triggered by the public command !signo <sign>.
horoscope 01.03 - Suzi Gets information for user from an Internet database. Displays horoscopes and love horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Script is in Russian.
Horoscope Franšais 0.2 12/07/2011 CrazyCat French horoscope, using horoscopes. It uses local databases to store the daily horoscope and avoid having too many web queries.
Horoscopo.tcl 1.2 05/12/2005 fusOH Adds a public command that retrieves your horoscope from a website. Fixed version of 1.2 by ping. Script is in Spanish.
Horoskop 1.337 23/03/2012 Hawkee Horoscope in Serbian. Commands are: !horoskop - !dnevni - !nedeljni - !mesecni
horoskop.tcl 2.2 20/09/2007 #@homer Retrieves horoscopes from a web page when requested and displays them on the channel. Script messages are in German.
Host 1.1 10/05/1999 Samurai_G DNS lookup script.
hostcheck.tcl - 15/09/1999 toot Adds a DCC command to list users who have more than a specified number of hosts.
hosting.tcl - 24/05/2004 kazoo A script for hosting providers. Reads off of text documents for prices, servers, testips, news, and commands.
hostnet.tcl - 24/05/2004 kazoo Botnet version of the script for hosting providers. Includes separate scripts for hub and leaf bots.

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