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Name Version Date Last Author Description
French Horoscopes - 27/05/2007 Rosc2112 French horoscopes/Chinese Zodiak script.
freshmeat.tcl 1.2 11/06/2003 domsen Can post the latest x releases from to certain channels and also searches every x minutes for new releases. If there is a new one, it will be posted to certain channels. Also, the freshmeat search function can be used to find project homepages.
Friday the 13th 1.00 13/02/2004 DrN Only runs on Friday The 13th. Every 13th person to join a defined channel will get kicked with a preset message. See extended description.
Friendcodes 1.2 08/10/2006 Justdabomb2 Can store you and your friends' friendcodes. You add and view through public commands. Especially made for Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Games. The script currently has 9 games. See extended description.
Froogle 0.1 27/07/2006 psicom Basic interface script. Users can view the most recent Froogle search terms or query Froogle directly. Sort order switches for each query are available, mimicking the sort drop-down (relevance, high-to-low, etc.). Results are returned to the user via a private message.
File Server Scripts
1.1 27/10/2001 terri Allows you to share a directory on your shell with users on IRC. They are able to search for files in the main directory, or in subdirectories, and then download those files from the bot.
File Server Scripts
0.1 09/12/2003 Ofloo mIRC-like fserv script with most of the mIRC features included.
File Server Scripts
0.5 27/04/2002 Progeny File server script. Uses Eggdrop's file system module.
FServes' Chans 1.9 08/12/2000 Dejavo General channel utility and public commands script.
FTP Upload 0.3 30/01/2007 arcADE Small FTP script that uploads all the files in a folder to a remote FTP server. Useful for uploading logs to your server or backing up your files.
Full-Channel Commands Manager 2.1 28/08/2008 Amigo_X A complete collection of procedures for public commands and channel settings. Includes general commands (!op !deop !ban ect) and many many other options for channel and users.
Fully Automated Away Detection 1.3 07/11/2008 speechles Fully automated away detection. When any user in your channel sets their status to /away and their nick is mentioned, your bot will report their away status. No lag, works in channels filled with thousands of nicks. Uses standard IRCD away status; not dependent on users communicating with the bot.
Funny Horoscopes 1.0.2 31/07/2006 Rosc2112 Displays funny horoscopes.
funny.tcl 1.0 16/03/2004 Carinito Funny responses to MSG and public commands. Script is in Dutch.
Fz Commands 3.1 05/12/2005 Opposing A script that supports public and private commands. Allows you to set a custom trigger (such as '!') and has a lot of commands which will allow you to have full control on your bot and channel. Security is a priority in this script, no need to worry about security breaches. See extended description.
File Server Scripts
4.20 18/10/2000 eskimo Allows for an IRC sitebot to be run with the G6FTP server. Focuses on statistics features.
GalaxyNet Authentication
Services Scripts
- 05/07/2004 REALISTIC Basic authentication script for GalaxyNet services.
Game-Pool 1 beta3 31/01/2009 SpiKe^^ A customizable random team generator for online game channels. Allows the admin to open a pool for users to join the next online game. Messages players their team, ip/port and password info when pool is full and game play can begin. See extended description.
game.tcl - 23/08/2007 Mookie Gets some information about a Counter-Strike: Source server when you specify its IP address.
gamefaq 1.10 - Amien Will show upcoming games with retail date. Source is
GameTiger Search 2.5.1 19/09/2002 Zsac Performs a search for Counter-Strike players through GameTiger and returns the results to IRC. Also keeps some simple stats on the searches. Updated to meet the changes on the gametiger webpage.
Gate-Serv 1.0 10/12/1998 BigDawg, DarkLight Creates a service that detects and G:lines open wingates on ircu 2.1.* servers.
Gateway 3.0 14/05/1998 WWarlock Displays IRC channel activity on a web page.
gconvert.tcl 2.1 14/06/2007 AkiraX Use the calculator for math and conversions.
gender.tcl - 18/12/2001 ^MaKaM^ Adds a CTCP GENDER reply to the bot.
geo 01.00 - Buster Works with Google's world map to search for coordinates of any city, from big cities like Moscow to small towns like Zhukovsky. For each coordinate it shows a link to a page where you can see the area from space. Script is in Russian.
GEOIP Location 1.0 25/06/2013 MadaliN Monitors your channel to see from which country/city your visitors are coming from. Also makes a !top by day/week/month/year.
get file
File Server Scripts
0.5 15/11/2009 HM2K Adds public commands for searching, requesting and sending files through the bot's file server.
Services Scripts
1.0 23/12/2012 Chiruclan Provides account identification on networks like Quakenet.
File Server Scripts
1.01 20/04/2009 dMG/t!s A really simple script whose function is to DCC send a file chosen by the user upon getting triggered. Written for ircNET #ascii.
Botnet Scripts
3.0b 01/02/2003 brain Botnet opping script. Used for bots to request and give ops to each other.
Botnet Scripts
2.2q 11/10/1999 Various authors Botnet opping script.
Botnet Scripts
2.4 09/12/1999 Various authors Botnet opping script.
Botnet Scripts
2.5 20/03/2001 Various authors Botnet opping script. Includes an insecure delayed op mechanism.
Getops 1.5 28/03/2003 Chichiri A rewritten version of Getops.
glFTPd Channel MonitoR
File Server Scripts
1.7 04/08/2003 Freeky Script for bots running on the same machine as glFTPd. Checks if users on the FTP site sit and stay on a IRC channel, and if not bans them temporarily from the FTP. Also has other FTP-related features.
Global Help 1.00 30/05/1998 BLuEPhYsH System for adding command help.
Global Note 1.0 27/01/2003 SerialCRACK Send a note to all users (Global Note). Requires the +m flag.
global.tcl - 04/04/2004 kazoo Does a botwide global message to all channels, either named or anonymous.
global.tcl - 24/05/2004 kazoo Sends a botwide global message to all channels and the partyline. Supports pub msg and dcc.
GMAIL Notifier 0.12 14/04/2011 game_over Shows you an RSS feed from your gmail email profile under an SSL connection. Emulation of base64 tcl pure encoding and custom browser using cookies.
Services Scripts
2.4.5 17/07/2003 Zsac For interacting with gamesnet services.
Godins Channel Permission Script 2.1 22/05/2001 Godin Public commands for adding permissions/flags to channel users.
goear.tcl 1.0.1 06/05/2009 Sentencia Gets results from including artist, title and url link. It can also get the full direct path of mp3 file to download it, shown as a tinyurl. Use !googear to search songs and !goear <id> or !goear <link> to get the mp3 file.
Gogoasa Advanced Ban List Manager 1.0 07/10/2006 Adrenalin Will remove old bans from the channel ban list. You can specify different expiration times depending on the number of bans in the channel (there's 4 levels). Bans set frequently will be made sticky. Script will set secure modes if there's too many bans. Note the script works only with 1 channel.
Google 1.0 10/09/2002 Murf Gets search results from
Google Calculator 1.0 18/01/2006 Hen Asraf Fetches calculation results from Google Calc. Allows for unit conversion, currency conversion, and complex mathematical functions to be used.
Google Translator 0.2 08/10/2011 CrazyCat Uses the Google Translate API directly (without web page parsing) to do translations. Requires tcllib (json package).
google.tcl 0.2.1 17/04/2002 aNa|0Gue, FAN A simple script for performing searches on Google. Results are displayed in the channel.
google.tcl 0.31 15/12/2010 HM2K Using the "I'm feeling lucky" button, this script returns the best result based on the string you input. Also can return image and regional results. This script is future proof. (Default public commands are !google, !image and !googleuk).

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