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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Game Scripts
1.0 - Horatiu Spanish translation of Souperman's trivia script. Includes a trivia file with 68,000 Spanish questions.
EXCLA!M News-Script 1.3.6 12/11/2003 surffritze Looks up the newslines on the website, which is a community for case-modding and overclocking. Script is in German.
Info Scripts
2.00 29/12/1998 Mentor Information storage/retrieval. Includes public and DCC commands for displaying, adding, deleting, and listing terms.
Extacy 1.3 19/11/1998 nex|e Adds lots of public commands.
extbitch.tcl 1.02 15/01/2003 Pharao This little script offers you an extended bitchmode. Deops users who op others as well as the opped people. Only bots and users with flags +n or +m can give unrestricted ops, other people can give ops only for bots and owners.
extendednickflood 1.1.3 21/04/2006 De Kus Bans users changing into the same nicks too often within a certain time. Should ban all misconfigured BNCs or those lacking identification with nickserv. This is ONLY intended to be used in addition to the bot's default reaction.
extrabitch.tcl 1.1 14/10/1998 thepin Allows only bots/masters to op users. See extended description.
EZ bot link
Botnet Scripts
1.2 04/02/1999 ^DaRk^ Simplifies bot linking. See extended description.
Bouncer Scripts
4.1 17/07/2004 Cyber Supports ezbounce versions 1.50, 1.04 and 0.99.12. Connect to ssl networks as well as non-ssl networks. Supports random vhosts and random IRC servers.
Bouncer Scripts
1.5 22/11/2002 MyCraft This TCL is for the EZBounce v0.99.2 and v1.02, tested with Eggdrop v1.4.0 and above. If your EZBounce Shell supports mdidentd or oidentd you can set a fake ident to use for the Bot.
Bouncer Scripts
1.1 26/12/1999 FireEgl Allows your bot to connect through an EZBounce bouncer when it's unable connect to any servers in its server list.
EZStats.tcl 1.2 07/09/2002 EZJ .netstats or .netstats all displays bot(s) loadavg, mem usage, and transfer.
FaB's VIP Script 2.0 08/04/2006 #psych0o Scans the /whois of people who join and gives op or voice status to VIPs. Script is in in German.
Fab-VIP Bot Script (English) 1 20/11/2005 #psych0o Scans the /whois of people who join and gives op or voice status to VIPs. English version.
facelift.tcl 3.6.1 27/10/1998 Kindred Adds lots of additional features to eggdrop.
Fake 1.v 24/07/2001 - Makes your bot reply to CTCP FINGER and VERSION with random, fake replies.
fakehello1.0.1.tcl 1.01 09/04/1999 badeball Makes the bot do a fake response to /msg bot hello.
FAQ 1.0 16/12/2002 SerialCRACK Replies to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Script is in Italian.
Info Scripts
2.10 29/06/2004 ICU Works as a FAQ database. "?addword key|description" will add something to db and "? <keyword>" will bring it back to your chan.
Game Scripts
1.1 21/07/2011 BLaCkShaDoW Famous Romanian game in which you have to make words with the last two characters of the word said by the last user. Script is in Romanian.
fb.lagcheck.tcl 1.03 02/11/2005 FrostByte Performs a timed lag check and if the lag is greater than a set number of seconds, the bot notifies a set channel and jumps servers. Includes a trigger for on-the-spot lag checking.
Bouncer Scripts
1.1 02/12/1999 FireEgl Allows your bot to connect to IRC through a bouncer.
Fear and Loathing Quotes 1.0 06/04/2006 Eddlandos Fear and Loathing quotes script, based on FAN's Duke Nukem one liners.
Fight Club 1.2 15/03/2005 boubbin Fetch Fight Club movie quotes from a database. Total of 1328 quotes from the final screenplay included. Three different search options: random, number and m*atch*.
Fight Club Quotes 1.0 14/05/2006 Eddlandos Fight Club quotes script, based on FAN's Duke Nukem one liners.
Figlet 0.1 27/08/2013 Matt Schiros Turn arbitrary text into fancy ASCII art text in channels or msgs via Figlet, the open source ASCII font utility. Supports any font your figlet install does.
File GET
File Server Scripts
1.2 05/12/1999 mamaKIN Allows users to get files via !get and !send commands.
File Player 1.0 25/07/2005 faust Displays lines from a file in random order with a given interval between two lines.
File Relay TCL
File Server Scripts
0.49 14/11/2005 [IsP] Search and send files via channel/msg triggers to the bot. New update includes bugfixes, SUB-DIR file searching/sending, KB/MB/GB size info, and send to a specified user. Should work on any eggdrop (no longer OS dependant).
Filehelp 1.00 09/01/2003 Papillon Adds some tcl-commands to make it easier to work with files in tcl scripts.
FileSearch.tcl 3.0 04/07/2004 Deflex Looks up the requested file at and returns the first link. It uses the "contain" Search-Option of the Site.
File Server Scripts
- 23/05/1998 Kim Andre Norheim Basic file server script.
Filext 0.01a 18/04/2007 Rosc2112 Grabs filename extension definitions from
Filmzitate - 11/08/2006 DiaVoluS German movie quotes.
filt-tcl.tcl - 14/09/1999 TheGhost Logs use of the .tcl DCC command.
FindInfoBans.tcl 1 30/06/2008 Nor7on Get info about a ban: who set it, why, when it expires, and the mask banned. Requires lol.tcl.
Fishbot and Banana invite
Services Scripts
1.1.2 19/04/2007 Bernd Schu Quakenet script with which you are able to invite fishbot or banana with the !banana or !fishbot command. Script is in German.
fishbot.tcl 1.2.1 12/08/2010 Joose A clone of QuakeNet's most loved bot. Much like its paragon, it has an option to add channels when invited and remove them on kick. (Requires at least TCL 8.5)
Fishdrop 1.1 02/01/2004 coolsi Will turn your eggdrop into a clone of the quakenet bot, fishbot. Includes all of the commands that fishbot recognises.
flagnews.tcl 1.2.0 28/01/1999 MHT, Islandic News system with support for flag-specific news items.
Flagnote.tcl 1.4.1 21/07/2000 Nils Ostbjerg Lets you send notes to anyone with one or more specific flags using the new matching system (the same used with .match).
flagnote.tcl 5.2 09/05/1999 Ernst, et al Very useful script that lets you send a mass-note to all users with a particular flag.
Greet Scripts
3.1 17/02/2000 thepin Displays on-join messages to users with certain flags. Messages can be added, removed, etc. via DCC commands.
Flame 0.1 03/03/2007 jastarafi Flame other people in you channel with !flame $nick. Insults can be adjusted in the insults.txt file.
floodcontrol.tcl 1.0.1 06/08/2007 mindcry A compact channel flood control against long msg flood, avalanche flood, repeat flood and capslock violation, equipped with short lock mode for channel being flooded. Its is also enabled via .chanset command in DCC.
Info Scripts
1.5 24/08/2001 Reflux, ITPro Allows the bot to store keywords and their definitions.
FlyBy 1.02 13/07/2003 DrN A stupid script that will insult people when they part the channel soon after joining. It will keep track of how many flybys there has been as well as keep track of how many visitors have joined and give users thier visitor number.
Quote Scripts
0.3 20/03/2009 Globulus Pulls a random quote from Initial release by Tomekk modified to fix cooldown that is not working.
Fortune Interface - 06/03/2003 BarkerJr Interfaces with the linux fortune command. Will not work with Windrops.
Forward - 07/10/2005 r0gUe Forwards private messages to the bot to a specified channel.

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