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Name Version Date Last Author Description
allop.tcl - 31/01/2000 score Gives ops to all users who join a specified channel.
allop.tcl - 23/07/2001 B3zi Gives ops to all users who join a specified channel. Can work alongside the allvoice script. In German.
Allscripts 1.42 29/03/2003 Papillon Gives you the ability to add/remove scripts to the bot on the partyline. No need to edit the configfile anymore.
allvoice.tcl - 03/06/1999 guppy Voices everyone who joins a channel.
allyourbase.tcl - 13/04/2001 fiveou Makes the bot respond to "all your base..." sentences.
AlphaChat.TCL - 10/03/2004 Joe An updated version of NSChat for the AlphaChat network.
Botnet Scripts
- 31/03/2001 looper Makes all bots remove all old althubs and adds wanted new althub in all bots.
altnick3.tcl 1.0 09/05/1999 Ernst Lets you specify alternate nicknames for users in the userfile.
AMSG - 14/01/2002 Progeny A "port" of the /amsg mIRC command to Eggdrop.
Anti Abuse 0.2 23/08/2005 SadSalman Sets a 2 minute channel ban on a user who writes any of the defined bad words. Doesn't ban users with +o OR +f flags. Logs ALL user/op messages containing the defined words.
Anti Advertise 0.2 23/08/2005 SadSalman Sets a channel ban on a user who writes any of the defined bad words. Doesn't ban users with +o OR +f flags. Logs ALL user/op messages containing the defined words. Words can be exempted and you can also set the ban reason and time.
Anti Advertise
Anti-Spam Scripts
3.5 16/01/2008 Rana Usman Looks for all kinds of spam such as Private, DCC and Channel. Cycles the channel after a time specified in script. Has a feature to send text to channel to detect those spam scripts which work on channel main text. Can now send a warning to users who are spamming.
Anti Bad-Nick 0.2 23/08/2005 SadSalman Sets a channel ban on a user who joins with or changes nick to a bad/abusive nick. Doesn't ban users with +o OR +f flags. Logs ALL user/op bad-nicks. Ban time and ban reason are also customisable.
Anti Idle - 05/02/2013 dirty Inc. Deop/dehalfop/devoice after X minutes in the channel when channel settings are active (+noidleop +noidlehalfop +noidlevoice).
anti idle 1.3 29/11/1997 JCFreak^ Anti-idle script. Makes the bot send a msg to a non-existent object.
Anti Mass Join / Join Flood Protection 1 15/09/2005 Rana Usman Will protect your channel from a heavy amout of clones joining to flood. Allows you to specify the channel modes to set on a flood.
Anti Mass Letter
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.1 27/06/2007 SilentStorm Protection against user spamming lines of the same letter/digit. Highly configurable. Can ignore digits. You can set users to be ignored. Only checks channels you specify. Warns user if spam detected and kicks them after x warnings.
Anti Nick Collide 0.49 19/08/2002 Fitti Reacts to nick collides by activating nick change mode, changing channel mode to +i, and kicking all unfriendly users.
Anti Part/Quit Message 5.34.b 05/09/2004 awyeah Will trigger on part and quit messages. 10 detection options available for part messages and 8 for quit messages. Will punish users performing join/part floods with long colored part messages and ban users quitting with specific quit messages. Good script to eliminate channel part message floods.
Anti Phone Number 1.3 24/02/2004 Rana Usman Kicks people who give their phone number on a channel. Simple and easy to configure.
Anti Phone Numbers - 14/08/2005 SadSalman Ban users who write telephone numbers in their messages. Just logs the message if the user has +f or +o flag.
Anti Trout Slap 1.1 13/11/1998 Dude Kicks/bans people who do trout slaps.
Anti-Flood System 1.0.2 20/12/2009 Marc Simple anti-flood function developers can call in their scripts. Script is in French.
Anti-Idle 1.2 07/07/2003 Progeny Checks every minute the idle of every user and kicks users with idle > maxidle. You can set maxidle with a chanset command.
Anti-Spam Scripts
2.1 30/06/2008 Nor7on Bans users who send invite spam to the channel and briefly closes the channel by setting +mi to prevent further joins. Script is in Spanish/English. See extended description.
Anti-Restricted-Servers 1.0 08/12/1998 LoL Keeps the bot off restricted servers.
Anti-Socks 1.1 01/05/1999 Cashflo Advanced open proxy / wingate scanner.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.4 11/09/2002 Progeny A basic anti-spam script with keywords preset in Italian.
Anti-Take 1.1 12/02/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Offers protection against ops/deops and lets only users who have access on the bot give ops/deops.
Anti-Spam Scripts
- 08/03/2010 chakal Sends a message to users upon entering the channel asking the question: how many characters is your nickname? If the response is good, the user is added to the whitelist and if not, to the blacklist. Script is in Spanish.
anticollide.tcl 0.3b 13/12/2001 MiNDiT Detects if the bot is being nick collided and notifies the other bots. If 2 or more bots are killed the bots will randomly change nicks for 10 minutes.
AntiDCCSend.TCL 2.0 15/10/2001 SkAtErS Bans people who send DCCs to the channel and tells them they are infected with a virus.
antidec.tcl 1.0.0 04/11/2008 Leg Will have the bot kickban a specified user infected with the $decode virus. The bot will inform them via PRIVMSG and send them to UnderNet's #vh and #dmsetup for help. The message is somewhat obfuscated because some versions of the virus automatically ignore certain words.
AntiIdle 1.1.1 09/08/1997 ZimoZimo Anti-idle script. Makes the bot msg itself at intervals.
Antilamer 0.1.9 24/04/2006 De Kus Warns, kicks and bans chatter abusing the channel with control codes, screams, caps or ASCII codes. The trick is that the script will count the actuall amount of affected characters of control codes to provide a fair punishment.
antimschat.tcl 1.02 02/08/2000 Sup Warns, kicks and/or bans Microsoft Chat users.
Anti-Spam Scripts
- 18/06/2003 masterix An antispam system. It is possible to change the settings of this script via the partyline.
Game Scripts
0.1 20/05/2007 Bad Scripts Company Allows the bot to "play" the scramble word game by making it respond in the channel with the unscrambled words.
AntiXBC 1.0SD 25/03/2006 Snow_death A script for oper bots that monitors all of the network for Xdcc Catcher, Bottler, ircopen, cortim, Ircork, and more. For ConnectServ on NeoStats.
aop.tcl 1.1 24/10/2000 Evo|ver Adds an auto-op system designed to replace on-join flooding caused by the +a (auto-op) flag. This is a netbots.tcl component.
Arpageddon! 1.0 10/06/2011 rojo Queries the IANA and Hurricane Electric for IPv4 exhaustion and displays in channel. Trigger is !arpageddon.
ask - - Paul A simple little script, much like google.tcl but instead of google, it goes to Ask Jeeves (
ask.tcl - 22/03/2002 Matti Aronen Simple script that allows users to ask stupid questions from bot. Might cause flooding to channels.
asl thingy 1.02 01/05/2002 - Allows you to make a database with asl info.
ASS - AntiSlapScript - 13/01/2002 Konsument Kicks users who try to slap your bot.
asx.tcl - 09/11/2000 dibbz Adds a public command for getting stock quotes from the ASX.
ATVoice - 23/11/2006 ^UnIx_GuY^ Voices everyone who joins a channel and is not an OP. Devoices after a set maximum idle time. Designed for moderated help channels.
auditorium.tcl 1.0 01/07/2003 CrazyCat A way to make an auditorium with your channel, but authorizing peoples to ask questions. An interview.tcl fake, but really simpler and smaller.
Auth 1.03 09/12/2002 DrN Allows you to quickly and easily add authentication to channel commands.
Services Scripts
1.1 27/09/2006 MeTroiD Makes sure the bot is authed to Q (Quakenet) on connect. Hostname can be changed to ensure the script works with multiple networks instead of one.

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