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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Quote Scripts
1.0 04/02/2001 user Randomly picks a real quote from George W. Bush and says it in the channel.
Duke Nukem oneliners
Quote Scripts
1.0 26/05/2002 FAN Simple random quote script filled with best of Duke Nukem oneliners.
Dummer Spruch - 13/04/2000 guruz German script that displays a random message to the channel when a specified public command is used.
Earth Calendar 0.02g 03/09/2007 Rosc2112 Displays holidays from Events can be searched and shown based on country, religion, or date. You can also set channel topics for daily events for the (multiple) countries and religions you select in the configs.
EasySpeak 1.0 23/08/2001 Dalanx Lets you set channel triggers to display text in a channel.
EBI.Timer 1.0.8 02/08/2001 EBI2k Sends specified text messages to the channel every hour.
Ebonics.TCL 1.1 18/11/2003 quantum Uses an ebonics website to convert normal text into trendy ghetto text (i.e. "I am so very cool" to "I be so very tight Jus' like Orenthawl James."). Also translates every nth line back to the channel if you wish. See extended description.
EchoBot.tcl 1.2.5b 09/11/2000 Thanatos Allows your bot to echo specified users from a specified listen channel to a specified echo channel.
EchoScript 1.0 07/05/1999 Neo Makes the bot echo a person or other bot. See extended description.
echoXinviter Remover
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.2 12/06/2010 blessing, istok Removes/kickbans echoXinviter users. Detection pattern is based on echoXinviter source script.
Ecliptik.tcl 2.0.1 19/11/2005 crypted Channel command/control script like nodbot or botshop. Features customisable command trigger.
Eddie's Extensions 0.8.6a 22/01/2002 Jamie Cheetham Adds a magic 8-ball, polls, random numbers, calculator, insult generator, channel limiting and various quirky features. See extended description.
EdonkeySearch 1.0 10/02/2004 GWenO Will enable you to search Edonkey using a public !edonkey command. Includes English and French versions.
egg-autoconf 0.2 16/03/1999 dw Creates a config file for you. See extended description.
Info Scripts
1.7 20/06/2002 RandomAPB Makes the bot learn whatever people say in your channel and configurable so one person can teach the bot new things. Based on infobot.
Info Scripts
2.02 01/11/2002 ch3mical A simulated artificial intelligence script for eggdrop much like infobot, but with many more options and features and high-configurability, includes ability for multi-language support and two main modes of use.
egg1.5-allvoice.tcl 1.0 04/03/2000 guppy Demonstrates the setudef feature in eggdrop 1.5.
Eggdrop Commander 0.1 25/03/2002 Simeon Mladenov A Tcl/Tk interface for commanding your Eggdrop.
eggdrop database
Info Scripts
1.1 10/01/2005 gozzip Comprehensive input/output script to store information through your eggdrop on IRC. You can save information with a 'headline' and access it with an easy command later on. If you don't remember the topic/headline, you can use several search functions to look up the topic.
Eggdrop Extensions 1.57 18/01/1999 Vulture Adds lots of additional features to eggdrop.
Eggdrop Logger 2.0 21/05/2006 zowtar Creates channel logfiles in mIRC format for use with stats programs.
Eggdrop RSS Syndication 0.4 08/02/2007 Andrew Scott Highly configurable asynchronous rss & atom feed reader. Supports both custom channel triggers and automatically messaging channels with updates, multiple feeds, https, gzip, http authentication and lots more.
Eggdrop Rules 2.02 14/11/2002 Weirdo A Rule Script which allows rules to be defined on separate files and then have those rules delivered by Partyline, PM, Notice or have a Single helpfile/faq/ruleset to be sent via DCC Send. Script now supports Separate Operators Rules.
Eggdrop Toolz 2.5 17/04/1998 tzun Advanced public commands script.
Eggdrop Weather 1.0 - Kirrilian Most weather scripts get their data from web pages and stop working when the page structure changes. This one uses xml data from They allow use of their xml data as long as you say you got it from them. Currently this script is barebones and only does zip codes for US weather.
eggdrop-xmltv 1.1 23/05/2006 Fredrik Lindberg XMLTV is "standard" way of expressing TV listings and associated information. eggdrop-xmltv is an eggdrop script which gives the bot the ability to display whats currently on TV using XMLTV sources. eggdrop-xmltv works with any TV listing that conforms to the XMLTV DTD.
EggdropTicketInfoIntegration 0.1 05/01/2011 HM2K Will allow you to return ticket information from Trac to an IRC channel.
Info Scripts
1.0 18/04/2002 Defcon7 Allows you to manage (add, remove, search and modify) a database of definitions.
eggnet.tcl 1.0 22/06/2009 arfer Use one bot loaded with this script to open a telnet connection to any of your other bots. Username and password are supplied automatically (latter is echoed to IRC masked). Manipulate the party line of the destination bot via commands from an IRC channel.
eggpad.tcl 1.0.0 02/04/2002 strikelight A simple text editor for eggdrop. See extended description.
eggping.tcl 1.0.6 27/12/2003 Souperman Lets your eggdrop listen for ping requests on channel or /msg. Uses multiple publicand /msg triggers. Can also ignore ping requests from certain channels. See extended description.
EggServ 0.8.1 01/09/2010 Lupo Eggdrop channel management with Anope and Atheme integration. Easy channel management system for operators, with public commands. Offers a convenient way for channel owners to assign EggServ to their channels without botmaster intervention. Also supports UnrealIRCD and InspIRCD type of IRC servers.
EggShell 0.02 28/02/2008 Roshan Antony Tauro Runs Linux shell commands through an IRC channel. By default +o users can execute commands via a public trigger. Be careful with this script as it's a potential security risk.
EggSMS 2.0 21/07/1999 ube, xiv Sends GSM/SMS messages to a GSM cellular phone.
EggSmSMtel 0.2 06/03/2002 JohnnyCage Sends SMS messages to Bulgarian GSM operator MobilTel. See extended description.
El Tiempo - 18/03/2005 chicox Shows the weather of Chile. Script is in Spanish.
email.tcl 18/04/2006 miCHa Allows you to send emails via a public command.
Emogle script 0.1 05/07/2009 ashtaroth Ability to use from within an IRC channel.
encyclopedia 1.0 beta 10/10/2005 v0id Searches encyclopedia entries from the Russian search engine Script is in Russian.
englishbar.tcl 1.0 20/09/2007 Bordom A simple English bar script that allows you to order food, drinks, etc.
EnglishOnly 1.02 21/06/2002 DrN Lame TCL. Informs people via an OP trigger in different languages that the channel only allows English. Easily changed for other languages.
eNote.tcl - 03/12/1999 nix Allows you to send e-mails through the bot.
Game Scripts
- 13/09/1997 Joey Lots of games and other entertaining things.
Entertainment, Advanced Auto-Greet
Greet Scripts
- 27/03/2001 Ninja_baby An advanced, highly configurable auto-greet script.
Entertainment, Message Auto-Reply - 27/03/2001 Ninja_baby Makes your bot reply to people who send messages to it or to a channel.
entscheider.tcl - 17/10/2006 - Having trouble making a decision? This simple script lets you supply a question and several possible answers, and the bot will decide for you! 20100815 15/08/2010 ThEdGE, rk user friendly lookup for last / next airing episodes or information about your favorite shows. Updated by rk to work with current site.
EPisodeWorld 2.0 28/04/2006 ryal Gives dates/names for the next/previous episodes of a show using data from Features multilingual support. Requires MySQL.
ERCmini 1.8mini 01/02/1999 EverRaver Adds non-op invite, botnet dynamic channel share, and nonuser list features.
ESL-SUCHBOT 1.0 03/04/2006 dragon An ESL (Electronic Sports League) script that searches for Counter-Strike opponents on IRC. Script is in German.

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