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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Dekadent Euro 1.0 02/01/2002 CoolMaster Very simple TCL converts euros to your money and vice-versa.
Dekadent Learn
Info Scripts
1.0.1 13/01/2002 CoolMaster An advanced learn script, all importat things are customisable (files, triggers, flags, and many other). This script saves/stores the learn entries in files, and has possibility to saves/store infinite definitions to just one word.
Dekadent Xtras 1.0 30/12/2001 CoolMaster A simple eggdrop TCL script to add xtra info to bot users, this uses the user database of the eggdrop so this will appear on ".match handle", this is good to save some information about the bot users without to use more complex script like a learn script.
delhost.tcl 1.01 11/11/2000 Sup Enhances the -host DCC command.
Delivery 1.01 31/10/2001 DrN If you've seen scripts that let you send a rose or heart to people, then ya know what this one does. Only this one lets ya send more, and easily and quickly add your own. At the moment it supports delivery of a Rose, Heart, Teddy_Bear, Cat, Peek-A-Boo, Tigger, Rubber Duckie, Birthday Cake, etc. See extended description.
deny-colors 1.0 24/10/2004 Manish Malik A simple script for Eggdrop 1.6.x to kick/ban users in an IRC channel upon use of bold/underline/color. Includes configurable maximum number of bans to place in channel. Released under GPL.
Deop On Nick Change 1.1 07/07/2007 ice4o Makes the bot deop a user with operator status in the channel when it changes his nick. My modification checks in bot's userlist for the user's existence and also looks for flag +o (global/channel) - if there's at least one available, bot gives a voice status for the deopped user.
desync.tcl 1.10.1 10/05/2000 Johoho Checks channels for desync and gives you the power to reset all modes, etc. if it's detected. Designed as a netbots.tcl component.
Detecteur de vents 1.3 26/09/2007 MenzAgitat The bot says funny things whenever someone gets blown off by someone else or gives a monologue. Script is in English / French and bot replies are in French (but you can easily add your own in English if you wish).
DEX.tcl 1.2 21/10/2010 WSergio Allows users to look up Romanian words' definitions from the online explanatory dictionary
Game Scripts
1.001 11/05/2008 dLux A turn-based 1 or 2 player fighting game with moves like jabs, kicks, uppercuts, etc. See extended description.
Info Scripts
2.0 13/10/2001 BaRDaHL A script that works like a dictionary. Anybody can make the bot explain a word while people with flag +M can change the dictionary status. Great for a help channel. Spanish version.
Diccionario.TCL (English version)
Info Scripts
2.0 13/10/2001 BaRDaHL A script that works like a dictionary. Anybody can make the bot explain a word while people with flag +M can change the dictionary status. Great for a help channel. English version.
Dice Game
Game Scripts
1.1 22/10/2006 Justdabomb2 A small dice script to play in channel against a friend or your bot. Two dice are rolled; the person who rolls the higher number wins. See extended description.
Dice Roll
Game Scripts
1.0 28/07/1998 leadZERO Dice roll game.
Dice Roller
Game Scripts
1.0 08/08/2010 Spacexplosion Generate random numbers to simulate throwing dice. Uses the standard notation: num d sides modifier. Example: !roll 3d4+2
Info Scripts
050204 05/02/2004 fourier A learn script (divided in several files) to be used on help IRC channels. Features include multiple definitions per key, database saved on a text file, database and source code deliverd to users by dcc and simple database search facilities.
Info Scripts
1.10 09/06/2002 DrN Will allow your Eggdrop to have an OP controlled dictionary, allow them to define and recall words in its own database. Multiple dictionary function. Comes with 7 dictionaries.
Info Scripts
4.68 20/08/2003 MORA Advanced !learn script for eggdrop. Features learn, forget, insert, file share and more. See extended description.
Info Scripts
1.0 10/09/2004 perpleXa A simple dictionary script which supports add/del/append and a regex search. script 0.02l 07/12/2006 Rosc2112 Pulls definitions from Can show suggested spellings if you misspell a word, results including the pronunciation key, parts of speech, definitions, word origin, synonyms and antonyms. You can also search for phrases/idioms, cities, states, countries, zipcodes, etc.
Dictionary.tcl 1.1 21/07/2002 Wcc Connects to any RFC-2229 compliant dictionary server and shows you the definition of a word.
DieAuth.tcl 2.1 18/06/2002 Wcc Makes owners (+n users) enter an authorization code to use ".die" You can also password protect the .die command. Also disables /msg <bot> die. See extended description.
DiePass.tcl 1.4 07/08/2001 Wcc & Nilsy Makes owners (+n users) enter a password to use ".die". This also disables /msg <bot> die.
digg.tcl 1.5 11/10/2006 Psicom Displays the last X number of URLs from the technology news site Also passes URLs through so as to not wrap over the 80 column width of most IRC clients (Bitch-X, etc.).
diggtitles.tcl 1.0 04/04/2009 dragon Does URL title look ups in the channel and also incorporates's newly started (4/2/09) short URL service allowing link visitors easy access to digg buttons while providing a great tiny URL.
Info Scripts
1.1 29/06/2011 lee8oi The first 'graduate' from the dukescript volatile experiment. This is an info script similar to what 'factoids' are in supybot or 'egglearn'. The public '.info' command has list and retrieval capabilities while the dcc/partyline command '.dinfo' allows owners to add, remove, list info entries.
Dinner for one or the 90th birthday 0.1 18/12/2003 mindz Makes the bot play "Dinner for One - or the 90th birthday". It runs about 3 minutes.
Direct News 2.0 11/01/2002 CrazyCat Connects to the web and searches for news in French, then transmits it to the user who asked for it.
Discogs Search 1.00 27/05/2010 ALG0RITHM Allows you to search the database for music recordings, labels and artists. It uses their RESTful API for this purpose and gives you several filtering possiblities.
Discworld Quotes
Quote Scripts
1.0 03/09/2001 Dibbler Random quotes from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. This script is a conversion of Dubya.tcl.
Distributed Eggdrop Keyserver - 07/01/1999 nullset{} Encrypted key server. Includes a bot opping script. See extended description.
Game Scripts
2.4 29/12/2005 BoT Entertainment script that displays a large number of phrases. Script is in Spanish.
dlottopick 0.3 21/10/2000 Deoau Choose lotto numbers realistically. Variable range input. Flood protected.
DNS Lookup 1.0 30/09/1999 Vertex, dw Adds a public command for performing DNS lookups.
DNS lookup facility 1.1 28/08/1998 J.Ede Performs DNS checks on users for various purposes (deopping users who don't resolve, etc.).
DNS-logger 1.0 17/10/2004 Croyfer Logs the IPs of the persons joining your channel.
dns.tcl 0.13 20/11/2009 HM2K Looks up a host/ip and resolves it accordingly on trigger. Based on a script by Vertex.
DNSLookUP.tcl 0.6 13/07/2002 MyCraft Resolves the given Host or Nick.
dnsspam.tcl 1.5.9 20/10/2004 dubkat A tcl interface to spamcalc. Bans users who create "DNS pollution" by not using hierarchical hostnames. See extended description.
do.tcl - 04/04/2004 kazoo Let's your bot 'do' anything from msg, pub or partyline.
Doctor Po's Draw Poker
Game Scripts
2.0 16/08/2003 Greg McNeil Deals a game of 5 Card Draw Poker to as many as five players. Cards are dealt face up from a regular shuffled deck (plus two wild cards). Players then discard and draw cards. Game ends when bot shows final hands. The game can operate independently on multiple channels.
Services Scripts
1.0 26/08/2002 Happ Will identify with ChatNet's DogTag nickserv and op with ChatNet's K9 chanserv. Is secure and will check to see if your bot is oped at intervals in minutes you set. Also has public & dcc command for manual identify.
domain whois 0.1 - #@homer A domain whois script that shows if a domain is free with a simple check.
Domain/IP Whois 0.1 30/07/2008 Sickness Built in IP/hostname validation. Great whois database. Choose active channels.
Greet Scripts
0.1b 02/06/2001 sixsix Enables a short greet when services (or any other nick) is offline. Bahamut (DALnet's ircd) required.
dream 01.01 - Suzi The dream book. Provides information to the user about their dreams. Script is in Russian.
Dream Dictionary 1.0.2f 21/08/2008 Rosc2112 Takes a single keyword and retrieves multiline dream definitions from Inspired by the dream script idea by Suzi but the code is original.
Game Scripts
1.0 07/10/2004 hippy A bavarien Barbot with all kinds of drinks. Script is in German.
dtu fserve voicer
File Server Scripts
1.0 29/12/2004 dtu Performs a !list in the specified channels every X minutes and voices any fserves it finds. Also voices fserve ads it sees in channel normally. Lastly, it supports the !voiceme trigger.

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