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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Convert 2.0.2r 26/04/2006 Rosc2112 Metric/Imperial conversion and calculator script. Completely re-written to trim the fat, handle special chars safely and reduce the amount of redundant procedures. Reduced from 478 lines of code down to 211 :) All of the conversion binds now go through one reusable proc.
Converter 1.1.2 19/09/2000 MC_8 Will convert numerous things such as lb to kg and such. Good example script for those tring to learn TCL for eggdrop.
Cookie Op
Botnet Scripts
1.6pre11i 11/06/2001 Kass Lloyd A fully functional encryption op script for eggdrop. This script is outdated, but has been added as many people request this type of script.
copyflags.tcl - 06/01/2000 toot Adds a DCC command that lets you copy all users' flags from one channel to another.
Core Script 1.2 21/06/2003 Vibroaxe Takes care of core commands (op,deop,hop,dehop,vop,devop,kick,kban,ban,unban). Enables multiple access levels of vop, hop and op. Each level cannot kick/ban/demote the next level up.
count.tcl 0.1 12/04/2003 caesar Will keep a count of the number of visitors of your channel.
Counter 2.0 04/01/2003 Prince_of_the_net Keeps a count of the number of bans set by Prince_of_the_net's other scripts.
country codes 1.2 15/09/1999 toot Displays country info for domain names.
country codes 1.2.1 28/07/2011 rndpirate Displays country info for domain names. Reorganised and updated version of the script originally by toot.
Cows & Bulls
Game Scripts
4.9.1 27/05/2011 game_over A new game called "cows and bulls". The interface is just like trivia and commands are start/stop/hint/skip and the numbers. Has many options. See extended description.
Crack the Code
Game Scripts
1 06/11/2003 TALES A math game. Supports Dutch, English, and German. See extended description.
craplist.tcl 18/04/2006 miCHa Allows you to add users to a "craplist" (similar to a banlist).
Critical Mass 1.1 27/12/1999 FireEgl Asks users to request ops and sets specified channel modes when a channel is low on ops.
cronchk.tcl 1.0 08/11/1999 slennox Checks your crontab entry once a day and informs you if it's empty.
Limit Scripts
1.0 06/11/1998 Dagmar d'Surreal Maintains channel user limits. See extended description.
CryptKeeper 1.63 08/06/2003 Aoshi & DreadWolf Public commands script. Most commands are used for channel management. Contains detailed error messages and medieval responses. Commands such as kick, ban, etc. are capable of allowing more than one person to be specified.
csstatus.tcl 1.0 09/03/2006 frilak Simple script for monitoring non-Steam Counter Strike servers. Requires the rcon module. Includes English and Russian documentation and messages.
CTCP floodprot - 09/05/1999 Ernst CTCP flood protection.
CTCP Reply Changer 1.0 16/12/2002 SerialCRACK Changes the standard CTCP replies (finger, userinfo, version). Script is in Italian.
ctcp_filter.tcl 1.00 25/02/2002 Uwe Schindler Filters all CTCPs to the channels the bot is on and checks if they match a specific REGEXP. For each entry in the filter list you can set if the bot should ban the user (set bantime>0), which hands are excluded from punishment (by giving flags) and the kick-message.
ctcp_filter.tcl 1.00 27/12/2006 MMDollar Will detect any kind of CTCP to the channel punish the sender.
ctcpfinger.tcl 1.03 02/08/2000 Sup Makes the bot reply to CTCP FINGERs with actual idle time.
Topic Scripts
1.11 02/08/2000 Sup Adds DCC, msg, and public commands for displaying info about the current channel topic.
CYborgENT 1.1 04/01/1980 Ha0 Makes the bot speak in response to events on the channel.
CYborgPRo 1.3 06/08/2002 Ha0 Kicks people who use large characters (long text), caps, bolds and underlines (with lock channel).
cyc's tools 0.80 09/10/2001 - Contains various channel tools. Optimised for use with ChanServ and NickServ. See extended description.
Cyr.tcl 0.6 22/01/2003 max4o Replaces Cyrillic characters with Latin on public and on private msgs.
DALnet Bot Services
Services Scripts
2.0 18/03/2005 Get_A_Fix Identify script for Dalnet. Auto-identifies when the bot detects that NickServ wants a password, and auto checks to see if the bot has ops (if not, the bot will request ops from ChanServ). Also features manual commands to get the bot to identify and to op #channel.
Services Scripts
1.1 20/03/2002 Rey C. Geroleo Will identify your bot once received the notice that nick is owned by someone else from NickServ. Can also use this script if the bot's need to be an op, unban & invite.
Services Scripts
1.0 27/12/2000 BaDBoY^_^ Simple script that identifies your bot to NickServ on DALnet.
Services Scripts
0.1 02/08/2002 Hoggeh Auto-identifies your bot to DALnet nick/channel services on connect and via dcc request to try and regain ops in any channels it is on.
Services Scripts
2.1 10/08/2001 Diktatorn Makes the bot interact with NickServ, ChanServ and MemoServ on DALnet.
Date.tcl 1.2 09/03/2001 Evo|ver Stores birthdays and events and lets you check how many days there are until each event. Sets a topic when it's someone's birthday.
Date.tcl 1.3nl 12/08/2001 BaseFreak Stores birthdays and events and lets you check how many days there are until each event. Sets a topic when it's someone's birthday. Dutch version.
Date.tcl 2.0.11b-rosc 22/09/2006 Rosc2112 Stores birthdays and events, shows a countdown timer on command, sets channel topics on birthdays and NOW does alarm / announcement on channel or to nick(s) or both(!) when an event occurs. Fully configurable.
Daystill 1.02 09/12/2002 DrN Days Till will display how many days until or since a given date. Default setup is for Christmas. Can spit out a list of multiple dates as well.
dbsearch.tcl 0.1 19/01/2006 SevenRains Small configurable script to search any MySQL database/table by two columns. Requires
dcc sends/recieves
File Server Scripts
1.0 01/05/2001 nXistence Public commands for dealing with the bot's filesystem. Users can list and get files.
DCCAutoAway 1.0 23/02/1998 Chair Automatically sets away idle users on the party line. See extended description.
Anti-Spam Scripts
- 10/04/2003 Nor7on Cycles the channel to detect users who are DCC sending possibly infected files. Script is in Spanish.
DCCWatch 1.04 21/06/2002 DrN Will watch the incoming DCC send requests and auto-ban on known virus/trojan files and Port 19 bombs, as well as bad file extensions and patterns. Also watches SOUND/MP3 requests for bogus filenames.
DeaDFLY 1.1 12/12/2011 Ruan Resolves links to the real links. Little configuration required. Uses
Deal or No Deal
Game Scripts
1.0 09/06/2011 rojo IRC adaptation of the television game show Deal or No Deal. The game is played via DCC, allows concurrent running games, and features bleeding-edge 1980's ascii art graphics. A video adapter with at least 64K RAM is recommended :)
debug 22/10/2006 chris Displays debug information for commands run via public commands through the script. Note that this "" version supercedes "1.2".
debug.tcl 1.0.1 30/11/2007 arfer Uses changes to the existing global namespace Tcl variable errorInfo to output, to a preconfigured IRC bot channel, a full trace on any errors as and when they occur, emanating from any Tcl script loaded on the bot. See extended description.
Decide 1.00 03/06/2001 DrN Allows the bot to randomly decide between options presented to it. See extended description.
decision.tcl 1.1 30/08/2011 lookshe Makes a decision randomly from a number of possibilities specified by you. Remembers answers for 60 minutes.
Decoder - 29/09/2004 BarkerJr Automatically decodes and displays the decoded text contained within a $decode(...,m) (mIRC Script) statement. This will help ensure the safety of the channel from users spreading $decode() trojans.
Info Scripts
1.0 15/02/2001 Ha0 Returns a definition of the word named in the pub/msg/dcc command.
Dekadent Counter 1.0 23/03/2002 CoolMaster A simple join/kick counter for eggdrop channels.

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