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Name Version Date Last Author Description
check_rejoin.tcl - 26/08/2003 dun_dacil Tracks down users who leave (one or more, settable) channel(s) and come back under a different nick within a given (settable) interval of time.
Checkbox 1 28/04/2008 nooper Given a list of options with blank checkboxes in the channel, the bot will respond by checking one of the boxes. See extended description.
CheckFake.TCL 1.2 16/12/1998 TeraByte Makes users enter a password when they join the channel. Bans them if they don't respond.
checklock.tcl 1.0 27/02/2002 Ha0 Bot will check mode lock in channel every X minutes. If found, bot will remove that lock.
CheckMasters 1.0 31/07/1999 xiv Adds a public command that lists bot masters and owners.
Checkpass 1.8 29/08/1998 Tothwolf Performs regular checks to ensure users have a password set.
Chghost 1.0 03/01/2003 T.L.P. Allows users with the "o" flag to use the IRC Operator Chghost command via the party line.
Chilla's IMDb info script 20011031 01/11/2001 chilla Sends queries to the Internet Movie Database and displays the results.
Chilla's IMDb info script 20020604 04/06/2002 FAN Sends queries to the Internet Movie Database and displays the results.
Chilla's IMDb info script 20030014 22/09/2002 GQsm Sends queries to the Internet Movie Database and displays the results. Updated by GQsm to work with the updated imdb website, and adds some new options.
Chilla's IMDb info script 20040110 10/01/2004 NetRipper Sends queries to the Internet Movie Database and displays the results. Changed to work with updated IMDb site. Newsscript 1.0 27/02/2003 nobody2k Fetches the news from Has many options to configure.
Chuck Facts
Quote Scripts
1.0 07/02/2009 Galdinx & MenzAgitat Displays a random Chuck Norris fact from the French website Includes a flood control mechanism. Moreover, displayed facts are saved so they can still be displayed in case of a website crash. Script is in French.
Chuck Norris Quotes 0.8 29/01/2006 outz Display tons of entertaining Chuck Norris "facts" to the channel.
ckc 3.31 09/01/2005 cokkie Large script featuring public commands and other functions. Doesn't appear to be written for the wider community, so it is recommended for examination only.
ClanXS Battlefield 2 Stats 1.1.0 12/11/2005 bS Show your Battlefield 2 Stats on IRC. See extended description.
clean.tcl 0.2 03/06/2003 caesar On a specific dcc command (.clean) will do a who channel and ban anyone found with a banned realname.
cleanhosts 0.2 26/10/2013 ente & mw0000 Expires all hostmasks of people who haven't been online in a while (default: 30 days) and removes webchat hostmasks of people with more than a certain number (default: 2) of hostmasks. Can be be used as a DCC command or run automatically e.g. once a month.
cleanup.tcl - 16/07/1998 Christian Felde Removes users who haven't been seen in 60 days.
cleanusers.tcl 1.1 20/02/2000 slennox Removes users from the userfile who haven't been seen in a specified number of days. Can also remove users who don't have a password set. Cleanups can be done automatically once a day or manually via DCC commands.
Clearchan 1.0 28/12/1998 TX Clears all modes, ops, voices, and bans on a channel
clearneeds.tcl 1.00 15/11/2000 slennox Adds a .clearneeds DCC command for clearing channel need settings (need-op, need-invite, need-key, need-limit and need-unban). The command is accessible to global +n users only. If you're using netbots.tcl and load the script as a component, you will also have access to the .netclearneeds command.
clientstats.tcl 1.1 31/01/1999 slennox A gimmicky little script that gathers info about the IRC clients people are using, and displays the stats to the channel.
clink.tcl Channel Linker
Channel Linking Scripts
1.2 06/05/2002 {SImPhAt} Lets you link channels (as many as you like) on different (or same) IRC Networks using 2 or more eggdrops.
Clone detection 3.6 27/09/2000 By-Tor, Ernst, Flash The most popular clone detection script for eggdrop. See extended description.
Clone Detector 3.0.2 03/11/2003 MC_8 Will watch over any given channels to ensure that excessive clones are not sitting in the channel.
Clone Scanner 5.90.b 09/08/2007 awyeah Eliminates excessive clones residing in a channel (checks: on channel join and on continuous intervals). Clones are detected in the format of: *!* Includes op/voice exemption from clone scanning. Also exempts vhosts (virtual hosts) from being detected as clones.
CNN news.tcl 1.1 20/05/2001 Thrill Fetches headlines from and pastes them on command into the channel.
CodeCountryIT 1.0 23/05/2005 Cerbero Finds and/or converts country code top-level domains. Updated to include the latest TLDs. Script is in Italian.
CodeNinja Help System
Info Scripts
1.0 17/01/2011 CodeNinja Adds an easily editable and customizable command list to your bot.
CodeNinja Quote System
Quote Scripts
1.0.2 31/12/2010 CodeNinja Stores and reads IRC quotes.
coffeeshop.tcl - 06/02/2003 fedayking A Dutch bartender script.
Game Scripts
1.0 30/12/2012 SpiKe^^ Simple game script that will generate a random dice roll or coin flip. See extended description.
Color Auto Kick 1.1 18/11/1999 [-Scorp-] Kicks people who use excessive colours in the channel. See extended description.
colortable.tcl 1.2 19/12/1999 RLD DCC tutorial/reference showing how to output colours in your own script.
Comandos Publicos 2.0 14/01/2006 BaRDaHL Public commands script featuring many commands like .op, .deop, etc., and a .help function listing commands and usage. Script is in Spanish.
Commands & Control, Authentication - 28/02/2001 TCP-IP, Ninja_baby A major authentication system which will deal with "Q" flags.. "Q" flags needed when you wish to command your bot by /msg or public (channel) commands.. will help you perform authentication and can automaticly de-authenticate you when you're offline / parts a channel.
Commands & Control, Channel Access List
Services Scripts
- 27/03/2001 Ninja_baby Will help you to control channel access list from your bot (if you're not currently identify to the NickServ). For use only with IRC networks that have SirvService installed (ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ services available.)
Commands & Control, Channel Control - 05/04/2001 TCP-IP, Ninja_baby Contains some public / msg commands related to channel's stuffs.. such as to ban, kick, op, deop, etc.
Commands & Control, Console System - 26/02/2001 TCP-IP, Ninja_baby Will give a little help about console systems.. like to rehash, reload, restart, etc.
Commands & Control, Database - 05/04/2001 TCP-IP, Ninja_baby Will give a little help for database system (user files / channel files). You can do +user +bot chattr, etc. from public (channel) or by /msg..
Commands & Control, Misc. Commands - 03/03/2001 TCP-IP, Ninja_baby Contains some cool stuff which can be triggered from channel (public) or by /msg.
Comment 1.1 02/10/2004 j_d_e_p Comment allows users to supply the bot with 'comments' about themselves, from which one is randomly chosen and said publicly in the channel whenever that user's name is mentioned.
Complete Channel Administration 2.0 20/12/2001 Loki` Fully featured channel admin script. See extended description.
Complete Channel Administration 2.0 20/12/2001 Loki` Fully featured channel admin script. netbots.tcl edition. See extended description.
Completely Useless Fun Script.tcl 2.0 24/10/2002 Zoef A script for eggdrops which makes it do a few handy useless thingies like logging Google links, reacting to user defined keywords, reversing sentences, and saying evil things.
Control Codes & Character Length Checker 1.0 27/08/2003 `Vicky A protection script, counting and blocking control codes, and/or character length. Useful to stop people from doing CC floods such as tsunami.
Botnet Scripts
1.42 19/02/2003 Papillon Quiet botnet script, standard protect/need options, commands to do actions on all bots and give you op in all possible channels from all possible bots. Also has an option to make the entire botnet for you with just one command.
Conversion 1.00 20/05/2001 DrN Lets you do some math conversions for things like temperature, weight, distence, etc.
Conversion 1.00 21/06/2001 lechat French version of DrN's script. Lets you do some math conversions for things like temperature, weight, distence, etc. See extended description.

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