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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Change Badnick.TCL 1.1 06/08/2002 Ha0 Kick ban when someone changes their nickname into a badnick in channel.
Change nick 1.0 25/01/2003 Nor7on Kicks and bans people who change to a nickname that contains specified obscenities. Script is in Spanish.
Change Nick Too fast 1.0 01/10/2003 Ha0 Punishes users who change their nick too many times within a specified period.
Chaninfo - - Infernius Adds a public command that shows the date a channel was made and how long ago that was.
Info Scripts
1.3 26/11/1999 dw Information storage/retrieval. See extended description.
chankey 1.1 16/10/1999 blue Allows the bot to join channels with a key. See extended description.
Chanlev 3.206rc1 22/06/2004 perpleXa Simulates the original chanlev from QuakeNet's Q by using users' authnicks.
Services Scripts
3.0 - Infernius Lets you view the amount of users of a channel with either L or Q. Can also be used to view a user's flags or add/remove flags. This script is designed for Quakenet and will probably not fully work on other networks that use Q. Based on MeTroiD's cl add.tcl script.
Limit Scripts
1.3.2 18/06/2000 Nils Ostbjerg Will limit a channel to the current number of users plus 5 once every min.
Limit Scripts
3.15.0+johoho 10/05/2000 Johoho Enhanced version of the chanlimit.tcl component for netbots.tcl.
Limit Scripts
1.5 01/04/1999 slennox Maintains a channel limit to prevent serious floodbot attacks. It has a couple of features that you won't find in other limiter scripts.
Chanlist 1.00 28/08/2001 Merlin Creates a channel list and stores it in an HTML file.
chanlist.tcl 1.01 02/08/2000 Sup Allows you do see what channels bots on the botnet are on.
Channel Advertise/Spam Kicker
Anti-Spam Scripts
3.92.b 06/07/2004 awyeah Detects advertisements/invites/spams from TEXTS, ACTIONS and NOTICES sent to channels the bot on punishing those users. Doesn't ban if it detects a single '#' or 'join' only. Has many exemption options, and a customizable advertise matching worldlist with various banmask types and a kick counter. See extended description.
Channel Banlist Cleaner 8.96.b 06/08/2007 awyeah Will make your bot clean channel banlists when they become full or near full. Can remove all bans or a specific amount of bans. Ban removal order can be selected, like removing the last placed, recent or random. A good script when your bot monitors large channels where the banlists fill up quickly.
Channel Grabber
Services Scripts
3.48.b 04/09/2004 awyeah Will try to register dropped channels by checking channels' usercounts based on a timer. If any defined channel is empty the bot will cycle it and register it with ChanServ. A good script to chase dropped popular channels with. Requires an IRC network with services such as ChanServ.
Channel Greet
Greet Scripts
1.1 20/08/1999 ArcAngel Displays the channel homepage and a random greet msg on-join. Also sends an on-part msg.
Channel Greet Modified
Greet Scripts
1.1 18/06/2005 SYFX Modified version of ArcAngel's script. Removed dual-channel operation and part messages. Also removed web links and updated the 'DATE' functions.
Channel Guardian 1.02 13/07/2003 DrN Attempts to add some general channel protection to your bot. Features Repeat Kick/Banner, Single Character flood ban, Subtraction character Flood Ban, Addition character Flood Ban, and many more.
Channel guardian 1.1 02/06/2000 hd2000 Adds public commands that allow ops to do everyday channel tasks.
Channel invite 0.1 beta 05/02/2003 Dreamer Adds msg commands for invite and adding users to an invite database.
Channel OP/VOICE Limit 6.72.b 31/07/2004 awyeah Will detect the number of channel ops/voices and will deop/devoice any extra (which exceed the channel's op/voice limit - user defined). Has many functions such as sorting of the nicks to deop/devoice as well as exemption of specific user flags, nicks and also channel/user notification options.
Channel peak visitors - 25/05/2004 Den Keeps a record of channel size and lets the user find out this info by public command !peak. Also lets botmasters reject any channels from keeping a record. Script is in Russian.
Channel Pro - 14/03/2007 Pahlwaan Total channel protection such as flood/text protection.
channel protection 2.2 14/01/2004 gozzip Warns/kicks/bans users for doing annoying things, such as using bold, underline, colors, caps, and sending notices to the channel. Comprehensive setup.. no public commands.
channel protection 1.4+fixed 04/12/2003 blood_x An enhanced version of gozzip's channel protection script.
Channel Request/Blacklist System 2.0 05/03/2011 CodeNinja Channel request system that works with invites and kicks. Features a blacklist and channel info command.
Channel script 0.5.3 20/01/1998 |SmUrF| Public commands script.
Channel Swear Kick 5.86.b 04/09/2004 awyeah Will detect any swear, cuss or bad words sent into a channel via TEXTS, ACTIONS or NOTICES punishing the user. Has several punishment and exemption options as well as alot of other functions. This is a good script to keep out all the people who swear and say bad words in family orientated channels. See extended description.
Channel Voter 1.15 20/12/2001 Loki` Fully featured voting script. See extended description.
Channelhelper 2.0 08/02/2009 Djoezy A script to manage multiple channels. It has topic protection, welcome, badword, VIP scan, spamscan,channel mode protection, etc. Works with channel and global users. mIRC script included for managing channels. Specialized for Quakenet, but can run on other networks.
Services Scripts
1.1 10/12/1998 Lamego Makes the bot to use ChanServ to protect itself. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
3.6 13/10/2011 CrazyCat A complete relay script which works with the botnet. You can use it as a spy or a full duplex communication tool.
chanscan.tcl 1.05 02/08/2000 Sup Adds DCC commands that allow you to scan a channel for ircops, ops/voices, and people who are set away.
ChanServ Auto Need
Services Scripts
3.35.b 30/08/2004 awyeah Will trigger when your eggdrop bot needs an op/unban/invite/limit/key on a channel. Requests ChanServ to reop itself when it is deoped, and unban itself when it is banned and it would also invite itself when channels are set to invite-only, have a low channel limit or unknown channel key set. See extended description.
ChanServ Auto Reop
Services Scripts
5.61.b 27/06/2004 awyeah Will reop an eggdrop bot when it is deoped by someone on some channel. Different channel activations and user punishment options can be setup. There are several features for exemption, user notification and logging the deoper. A good script to *always* keep your eggdrop bot opped on channels. See extended description.
ChanServ auto-op - 03/12/2001 SniperAC For people that have their bot as room owners. Asks ChanServ to auto op your friends with a public command (!aop !dop etc.). You can delete using the !dop command. Also voices and half-ops.
Chanserv Script
Services Scripts
- 23/02/2009 Jer Adds public commands for adding and removing Vop/Hop/Aop/Sop/Akicks on ChanServ. Can be activated/deactivated on specific channels. See extended description.
ChanServ Verbose Logging
Services Scripts
5.38.b 11/04/2005 awyeah Logs ChanServ VERBOSE notices. Has two types of channel activations and is useful for channel FOUNDERs and SOPs so they are aware with what is going on with the channel's access lists when they're offline. Also has a ChanServ WHY result logger for the person performing the access list modification.
Services Scripts
1.5.4 13/09/2006 De Kus An event driven script (no timers used for output) to keep your bot authed to NickServ, keep your primary nick by ghosting and releasing it and finally of course to interact with ChanServ to join the channel and get op. See extended description.
ChanStat 1.0.0 14/08/2002 asdaf Tells how many ops/voices/total users are on the channel.
Chanstats 2.01 09/05/1999 Ernst Makes the bot publish and maintain a web page with channel statistics.
chanstats 1.3.0 12/01/2008 arfer Channel stats reporting script via public commands. Now includes !top10 !top20 !rank !stats !tstats and !zapstats commands. Data is saved in a .txt file at intervals that can be preconfigured but code execution is done via data in memory so fast response can be expected. See extended description.
chanstatus.tcl 1.0 02/04/2007 TS A proc for scripters that simplifies dealing with channel modes such as op, deop, etc.
CHATstats 3.1.2 20/02/2002 Baerchen Channel statistics script that creates several diverse web pages of stats.
CHATstats 3.1.2x 28/12/2004 XXanadoo Updated version of the popular statistics script adding 4 new DCC partyline commands. Released with Baerchen's permission. See extended description.
chcmd.tcl 1.1 18/09/2003 carinito A public commands script in both Dutch and English.
Check CService Channel Aplication
Services Scripts
1.0 13/02/2007 BaRDaHL Check the status of an existing channel aplication through CService on UnderNet.
Check Dominio 2.0 14/07/2005 MrBoss Tells you whether an Internet domain name is registered or not. Script is in Portuguese, with an option to display messages in English.
check_bots 1a 21/05/2004 KalZoo Checks how many bots are in channel and op'ed. If not at the minimun required amount it removes op from users who don't have the [ z ] flag.

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