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Name Version Date Last Author Description
BogusTrivia (Turkish)
Game Scripts 13/01/2014 Achi||es Turkish translation of SpiKe^^'s BogusTrivia. See extended description.
Bomb Squad
Game Scripts
1.0 10/06/2011 rojo Better timebomb game script with one insta-kill wire, one disarm wire, one booby-trap wire that cuts your time remaining in half, and a random number of decoys.
Bot Protection System 1.1 26/07/1999 Ernst Protects bots from being kicked/deopped, and allows only bots to op users.
Bot Uptime 1.0.0 08/01/2007 Emeric Lucifer Evans An extensive uptime script that is highly customizable through the settings variables. Offering to show things such as the operating system the eggdrop is running under, the CPU and memory usage in the uptime message.
Bot-status 2.0 10/06/2004 Tijmerd Will create a status page in html with information about your bot. There are also chan statics + king stats. An example is available on
Services Scripts
0.4 27/08/1999 GiZZmo, Buster_ Makes the bot identify itself to ChanServ and NickServ.
botaway.tcl 1.14 02/08/2000 Sup Allows your bot to automatically set itself away. Includes DCC commands for manual control.
Bouncer Scripts
1.31 22/12/1999 RyDeR_H00k Makes the bot transfer messages between two different channels.
Game Scripts
1.01 06/03/2007 et109 A simple script which displays 2 dice on a green "table" in an IRC channel. The dice are randomly chosen and displayed by opening and reading a text file which corresponds to the value of each die. You can roll the dice simply to roll them or play a round of craps.
BotNet Commands
Botnet Scripts
1.1 15/07/1998 MrHat_ Botnet commands script.
BotNet Invite
Botnet Scripts
4.1 25/02/1998 Lefty Botnet invite script.
Botnet Tools
Botnet Scripts
3.4.1 22/01/1999 TheGhost, et al Botnet commands script. See extended description.
BotnetNotify.tcl 1.8 18/06/2002 Wcc Notifies a channel when a user joins the partyline or leaves the partyline, when a bot disconnects or links, and when a user changes their handle. See extended description.
Botnet Scripts
2.23 26/02/2001 slennox Allows linked bots to securely op/invite/etc. one another, similar to getops.tcl. One of the main features of this script is its "delayed op" mechanism to reduce +o flooding whenever a bot joins (particularly annoying if you have a large botnet).
botnetop.tcl component
Botnet Scripts
4.09.1-Fitti 25/08/2002 Fitti Replacement botnetop.tcl component for netbots.tcl. Adds support for !channels (e.g. on IRCnet).
botnick.tcl 1.0 21/11/1999 slennox Adds a DCC command for changing your bot's nickname.
Botnet Scripts
0.1 02/09/2001 zyphah With this nifty little tcl you can easily check what bots are down/not linked in your botnet. Very good for big botnets since you now don't need to check it manually. Use ".botnl" in dcc chat.
Botnet Scripts
1.0.26 10/01/2005 yanek Combines botnetop.tcl and getops.tcl, allowing bots to interact with other bots running either script.
Botnet Scripts
1.2 18/01/2002 BarkerJr Adds a dcc command '.bping [bot]' which pings bots on the botnet via the botnet. An updated version of the TCL that has been passed around (I don't know who the original author is).
BotRequest 1.3 05/11/2001 popdog If you have a Botnet and you want to lend your Bots, now everyone can easily request one (!request <bot-nick> #channel The request get sent via a note.
Botnet Scripts
1.4.3 27/02/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Allows bots to request ops, invite, etc. from one another. Designed for IRCnet.
botresync.tcl 1.0 21/11/1999 slennox Basic script that attempts to prevent the bots from becoming badly desynched. Useful on networks such as Undernet where this can often happen.
BotServ 1.6 12/12/2002 Progeny Checks aop, sop and cf lists from ChanServ. All the aop+ users with identified nicks can use some commands like: !op !ban !kick !deop. This script is designed to work on the Azzurra IRC Network, but can be modified for use on another networks.
Botsnacks 1.0 18/02/2011 oldsoldier Allows users to "feed" the bot. Configurable using a udef flag so that you can select the channels on which you want this script to be active. See extended description.
BotTalker 1.3 18/06/2003 nTaxa Makes the bot respond when it is talked to on the channel.
BotTalker 1.1 03/06/2006 Dr. DelProg Sends specified text to given user or channel.
Bouncer Scripts
1.1 05/01/1999 ^KenwooD^ Lets your bot connect to IRC through a bouncer.
Brain.tcl 1.02 24/08/2002 IrAl^KbK Makes your bot speak. Script is in German.
broadcast.tcl 1.0 21/08/2002 npocmak Adds the command .broadcast, which is for sending broadcasts in the party line channel on behalf of the bot.
broadcast.tcl 02/01/2006 miCHa An "amsg" script for QuakeNet. You can add channels to a "blacklist" and if S (spamscan) is on a channel, it doesnt send a message to that channel. If a channel has mode +c, it will post the broadcast without bold and underline. This script has full administration and help features.
BruneiChat Auth
Services Scripts
- 01/05/2003 irongeek Auths with Nickserv on Bruneichat upon connect and sets usermodes on bot before joining channels.
bugtraq.tcl 1.2 11/06/2003 domsen Posts every new vulnerability from the bugtraq mailing list to certain channels and posts the last X vulnerabilities to a user using a public or message command.
buildstats.tcl - 27/10/2002 NDI Based on rules.tcl, this script basically runs a stats generator which uploads stats from a channel to a place on the server. Useful if you're hosting your eggdrop bot and your stats on the same server.
bundesliga.tcl 1.5.2 18/09/2004 Mosher Grabs headlines from and displays them to the channel. Broadcast function enables the script to post new headlines to the channel when the site is updated.
bunny.tcl - 04/04/2004 kazoo Makes an ascii bunny with text.
bwhois 0.1 14/08/2003 blh Useful function that performs a /whois and returns everything of value to a callback function of choice.
Bwords 2.1 28/05/2003 - Lets you define a list of badwords, channels set +bword will kick+ban users when saying these words, bans by default.
Topic Scripts
- 24/05/2003 - Inserts topic changes into a MySQL database. Requires tcl-sql.
Catechism.tcl 1 14/06/2011 Ben Woodring Similar to a bible bot script, this script allows you to view various catechism questions and answers. You are also able to add new catechisms to the script without any coding required by formatting them in the proper way and placing them in the "catechism" folder.
cbuk.tcl - 01/07/1999 exiled` Kicks people who use colour, bold, or underline.
Cervellone 1.0 15/06/2002 RobotMan Italian script that automatically makes the bot answer frequently asked questions.
cgi.tcl 4.10 07/01/1999 strobe A script that allows the bot to interact with web page forms that use CGI. Aimed mainly at developers who want to create scripts that retrieve information from web pages.
CGI:IRC - 30/01/2002 sirgrim Script to control CGI:IRC clients.
Chan Lockout 2.21 08/11/2002 Paladinz Allows you to set a custom flag (A - Z) on the bot for users who should have access to the chans specified. Ops, bots and flagged users will be allowed access, anyone else will be banned. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.01 21/10/2001 shred Channel relay script. Uses the botnet to relay messages between different channels/networks.
chan.tcl 1.0 09/09/2004 Phil_L Public commands script that is a modification of the Avenger script. Good for running your own channel and protecting it.
ChanAbuse 1.0 16/12/2009 BLaCKShaDoW Makes the bot part and remove a channel from its list if it's abused by deops or kicks.
ChanBackup.tcl 1.3.0 06/12/1999 Nils Ostbjerg Enables you to copy the settings of a channel into another channel, including channel settings and userflags.
ChanBan 1.0 29/04/2000 Wolven Does a WHOIS on users who join and bans them if they're in specified channels. See extended description.
chanctrl.tcl 2.10.0 10/05/2000 Johoho Monitors channels for colour usage and gives warnings/kicks/bans to offenders. Designed as a netbots.tcl component.

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