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Name Version Date Last Author Description
bello.tcl 3.5 08/10/2014 DJMazze (Matfo) A German script that turns your bot into a dog.
Bender oneliners
Quote Scripts
2.0 05/02/2011 oldsoldier Random quote script featuring Bender from Futurama, based on FAN's Duke Nukem one liners script. Because Bender can be deemed offensive by some people, a udef flag can enable the script on a by-channel basis.
Best.times 1.4.3 27/01/2001 wreck Records bot ontime/uptime data. Includes DCC and public commands.
Bouncer Scripts
1.3 06/06/1999 Flint Lets your bot connect to IRC through a bouncer. Supports multiple bouncer types.
BestWeather.tcl 1.6.2 17/08/2004 DragonFlu Working weather script for Currently only does US zip codes. Does forecast for US zip codes as well. Anti flood, set which channels commands work in or not.
bffind.tcl 2.31 31/03/2005 Maxxcrash Can leech player statistics off, a Battlefield 1942 player / server tracker.
bfld98.tcl 1.0 07/11/1998 s0y0k Bans flooders using smart banmasks.
BGExec 1.3 19/08/1998 Fosters@G0 Adds the 'execbg' tcl command for executing commands in the background.
BGL.TCL .09o 10/05/2004 BeGodlike Punishes anyone trying to deop/ban any user/bot that is global +o. Features +e/I support. Note that this script changes many config file settings unless the "optional" bottom section is deleted.
BGSpeak.tcl - 09/12/2003 niGGa Makes the bot respond to words it recognises. Script is in Bulgarian.
bible.tcl 0.5 30/06/2003 k0n? Will read bible verses via queries.
bible.tcl 1.1 27/11/2005 leonidas Cites the Bible in the Russian language. Full database available at the script's home page at
binary & decimal calculator 1.0 13/02/2003 gozzip Convert Binary values to Decimal, and vice versa. You use public commands to perform the calculations you want. The script does not use a built-in engine, but does it 'my way'. search 0.1 18/12/2009 teusje Returns actual results from the Bing search engine to a channel.
BitchX Poser 15 11/02/2000 sinkhole, et al Makes your bot look like a BitchX client.
bitchxpack.tcl 1.50 25/10/1999 slennox Makes your bot simulate BitchX CTCP replies and AWAY mode. Built-in CTCP flood protection. Designed for accuracy and efficiency rather than simulation of many different BitchX versions. Note that this script shouldn't be used with other scripts that bind the standard CTCP types (e.g. sentinel.tcl).
Bitchy1.0 1.0 06/12/2000 Various authors Kicks all users who op people. Won't kick masters or owners.
bitcoin 0.1 11/04/2013 erasei Shows the current, high and low bitcoin prices in USD from Mt. Gox official data API.
Channel Linking Scripts
0.1 09/02/2007 HM2K Relay for bitlbee. Based on linkchan.
Bitoogle Search 1.0 22/08/2004 LoReZ Type !bitoogle <searchpattern> in any chan your bot is in and it will display up to 10 results from
BlackAdvertise 1.2 11/08/2010 BLaCkShaDoW An advertisement script. The commands are public, just set the time interval for the advertisements to be done and activate the script. You can add an infinite number of advertisements for each chan and the bot will display them one by one in order.
BlackAway 1.1 24/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Sets the bot away by a public command and saves the away message into a file. Every time the bot connects, it will use the away that you set.
BLaCkChan 1.1 09/08/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Performs a whois on users when they join, and bans them if they're found to be on channels in a specified blacklist. Scanning of users currently on the channel can be triggered via a public command.
BlackGline 1.0 01/10/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Shows information about IPs which have a Gline on Undernet (it should also work on other networks). Includes the creation date, the reason for the Gline, the date the Gline will expire.
BlackIdle 1.0 beta 10/01/2002 Blackmore Advanced idle kick/ban script.
BlackIdle 1.1 17/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Deops / devoices users that are idle. The script has an exception list, and the idle time and activation are done by public commands.
BlackIP 1.1b 11/03/2011 BLaCkShaDoW Find info about IPs (country, address and more). See extended description.
Game Scripts
1.1 12/12/2006 bloodLiner A Blackjack script for Eggdrop. Original German version.
Blackjack (21)
Game Scripts
1.1 29/03/2009 Dudu Public command-based blackjack card game. Script is in Romanian.
Blackjack (English)
Game Scripts
1.1 12/12/2006 bloodLiner A Blackjack script for Eggdrop. English translation.
BlackList 1.4 29/11/2010 Opposing Allows you to add hostmasks to a black list via DCC or public commands. Very fast in banning blacklisted users and protects the bot from flooding out if many blakclisted users join simultaneously. Nifty options included in the script.
Blacklist 0.3 26/07/2004 perpleXa Bans everyone matching a specified mask (doesn't use the internal ban system). Using public commands, entries can easily be added/deleted.
Blackmore's BlackIdle 1.1 beta 31/05/2003 XeNoGear Modified version of Blackmore's advanced idle kick/ban script.
BlackRules 1.0 26/08/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Allows you to set and display a list of rules for a channel. Every chan can have his own rules. The commands to add/del/list are public, and there's a command for normal users to display the rules. Has an anti-flood protection.
BlackScan 1.0 16/12/2009 BLaCKShaDoW Helps remove clones from a channel. The functions include a scan command (.clonescan) which will display clones and their host, and a timer for clone scan. You can have the script ban clones or notify ops of their presence.
Seen Scripts
1.3 24/06/2010 BLaCkShaDoW Seen script that saves data only for the channels on which is activated, and displays search results only for channel where the .seen command is used. See extended description.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 24/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW When activated, at a set interval the bot will msg a random user. If they respond with forbidden characters (as set in the script) the bot will ban the user. Can also msg users on join, and has support for a backchan.
BlackStats 1.1 12/07/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Shows information about channels the bot is in, including the number of botbans, chan bans, users, ops, voices, the modes of the channel and the topic. See extended description.
BlackTools 2.4 20/08/2012 BLaCkShaDoW The Ultimate Channel Control Script, now having a language module (in which you can add other languages if you want), protections (antipub, antinotice etc.), modules (badchan, badword, topwords, limit, seen, antidle etc.) and lots of commands to control your channel and your eggdrop. See extended description.
BlackVIP 1.0 17/12/2009 BLaCKShaDoW Let's you create a list of VIPs for each channel, who will be given voice status on join. Can also scan the channel and give voice to any VIPs found. script 1.1 26/10/2008 dalys Searches the website for movie titles and fetches info about them. script 1.3.1-coconut 23/08/2011 znuffy Searches the website for movie titles and fetches info about them. Updated version of script by dalys.
Bouncer Scripts
0.3f 12/11/2005 fr0st An updated version of Bnc.tcl 0.3 by KuNgFo0 that works with the newer versions of bnc.
Bouncer Scripts
1.3 08/03/1999 DuHmE Lets your bot connect to IRC through a bouncer.
Bouncer Scripts
1.1 19/04/2006 SidneY psyBNC bouncer administration via Eggdrop with public commands. Bot transfers the passwords and all connect data to the added user on your IRC network. Bot must have admin rights on psyBNC. Script is in German.
Botnet Scripts
4.0 12/04/2000 cmouse Botnet script that allows you to control either one bot or all bots at the same time.
Quote Scripts
- 29/03/2002 Progeny Responds to a public command with BOFH quotes.
BOFH excuses
Quote Scripts
1.0 13/10/2001 vicu BOFH script made just for fun and based on the quote scipt by stigmata.
Game Scripts
2.06.4 25/08/2014 SpiKe^^ Full featured HTML Page Generator add-on for BogusTrivia 2.06.3+. Includes custom templates and CSS files for presenting html pages in BogusTrivia theme colors. Can display any number of active, history and extended history player stats. See extended description.
Game Scripts 03/10/2014 SpiKe^^ Full featured trivia game script. Advanced features include support for many question file formats, on-join greet & auto start game, auto-voice top players, public commands, non-english character support, easy day/month name translations, BogusHTML support, and much more. See extended description.

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