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Name Version Date Last Author Description
x-commands0.1.tcl 0.1 18/10/2001 whitevamp Allows you to have your bot msg X to op, deop, voice, devoice, and ban by using public commands.
Services Scripts
- 22/11/2004 shaithoan A very cool X-login script. Makes the bot join channels after logging into X and doing +x, and also joins channels if X is lagged for more than 30 seconds.
Xbanpurge.tcl 0.1 07/01/2002 HigH Makes the bot interact with Undernet's X. Synchronises the ban list with X and can ask X for invite, unban and op.
xchannel.tcl 4.2 08/11/2006 demond Highly-optimised, versatile and modular script for all your channel protection needs. Flexible configuration done 100% via chansets; punishments for offense types including public, chan/notice/action, join/part/nick, mass flood, repeating, spam, caps, color, bad words/whois, clones, drones & more.
XDCC Server
File Server Scripts
1.0 14/05/2002 RaPhiuS / PaRaSiTe A fully working XDCC server written in tcl and intended to be used with eggdrops 1.6.x+ series. A full xdcc platform with easy package management, easy channel management, queues system & easy configuration.
XDCC Server Pro
File Server Scripts
2.04.2 01/03/2009 SpiKe^^ Complete Xdcc Server Script. Multichannel, banlist, extensive channel ad options, colors or no colors, send only to users on a server channel, kill send if leave the channel, flood control, file send queue, and much more. Most settings done by DCC chat. See extended description.
File Server Scripts
0.1 27/08/1999 FlyBoyUSA XDCC file server.
File Server Scripts
- 27/09/2014 TijN An xdcc packet spider system. See extended description.
XE.COM Universal Currency Convertor Script 0.02c 09/09/2007 Rosc2112 Converts any currency unit available from's FULL currency symbol list (over 180 currencies!). Also includes a feature to search for country names and currency symbols using text string search on full or partial names.
XE.COM Universal Currency Convertor Script 0.02f 10/05/2010 LittleBro Converts any currency unit available from's FULL currency symbol list over 180 currencies!). Also includes a feature to search for country names and currency symbols using text string search on full or partial names. Originally by Rosc2112, minor fix by LittleBro for altered website.
xlogin - 26/05/2002 volta An X login script for Undernet.
Services Scripts
1.0.0 11/11/2004 Alien Quite simple script which will automatically login your bot to Undernet's X upon connecting.
xmas98a.tcl 98a 05/01/1998 John Hassall Tells you how many days left until Christmas 1998 (useful to modify for Xmas 99 or other future events).
XoY 1.3 05/05/2008 Morfeus^ Public commands for Windrop or Eggdrop such as !op, !deop, etc. and msg commands (/msg botnick op #channel). Anti deop protection, autolimit, X (Undernet) commands, X login and much more.
xprot.tcl 1.0.0 11/05/2009 Leg An extension to my Riddle.tcl script. It protects the bot from deops/kicks/bans and disallows normal users to set more than so many bans and kick more than so many users. Works through Undernet's X. Recommended if you run riddle.tcl, otherwise it's pretty useless.
xrl.tcl 2.32 14/02/2007 jer Generates Metamark ( URLs when long URLs are sent to the channel or bot via a msg command. Can also be run directly from the shell's command line.
Services Scripts
2.1 17/03/2006 caesar A complete collection of procedures to keep your eggdrop logged in 24/7 and with/without +x user mode on Undernet network.
Xtools 1.2 18/05/2001 Ian-Highlander, PPSlim & stdarg This package allows nearly full IRCx compatibility for Eggdrop.
Services Scripts
- 16/06/2004 kurupt Allows you to use public commands to send commands to Undernet's X.
Services Scripts
- 03/12/1999 _]NiX[_ Automatic login for X and W channel services.
Services Scripts
- 21/12/1998 NiX Auto login for X/W on Undernet. Controlled via DCC commands. See extended description.
Services Scripts
0.02+p3 15/06/1998 guppy Makes the bot request ops, invite, and unban from Undernet's X or W.
Services Scripts
1.7 25/06/2001 Algol Makes sure that the eggdrop is logged in to Undernet's Channel Service (X) at all times, avoiding to flood X. Updated for the new X version.
Services Scripts
1.6 25/06/2001 Algol Uses Undernet Channel Service (X) to protect the eggdrop against deops/kicks/bans done by users, except those with n|m|f flags.
YaCy Search 1.0 24/03/2008 SaLoMoN Allows you to use the YaCy Peer-To-Peer Search Engine in your IRC channel. See extended description.
Yahoo Messenger Status Checker - 07/05/2009 dc Check Yahoo Messenger status (available/invisible/online).
Yahoo! Weather 1.2 08/05/2013 rojo Yahoo! / The Weather Channel weather script. The best weather script using the best weather service for anywhere in the world -- not just USA. See extended description.
yakuza tcL 0.9 05/11/2004 hikaro Very large public commands and protection script. Undocumented.
Greet Scripts
1.0 27/04/2005 Yoichiro Includes joingreet.tcl, for greeting users when they join the channel, and partgreet.tcl, which sends them a notice after they leave.
YouTube 1.3 17/02/2012 creative Displays the title, date and rating of posted video links. Supports and links, also HTTP(S). Uses the Google Data API Protocol for this purpose.
youtube getlink 0.1 21/07/2008 hwk A simple script that fetches the first result from a YouTube search, giving you the link, title and description for the primary result.
YouTube Searching script 0.3 23/02/2009 Mookie Searches YouTube with the specified keywords and displays the url, title and description for each result.
Youtube Title 0.5 01/02/2010 Detects if someone pastes a Youtube URL in a channel and then prints the title of the Youtube video and (if enabled) a TinyURL link to the video. See extended description.
zapdnsbl.tcl 0.5 16/06/2012 Ratler ZAP DNS Blacklist is a script that takes the host of a user joining a channel and checks it against configured DNS blacklists (RBL). The configuration file is very similar to the format of BOPM. Newsscript 1.0 04/05/2003 nobody2k Fetches the news from Has many options to configure.
Zerberus channel protection 1.05 13/10/2004 robkey quakenet channel protection (Q+L), detects overtake modes and removes them, forbidden chanmodes customizable, bot self-protection, massbanning und massdeop protection.
ZimoZimo badword 1.5.0 12/05/2004 Rajeh Alharithi Kicks/bans people who use specified bad words in the channel.
ZimoZimo-badnick4.0.tcl 1.4.0 04/02/2000 Rajeh Alharithi Kicks/bans people who use specified bad words in their nickname.
Zipcodes 1.00 03/05/2001 DrN Lets you search a zipcode and state abbreviation database.
Topic Scripts
1.0 04/02/2001 user Appends "with a zombie" to the end of every new topic.
Zusatz kick/(un)ban script - 30/10/2000 |MrNice| Adds !kick, !ban, and !unban commands to your bot. This script is in German. [Fixed version]
Zusatz kick/(un)ban script - - |MrNice| Adds !kick, !ban, and !unban commands to your bot. English version.
zw3links 1.3 10/07/1998 Wiking Creates a web page displaying server links.

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