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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Wacko's Web Poster Mod 1.9 30/06/1999 Wacko Creates a web page displaying channel activity.
wallbot.tcl - 03/12/1999 nix Adds a function allowing you to send messages over the botnet that only display to masters.
WallOps 1.0 24/04/1998 Neuromancer Adds a DCC command for performing wallops through the bot.
wallops.tcl - 18/02/2003 max4o A botnet forwarder for OPERWALL.
War Management 1.7 12/11/2002 kalhimeo A script for gamers to manage all wars from the clan private channel on irc. War managers can add upcoming matches in the bot, which will later allow players to add themselves to these.
war-ip-pw.tcl 1.2 02/11/2005 hadace For Counter-Strike clans. Add Steam favorites for any warserver where the clan plays. Also give the server IP and pass in any format, including "one line connect". Script messages are in Hungarian.
WatNet Services
Services Scripts
1.0 15/04/2002 RoCk Authorizes the bot with WatNet NickServ every X minutes and checks op status of the bot on channel(s) every X minutes. If the bot is not opped, requests @ from Feline.
Weather 3.4.1 27/05/2004 Murf Gets weather and weather forecasts worldwide. Also gets the time, sunrise/sunset, and precipitation amounts for the US.
Weather 4.2.6 28/09/2009 DragnLord Displays, in channel or private message, international weather from See extended description.
Weather 1.1 11/01/2010 Djoezy Shows the current weather conditions from Google weather. Supports every city in the world. This script also shows the forecast conditions for 3 days. Message type and flags required to use the commands can be configured. Has inbuilt flood protection.
weather 01.01 - Suzi Gets weather information from Script is in Russian.
Weather v2112 2112.6 04/08/2008 Rosc2112 Wunderground Weather script. Based on original weather script by Murf, with many new features, enhancements and bugfixes. New features include more stats, expanded lunar, solar and precipitation data, parser can handle any input that Wunderground's search can handle.
Weather v2112.cli 0.03 05/08/2008 Rosc2112 A stand-alone, commandline version of the Wunderground Weather script.
weather.tcl 2.0.6 06/02/2011 HM2K Returns the current weather for the specified city or postcode using the iGoogle API for weather.
Webalizer stats parser & channel advertiser 1.0 24/05/2004 CoolCold Parses Webalizer statistics and displays them when triggered by a public or private command.
WebBanList.tcl 1.1 18/06/2002 Wcc Generates a web page listing all global and channel bans in the bot's banlist. See extended description.
webchat IP 0.2 14/09/2004 raspi Checks a user's ident for hexadecimal (usually used by webchats) and tells the IP and host. If there's ban concerning that resolved IP/host, the bot places a ban on it.
Seen Scripts
1.0 26/07/2001 Baerchen A CGI web interface for the seen database created by Bass' eggdrop script bseen1.4.2c. It allows any user to query seen data for a given user. See extended description.
webtvtimedbans.tcl 1.1 22/11/2007 sphinx Webtv/msntv timed banned script. Webtv/msntv users can use the timed banned option just like PC users can.
WebWriter 1.2.1 18/02/1999 Bj0rge Creates a web page with channel statistics.
Greet Scripts
1.0 22/01/2012 Indra^Pratama & Vita Sends a welcome message to those who join a channel. Can configure a list of welcome messages, the channels to activate the script on, and whether to send the greeting to the channel or via private message. See extended description.
wetter 0.12.11 06/05/2007 De Kus A German script reading from the German weather page Wetterausgabe nach Orten und PLZ, langes und kurzes Ausgabeformat. Vorhersage für heute, morgen und übermorgen. Die Temperatur wird um eine grob errechnete gefühlte Temperatur erweitert. See extended description.
Whatpulse - 22/12/2009 LuZ1F3R Provides a user's WhatPulse data to the channel. WhatPulse counts your key presses, mouse clicks and distance your mouse moves. Script is in German.
Whew Directory Searcher 1.2 26/01/2005 Oliver Queries the Whew Directory for a given word or words and returns the category matches. This directory contains all the data from DMOZ / ODP and includes thumbnail snapshots.
Who Said It?
Game Scripts
1.0.0 03/03/2005 Pistos "Who Said It?" is a game of psychology and bluffing played by three or more people. Guess who said what, but avoid getting guessed yourself. See extended description.
whoisd.tcl 1.0.1 02/02/2007 HM2K Public commands to check if a domain is available, and to see which country owns a tld (similar to !country commands but using live servers so it is never outdated). The commands can also be triggered inside DCC, where full domain whois records are displayed.
whoisd.tcl 1.2 15/12/2010 HM2K Features a whois command that checks if a given domain is available and a tld command that returns which country sponsors the given tld. This script uses live servers so it is never outdated, unlike other scripts.
whoisinfo.tcl 0.1 21/02/2008 JeFFOsZ Adds a public command that returns WHOIS information on an IP.
whom.tcl 1.1 30/11/1999 David Newhall II Improves the display of the '.whom *' DCC command.
Topic Scripts
1.0b 23/03/1999 Jooch When someone changes the topic, adds their nick to the end. Based on TopicBy.
wiki.tcl 1.6 02/06/2007 Kacper Gutowski Expands wiki links to URIs. Originally designed for links to Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia and others), but may be used for any wiki.
Wikipedia Quick Link 1.1 31/01/2008 Hen Asraf Allows IRC users to link to Wikipedia quickly through the bot. The default format is: !wiki article name.
Windop 3.1 10/03/2003 Ibsoft Team Makes Eggdrop be like Undernet's cservice X. Access on channels works with levels: 1 to 500 for chans and 501 to 1000 for owners. All commands of cservice are in it but some still missing.
Windop 3.2 16/07/2007 iNcUrAbLe Makes your eggdrop looks like UnderNet Service bot. All commands are IN and some extra commands added. (cycle/action/say for 500 levels.) Note: the author of this script was previously known as m|stake.
wingate2.tcl 1.1 13/09/1999 Bass Scans for wingates / open proxies on join.
wingateban 1.0 23/04/2001 irco Checks for wingates on join and bans them.
witze.tcl - 16/08/2004 PHP-MaStA German script that lets you add and display jokes in a text database using public commands.
Word Banner 1.7a 12/04/2002 JoeyrS Punishes users who type some words (not ops or +f users). Uses a random kick messages and punish in 3 modes: 1) Kick + alert via notice. 2) TempBan (the time of ban can be setted) + Kick + 2nd alert. 3) PermBan + Kick + Akick through ChanServ (Where is possible).
Game Scripts
- 06/06/2002 Murf Scramble word game. Puts a garbled word to channel and gives a clue. If no one gets it, it continues to give the first then the second letter. Tracks the score.
Game Scripts
- 12/02/2006 Mat Scramble word game. Puts a garbled word to channel and gives a clue. If no one gets it, it continues to give the first then the second letter. Tracks the score. This modified version of Murf's script fixes a scoring bug.
Words of Wisdom 2.01 07/07/2005 Penthux This script is not meant to do anything except make you smile with totally outrageous and useless "words of wisdom" - hence the name. The wow.txt file contains joke lines which are outputted by the wow.tcl at pre-set time intervals into a specified channel.
worklist.tcl 2.50 04/12/1999 Sup Searches any specified items from the worklist. See extended description.
World Cup - 16/06/1998 ScripterX Stores and displays World Cup scores.
Worldtime 1.1 30/06/2002 Murf Gets the time from around the world from Simple but handy.
worldtime.tcl 2.3.3 24/01/2011 HM2K Returns the current time for anywhere in the world.
WoWdkp.tcl 0.02 12/09/2005 Jiunec A script for World of Warcraft guilds who use an eggdrop in their guild channel. Allows you to query your EQDKP database for various things. You can check your current points, the points of others, and where you stand in the class rankings. You can also query the items that a player has won.
Wrightie - 09/01/2005 Wright____ Picks random quotes by comedian Steven Wright and puts them in channel upon a !wright trigger. Easy to change to other quotes as they are stored in a textfile, not as an array.
Write Channel Nicklist 2 File 1.1 22/09/2004 SpOoK Will write all the current users on your channel to a txt file. It keeps users status such as opped and voiced users. There is an example irc_stats.php file included that will list the users from the stored nicklist.txt file and will also count how many are online.
wwwlive 1.0 17/02/1998 roots Creates a mIRC-like web page displaying channel activity.
WWWStat 2.0 12/09/1998 Goblet, et al Creates a web page displaying how active people are on the channel (how much they talk, kick people, etc.).

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