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Name Version Date Last Author Description
uptime.tcl 1.0 08/11/2011 Kaishiro Displays uptime publicly in channel or privately via notice. Editable trigger for specific bot names.
Urban Dictionary 1.7 11/08/2006 perpleXa Looks up terms on and relays them to an irc channel.
UrbanDictionary 1.1a 11/05/2006 ceL Adds queries to your eggdrop and displays the result in the channel. 2 triggers !urbandict <num_of_results> <term> = defintion of term and !urbanex <num_of_results> <term> = example of term.
URL 2 IRC 1.2 22/08/2012 Lily Scans for URL links in IRC channels and returns page titles and a tinyurl (configurable), and logs them to webpages. Multi channel. NSFW tagging. Duplicate link detection. URL/keyword blacklisting. Uses sqlite3 (one easy lib, NOT mysql).
URL THiNGiE 2.11 27/08/1999 FlyBoyUSA Adds public, msg, and DCC commands for storing URLs.
Url Title Grabber 0.01a 11/08/2007 Rosc2112 Grabs URL titles when a URL is posted in channels. Channels & permissions are configurable.
urlmagic 1.0 09/06/2011 rojo Loose URL detection. Displays page title or meta content type of links posted in channel. TinyURLifies longer URLs. Properly handles Unicode. Follows redirects and handles cookies. Optionally posts the results to your Twitter page.
Topic Scripts
1.1-1.3.x 12/04/1998 Nidhogg Keeps the channel URL in the topic.
File Server Scripts
1.10 26/04/2009 dMG/t!s A multifunctional irc channel script for Eggdrop. Greets users, announces new uploads and has many file-server related functions.
user defined triggers 1.4 11/04/2006 chris Keyword command script that can create public/msg command triggers, like ?support? and so on. The administration is completly integrated into the script.
User News 1.0 24/02/2004 antihc3000 Use MSG commands to add, remove and display news from users. You must be identified, and all chan ops can remove news.
user_protect_bans.tcl - 30/06/2002 daddy Protects the bot and +fo and higher users from being banned.
Services Scripts
1.1b 16/03/2011 BLaCkShaDoW On timer this script will check the users that have access on X @ chan and are logged. If they are spotted outside of chan the bot records them and suspends (optional).
Greet Scripts
1.3 10/03/2004 stylus740 Greets users who join the channel or change their nick with personal individual messages. Fully configurable in the partyline. Greet messages can be added, deleted, changed and listed. Script is in German language.
Userlist 1.01 15/06/2005 Tosser^^ Adds a public command that displays the userlist, including each user's handle, current IRC nickname, hosts and channel flags.
Quote Scripts
1.00 11/04/2002 DrN A simple "tagline" program. Allows OPs to add and delete quotes from users in the channels. And more broadly, there's handlers for read only tagline files. Comes with a database of user added quotes and 60+ files of general taglines. Can also use a random quote to set the channel topic.
UserQuotes (Script Only)
Quote Scripts
1.00 11/04/2002 DrN See "UserQuotes" for full description.
Uusis Quotes 1.0 30/05/2006 Rosteri Markku Uusipaavalniemi "Uusis" Quotes. Finnish curling man, almost as tough as Chuck Norris! Script is in Finnish.
Services Scripts
5 06/01/2009 Cesar, Progs A clone of the Uworld services for ircu. Compatible with P10 extended numeric (ircu2.10.10.*+). Does almost everything Uworld normally does.
Val_SubOp 1.1 08/08/2000 The Valheru A modified version of SubOp by MHT and YaZZ.
vbirc public botnet commands 0.0.5 02/08/2009 Floris Botnet script providing public commands such as rehash, restart, jump, etc. See extended description.
Veed 0.4 01/01/2003 Naveed Scripts with multichannel support that allow each channel owner configure the scripts for his needs. Includes Vdeop, Vbadwords, Vadvertise, and Vaway scripts.
VHost 1.0.5 27/02/2006 ctd1500 Randomly sets VHosts for users on your network. Only works on networks running UnrealIRCd, & UltimateIRCd (unless there are other IRCd's that use the same commands), and your bot normally needs to be a server admin or higher and be opered up for it to work. See extended description.
Services Scripts
2.1 31/01/2005 Fr33Man A script for bots opered on networks using the Auspices IRC Services that allows registered users to change their own vhosts. Can prevent users choosing vhosts containing specified "bad" words. Includes Dutch and English versions of the script.
Services Scripts
- 13/02/2005 NoZparker A script for oper bots that acts just like hostserv. The user simply logs in with a password. Vhosts are set via a /msg, and all vhosts set are stored in a file. Only operators with a V flag can add or delete the vhosts.
Services Scripts
1.3 19/04/2006 SidneY Set vhosts on UnrealIRCd via a public command. Features integrated flood protection, bad word filter and oper commands. Script is in German.
vhostbot.tcl 1.0b 23/03/2008 TCL_no_TK A highly configurable vhost bot script, options configured via chanset command. Ability to have different flag/channel assignment for vhosts. Also able to remove a vhost on part (with support for v-ident).
vic.tcl - 25/12/2006 Yxaaaaaaa Displays random jokes from Script is in Bulgarian.
Quote Scripts
2.0 04/08/2010 Galdinx & MenzAgitat Displays a random quote from the French website Includes a flood control mechanism. Script is in French.
VIP-Script 1 18/01/2005 cryptix On specified channels, ops VIP users and displays a message when they join.
Virus checker - 05/02/2000 Stratsi Makes the bot cycle the channel and check for users who send .exe files, .ini files, etc.
vLib 0.3 24/10/2005 v0id Useful library of common routines for Eggdrop Tcl programmers.
Voice / DeVoice 1.0 01/07/2001 RayMan Two small scripts that voice / devoice people.
voice control 1.0 14/04/2001 irco Adds public commands allowing voices to kick, ban, change the topic, etc.
Voice kick 1.2 26/03/1999 HERZ Adds a public command allowing voiced users to kick people.
Voice Like Op - 15/06/2005 Coxe Enhances the abilities of voiced nicks in a channel. The voiced user can kick, ban, unban, voice, devoice a specific nick and can change a topic in the channel.
Voice.tcl - 10/10/2001 JingYou Makes bot voice (~voice) anybody (even without flags) on all channels.
voiceall.tcl 1.0.0 11/11/2004 Alien With this script you will get new channel setting called 'voiceall'. You can .chanset #chan +voiceall so all users get +v on join.
VoiceAllBut 1.02 21/06/2002 DrN An auto-voice script with an exceptions list. You can add/remove people from the no-voice list via a channel command. Will voice all users who join except users on the no-voice list. Good for botchannels who are +m and want the talker bots to just shut up. :)
VoiceFlip 1.7.8 19/09/2002 Zsac For use in moderated channels where people are voiced when they join. It watches for when people are devoiced and then leave and rejoin the room (within a short period of time) to regain voice. If the script witnesses a user doing this it will remove their voice when they rejoin.
VoiceMe 1.0 08/12/2003 Silviu Voices users when they send /msg <Botnick> voiceme and devoices users when they type /msg <BotNick> devoiceme. Also devoices all users who have not talked on channel for a set period of time (default 30 minutes).
voiceme.tcl 1.01 24/12/2003 IHG Adds voiceme public and MSG commands, intended mainly for +m channels.
VoiceOnJoin 1.1 15/01/2009 BLaCkShaDoW When a user joins and he is logged on to a channel service (usually X) with +x or not, the bot voices the user and sends them a specified message. Can be activated/deactivated with chanset flags.
Services Scripts
6.75.b 16/08/2007 awyeah Replicates ChanServ services on DALnet, providing Auto-voice (AOv) and Super-voice (SOv) status to users. Auto voices AOv's and SOv's on join and on channel messages and serves as an auto-voice script. Users are stored in a database and can be added, deleted and listed with a public trigger.
File Server Scripts
1.1 - Shaggy Will auto-voice file servers in channel. Has been checked with Invision, Polaris, GXserve, Excursion, and Fireserve.
Vraiste 2.9 07/10/2014 solloman Full protection for your channel(s). You can customize each channel separately. In English and Romanian.
Vulnerability News 1.0 23/09/2008 Ryuki View vulnerability news from Milw0rm and Securityfocus on your channel.
Wacko's Email Mod 1.3.3 28/03/1998 Wacko Adds a DCC command that allows you to send e-mail through the bot.
Wacko's Stock Quote 1.0 01/03/2000 Wacko Adds DCC, msg, and public commands for accessing stock quotes.
Wacko's Timed Info Msg 1.0 20/04/2000 Wacko Displays a multi-line message to channels at specified intervals.

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