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Name Version Date Last Author Description
totals 0.2 15/11/2009 HM2K Total files and lines of text in all files in a directory.
Totem-Animal Spirit Guides - 20/07/2006 Rosc2112 Show spirit guides and attributes for 300 totem animals. Searchable by full or partial names or attributes (eg, ".totem search protect" - returns the list of animals who are protectors, then you can look up a particular animal with ".totem animalname" to see its other attributes.).
Tourettes 1.01 22/01/2004 DrN Will randomly spew forth profanity into the channel(s).
Train Announce 1.1 08/11/2003 BiLL-EK Your gaming clan wants to practice now - you just need to find an enemy. With this script you can send training announcements of 2on2/5on5 pcw's to other clan channels.
trans.tcl 0.2 24/03/2010 HM2K Performs language translations via Google Translate.
translate 01.24 04/08/2006 Suzi Translates between six different languages using Script is in Russian.
Translator 3.0 14/01/2000 dw Uses the AltaVista translator to make the bot capable of translating phrases between different languages. See extended description.
Trigger 1.0 31/01/2013 MadaliN Create any trigger command you want (each channel with its own database) like !url !email !admins. All commands are public and the script is in English.
Game Scripts
2.0.4 20/09/2011 hex and Drakon_ Trivia game in the Spanish language. Includes a database containing thousands of questions and answers.
Trivia (Hungarian)
Game Scripts
2.2.1 21/07/2007 JoNi Hungarian translation of Souperman's trivia script version 2.2.1 with some new features. Includes a trivia file with Hungarian questions, trivia.tcl and a readme help file.
Trivia 2000
Game Scripts
2.3 08/01/2007 Ian-Highlander Trivial pursuit style game script with seven different question files provided. See extended description.
Trivia dumpfile 0.5 06/09/2001 Camelman & Brainlez Dumps out a text file either privately or on a channel. Triggered by a public command.
Game Scripts
1.02 04/08/2001 DarkMist` Trivia game script. Highly configurable. See extended description.
Game Scripts
1.3.4 09/11/2003 Souperman Trivia game script which can create a HTML info page.
trivia.tcl (Romanian)
Game Scripts
2.2.1 28/05/2007 Florin Ciprian Bodin Romanian translation of Souperman's trivia script version 2.2.1 with some new features. Includes a trivia file with 18,000 Romanian questions.
Game Scripts
1.3.4 30/06/2004 Hairy Scary An enhanced version of original version Trivia.tcl made by Souperman. Enhanced with a !choose option for multiple question files.
Game Scripts
2.0 06/08/2005 Hairy Scary Also known as Trivia4nerds, this is the version of Triviaplus written especially for What The Hack. Includes Q&A files with topics like CCISP, CCNA and Linux.
troll.tcl 2.1 22/03/2012 spithash Gets troll quotes and makes people suffer! The legendary online troll database in tcl for eggdrop. Enjoy the lulz! To enable it: .chanset #channel +troll See extended description.
Trustscript 1.0 16/12/2004 brks Allows users to add hostmasks to a database, containing given flags such as +E / +f. Users with trusted hostmasks are recognised by the bot as friends, and it does not punish them for certain things. Removes the requirement to add many people to the bot as friend / exempt.
Trvia tradusa in Romana
Game Scripts
2.0.4 11/03/2008 IuClik Trivia game in Romanian with a database of thousands of questions and answers included.
Game Scripts
1.0.1 04/01/2003 SerialCRACK A game script in Italian.
tsnstats.tcl 0.9 02/08/2008 AkiraX Player stats and info for NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA and PGA via
TV Shows on DVD Releases 0.02e 22/08/2008 Rosc2112 Shows new TV shows on DVD from Shows the entire current month or current month by week.
TV-Programm 5.4 - Giggel Adds a TV programme guide to the bot (mainly for German programmes). Accessible via public, msg, and DCC commands.
TVInfo Light 001 23/08/2011 znuff A partial rewrite of dlx's tvrage lookup script, but lighter. Removed tonight/tomorow commands, changed output to UTF-8, better default output template.
tvPump 1.0 24/10/2005 v0id Searches TV schedules via the Russian search engine Script is in Russian.
TVRage 2.4 17/07/2012 Gecko321 Queries and shows results for !tv <show>, along with !today, !tomorrow, !next <show> and !last <show>. Also has an auto announcer that will announce shows coming on within the next 10 minutes. Show summary for specific show of episode. !sum <show> (seasonXepisode).
tvrage Lookup 2.3 05/02/2009 dlx A simple script to query when a !tv <show> is done in a channel.
tvrage Lookup 2.3fix 17/05/2010 znuff A simple script to query when a !tv <show> is done in a channel. Fix by znuff changes API URL and adds timeout to prevent bot crashing.
tvrage Lookup 2.4edit 15/09/2011 Ether A simple script to query when a !tv <show> is done in a channel. Modified version of original script.
tvrip2.tcl 2.10 22/08/2003 MORA Caches info from each night, and displays it in a chan 5 mins before each show. See extended description.
tvscript.tcl 1.1 21/12/2009 tueb A TV program script for German television. Commands are: !tv, !tv <Sender>, !tv 20:15, !tv 22:00, !tv tipp.
twitter 0.1 04/04/2010 fedex and cd A Twitter-IRC gateway for a single account. Pipes tweets of all those you follow on an account to a channel and provides various twitter commands.
Greet Scripts
1.0 08/08/2005 darles Greets users when they join the channel. People can set their own greets, which are written to .txt files. There are flood and greet size protections in the script.
Typethink Redmine Linker 1.0 07/02/2009 Rami Kassab Simply provides direct URL links to tickets/issues in your Redmine ( instance. Example: !ticket #45 56 68 #345
ucc.tcl 0.1.4 24/01/2011 HM2K Converts an amount from one currency to another using the Yahoo Finance API.
Services Scripts
0.2 30/10/2004 Ze Provides information about X's authentication of IRC's users. It provides functions to know if someone is registered to the Undernet Channel Service bot (X) or not. This script is only useful for script developers.
Services Scripts
0.1 04/03/2001 furt Undernet channel service script. Checks the channels you specify each minute and, if bot is opless, it asks X for op status.
Services Scripts
0.2+MC 17/04/2001 furt, et al Undernet channel service script. Checks the channels you specify each minute and, if bot is opless, it asks X for op status. Updated version by MC_8.
Services Scripts
1.1 27/02/2011 Gemster Help script with almost all help info for unrealircd with anope services. This script will allow all users to simply find a command they want without having to navigate through /nickserv help, /chanserv help, /memoserv help or by asking nertwork staff. Also adds an extra help system for all users.
ultrabitch.tcl 0.1 18/02/2002 jestrix A modified version of superbitch.tcl that responds when bots are deopped. Simply replace netbots.tcl's superbitch.tcl component with this script.
Ultramode News 1.3 18/04/2003 Thrill Utilises Slashdot's ultramode.txt to parse news from any site that supports this news format (e.g.,, etc.)
Unban last ban - 06/05/2009 dc Will unban the last added ban on !unban command.
Undernet Channel Service Management
Services Scripts
1.0.0 30/12/2008 Ze Advanced script for managing authentication to X (the Undernet channel service). See extended description.
Undernet Eggdrop Deop protection 1.0 26/07/2005 moro` Provides deop protection specifically for Undernet channels. Features a log keeper that stores information on who deopped the bot. Script is in Romanian.
unknown script
Botnet Scripts
1.0 23/03/2003 Ronnie Soak A set of botnet scripts which replace components of netbots and give it incredible speed through an intelligent queuing system.
unloader.tcl 1.0 18/05/2011 rojo Adds a DCC command to unload scripts without needing to restart the bot; automatically cleans up unreferenced global variables, broken bindings, and orphaned / duplicate timers on load / rehash. See extended description.
unloadtcl.tcl 1.1 20/11/1999 Wingman Allows you to load and unload Tcl scripts using DCC commands.
Limit Scripts
1.00 17/08/2006 Taimur Will help you to manage the channel limit. Simple commands: !autolimit on/off/status & !grace new-limit.
uptime.tcl 1.08 11/11/2000 Sup Displays the uptime of the bot's machine.

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