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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Bad Away 1.0 18/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Bans users on join who have in their away the words that are set in the script as forbidden. Can be activated on specific channels with chanset.
Bad Ident Kicker 1.65.b 31/05/2004 awyeah Will kick/ban any users who join your channel with a bad ident. The bad ident words are fully customizable (wildcards such as "** are also accepted). Bans both the bad ident and the users ip address. An effective script to keep users out of your channel which have bad idents (swear/cuss words etc).
Bad Nick 1.2 24/02/2004 Rana Usman Will kick a user using defined badwords in their nicks. Very simple and will take only a few minutes to configure completely.
Bad nick Protection 3.0 02/01/2003 Prince_of_the_net Teaches lamers with annoying nicks a good lesson. It bans for the time specified in the configuration section on the warning offenses. And after the expiry of warnings it creats a permanent nick ban.
Bad Word 1.3 14/09/1999 TheGhost Kicks/bans people who use specified 'bad words' on the channel.
Bad Words 5.1.12 30/07/2003 MC_8 Will act upon anyone in a specified channel that mentions a certain word that you add to the bad words database (wildcards accepted). Such actions popular are /kick and /ban, but can do more. Also has the ability to share its bad words database with other bots on the botnet.
badchan 1.0 09/03/1999 Bass Does a whois on users who join and bans them if they're on specified 'bad' channels.
BadChannelProtection.tcl 1.2.6 16/12/2009 Paragod Performs a whois on every nick that joins the protected channel kicks and places a ban if it matches a banned channel. Uses .chanset to activate for each channel.
BadIdban.Tcl - 22/12/2004 Chino_^ Will detect users who use a disagreeable IDENT, banning them from the channel for a specified length of time. Will not punish users with the flags +ofm.
Badquitban - 11/04/2005 Chino_^ Bans users who use disagreeable quit messages. Supports wildcards and won't ban +of users. Script is in Spanish and English.
badvergline.tcl 0.69 04/04/2005 tehVibeh An oper bot helper that asks for ctcp-version from people who join specified channel(s) where the bot is. The user is punished by a gline followed by a kill if his/her ctcp-version reply matches a keyword in your list.
Ban Channel 3.0.3 25/11/2003 MC_8 Will warn, kick, ban, etc users that are found in banned channels. You can specify what channel masks are to be banned on the fly via dcc console. A channel mask is a glob type masking of the channel name (ie: *cl* could match #tcl or #clown or anyother channel name with a cl in it).
Ban Corrector 1.0 04/01/2003 Prince_of_the_net Checks the channel bans and corrects them if necessary.
Ban Counter - 01/12/2001 BarkerJr Adds a public command to display the total number of bans in the bot's userfile.
Ban Flooders 2.1.3 07/07/2003 MC_8 Ban flooders based off eggdrop's internal flood settings. Plus it has some coding to help utilise the botnet upon a deop flood, a kinda anti-take over measure.
ban-on-deop 1.0 30/03/2005 TheCaGE Improves Eggdrop's handling of mass deops by parsing all raw MODE lines and reacting accordingly.
ban.tcl 1.00 08/08/2001 G_Adam Adds ($handle %d/%m/%y) to your bans' reason when the +ban command is used.
BanChan 3.4 05/01/2000 Clown-Man Does a whois on users and bans them if they're on specified channels.
bancheck.tcl 1.0a 25/08/2001 gregul Checks list of channel bans and the banlist when someone changes nick.
Bandwidth monitor 0.2 dev 04/03/2005 Ofloo Publishes bandwidth from an interface of choice into the channel. Features multiple interfaces (for BSD and Linux), flexible msg templates, and support for Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.
Bankd 0.4.6 29/09/2011 lee8oi Bankd script is one of those 'wouldn't it be kinda cool if' ideas I came up with mainly to entertain myself. The idea was to come up with a banking system that could be used for role playing purposes in selected channels allowing users to transfer funds to other users and collect interest. See extended description.
Banlist Cleaner 1.0a 07/06/2004 WolverinX Checks the banlist of the channel and adds the bans of the file bans.file. When the script counts the amount of bans added to X, removes Y amount of old bans. The script executes every T time.
BanManager 1.4.1 22/09/2005 De Kus Adds any ban made via "MODE +b" to the bots internal ban list with the creator's handle. Rejects bans made against more privileged users, and removes bans set by users who don't have the required privileges. Also supports a channel +ban/-ban like command.
banmask.tcl 1.2 25/06/2001 Algol Defines a set of nick!user@host masks that will get a *!*@host ban, useful to keep annoying users banned by nick or userid, including variations of it, without adding dozens of bans in the bot.
Banned Nick Changes 0.2 26/08/1999 GiZZmo, Buster_ Monitors nick changes, kicking the user if they match a ban.
banrite3.tcl - 10/01/1998 Jay Monk Corrects 'faulty' bans.
Bar Script - 29/03/2009 Dudu A nice bar script in Romanian.
bar.tcl - 03/02/2005 KnightOrk A German bar/waiter script that can serve a wide range of items to the channel.
BarScript - 04/02/2003 fedayking A simple Dutch bartender script.
Bartender.tcl 1.3 24/06/2008 sphinx Bartender script with mixed drinks, shots, beer, wine and some food. quotefetcher
Quote Scripts
1.4.7 25/11/2003 DJ Grenola Fetches and publicly displays quotes from the quote database by number, text string or just randomly.
BashFr Fetcher 1.0 06/06/2007 MenzAgitat Fetches and displays quotes from (French version of Configurable, anti-flood, multi-chan, bypasses the double-message eggdrop setting (more info in the script itself).
basic search - 06/12/2009 teusje Returns a URL for searching Bing with the specified search term.
Bass's Seen script
Seen Scripts
1.42c 29/02/2000 Bass The best seen script around, although it can be a bit of a resource hog if used on very busy channels (pretty much unavoidable for a seen script that remembers everyone on the channel).
Bass's Seen script (Batak)
Seen Scripts
1.42c 11/04/2007 Aldi A Batak language version of Bass's Seen script.
Bass's Seen script (Italian)
Seen Scripts
1.42c 02/09/2000 Bass, et al Italian translation of Bass's Seen script.
Bass's Seen script (Norwegian)
Seen Scripts
1.4.2c 27/11/2002 Solbu Norwegian transalation of Bass's Seen script.
Bass's Seen script (Polish)
Seen Scripts
1.4.2c 22/02/2004 Mr. Groch Polish translation for bseen1.4.2.tcl (all pub's, notice and console messages).
Bass's Seen script (Romanian)
Seen Scripts
1.42c 24/01/2005 SanmariS Romanian translation of Bass's Seen script. All the msgs, descriptions, console and help were translated for Romanian users.
Bass's Seen script (Spanish)
Seen Scripts
1.42c 17/11/2007 YeRbA A Spanish language version of Bass's Seen script.
Bass's Seen script (Spanish)
Seen Scripts
1.4.2c 07/02/2008 BaRDaHL & Tybalt Bass's Seen script v1.42c by Bass with full Spanish language responses by the bots (this is an update of the Spanish version of YeRbA.
Bass's Seen script (Turkish)
Seen Scripts
1.4.2c 27/01/2004 e-MALE_UK A translation of Bass's Seen script into Turkish.
Batman Quotes 1.0 14/10/2007 FragUK Displays a random quote from Batman in the channel when triggered by a public command.
Bauer Facts 1.1 21/03/2009 Globulus Will randomly take one fact from and keep each fact requested on a local database, so when the website is unreacheable facts are taken from the DB.
Bazman`s SuPeRsCrIpT 1.0 26/12/2006 Bazman`s Adds many public commands for bot/user/channel management and fun.
Bazman`s SuPeRsCrIpT 1.0 15/01/2009 Icari Adds many public commands for bot/user/channel management and fun. Updated and new commands by Icari.
BBCnews 2.0 07/04/2003 mortician Parses the BBC world site and replies to pub commands with the top story headers.
Game Scripts
0.92 14/09/1999 Bass Dice roll script.
Game Scripts
1.0 20/06/2002 Errtu ACRO game script with a lot of features. See extended description.
beer.tcl 1.beta1 15/03/2009 SpiKe^^ A simple channel chatter script. Included default bartender triggers. Can be used for any triggers. Variable replacements can be used in all replies. Complete on-join greet functions included. See extended description.

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