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Name Version Date Last Author Description
timevoice.tcl 1.0 27/11/2002 |am| A mixture of slowvoice.tcl and allvoice.tcl from FireEgl and guppy respectively. I needed to make such a script so that this time voice works only for channels specified. This script has been tested on an eggdrop1.6.10. So it should work fine on this version of eggdrop or higher.
tinfo 2.1.7 15/09/1999 toot Enhances your info line.
tiny_url.tcl 0.1 19/10/2004 FAIN Converts long URLs into short ones using
tinysong.tcl 0.1.2 03/01/2011 HM2K Search for a track using and return the artist, title, album and url.
tinyurl.tcl 2.32 14/02/2007 jer Generates TinyURLs when URLs are sent to the channel or bot via a msg command. Can also be run directly from the shell's command line.
tkbadword.tcl 0.10 08/08/2011 tomekk Kicks/Bans people who say bad words. Words are stored in a file. Op protect is allowed. You can add/del/list words via priv msg. You don't need to rehash/restart your bot. You can define ban duration time etc. Script is very simple to use. 0.24 01/01/2011 tomekk Fetches and displays quotes from the You can choose a quote number or try random. Script is in Polish.
Limit Scripts
0.4 - tomekk Simple chanlimit script. Manages the limit of users on the given channel. You can set a custom interval and number of extra limit slots.
tkfish.tcl 0.3 - tomekk Invites a nick to the channel. You can request invite via priv msg.
Info Scripts
0.6 24/06/2009 tomekk Store various information. New information can be added by public command '!add' and after you can view this information by typing '? command_name'.
Services Scripts
0.5 22/08/2009 tomekk Little authorization script. You can make an account via priv msg, regain op/halfop/voice, recover your password etc. Authorization via login and password. Script adds public commands for owners, like: !aop, !ahop, !avoice <add|del> <#chan> <account> (see script comments for more).
Services Scripts
0.1 - tomekk NickServ identification. Script using ChanServ 'protect' command (if you want) can regain op, halfop or voice, using 'ghost' command, can unban the bot. Tested on DeltaAnimeNET.
Game Scripts
0.2 09/07/2009 tomekk Funny little ping-pong script. Everyone knows this joke from IRC. The bot can kick you or just answer you.
tkpubcmds.tcl 0.4 - tomekk Adds useful public commands like !t, !op, !dop, !h, !dh, !v, !dv, !k, !kb. Script is easy to use. 0.2 11/09/2009 tomekk Fetches and displays quotes from the You can choose quote number or try random. Script is in Polish.
tktiny.tcl 0.8 08/04/2011 tomekk Makes a tiny url from long url (using Send long_url to bot via a msg command. You can set minimum length of long_url and you can set a custom interval between use.
Topic Scripts
0.9 - tomekk Manage the topic on a Lineage clan channel or another game channel (set the server name, status, news, etc.). See extended description.
tmcak.tcl 1.6 19/11/1999 [-Scorp-] Kicks users who are on too many channels. See extended description.
TO protection system 1.5 14/07/1999 |nrg| Protects channels from mass deop.
Tool lyrics
Quote Scripts
0.8 27/08/2002 afterstep Quotes random Tool lyrics.
Toolscript 1.1 18/06/2000 cmouse Large script that adds many public commands with authentication support.
Top Users 1.5 22/11/1999 MC_8 Keeps a record of the top number of users on each channel.
Topic Scripts
1.4 04/01/2000 Shodane Saves and recalls channel topics.
Topic Scripts
1.5 25/12/2007 Shodane Saves and recalls channel topics. Revised version of Topic 1.4 by Shadone with a new feature to refresh your topic every 2 hours.
Topic Scripts
3.0a 08/04/1998 DaZa, et al Adds public and msg commands for topic management. Can select a random topic from a topics file.
Topic Count Down
Topic Scripts
0.1d 07/08/2007 Rosc2112 Shows countdown until event by announcing in channel(s) and/or changing channel topics.
Topic Guard
Topic Scripts
0.2.5 15/02/2001 Dr_P Keeps a list of default topics, and can be set either to active or passive mode.
Topic Keeper
Topic Scripts
1.1 11/12/2001 Ian-Highlander Makes the bot reset the topic whenever it or any other recognised bot joins the channel.
Topic Lock
Topic Scripts
1.00 08/04/2003 MikeC A per-channel topic lock script that uses no channel/dcc/msg commands. Only owners/masters/+T users can change the topic. Topics saved to files on shell.
Topic Lock system
Topic Scripts
1.6 29/07/1999 erupt, Noyga Locks the channel topic. Includes public, msg, and DCC commands.
topic manager
Topic Scripts 27/07/2006 chris Topic manager with functions like resynch, save and topic variables. Complete administration via public/msg commands.
Topic Refresh
Topic Scripts
1.0 11/02/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Will refresh the topic in every "X" minutes. Also has a command for refreshing the topic manually.
Topic Resynch
Topic Scripts
2.2 19/08/2003 MC_8 Keeps the topic synched up with all linked ircd servers. This prevents topics getting lost in netsplits and such.
Topic Scripts
1.6 13/02/2003 gozzip Checks the topic every 10 min + on mode changes (topic). Makes sure the topic always is set. Locked topic-mode is an option. Public commands for lock/unlock and new default-topic.
Topic Scripts
- 24/05/2004 kazoo A channel topic script. Support up to 10 channels stored defaults.
Topic Scripts
1.0 01/12/2005 dirty Lets you add predefined topics to a database and set those topics using a single word.
Topic Scripts
2.01 12/04/1998 Neil J. Kemp When someone changes the topic, adds their nick to the end. Also has a public command for finding out who set the topic.
Topic Scripts
- 15/09/1999 toot Adds a public command that tells you who set the topic and when they set it.
Topic Scripts
1.19 30/03/2003 JamesOff An advanced TCL script for eggdrop bots for managing the topic in one or more channels. It allows users to change or lock the channel topic through the use of public commands in the channel, with fine-grain permission controls available.
Topic Scripts
2.04 11/11/2000 Sup Advanced script for locking the channel topic.
Topic Scripts
v2.04P 23/11/2001 Paladinz An enhaced version of topiclock.tcl. Saves the topics to a file on your shell, so it is available when you need to restart the bot. See extended description.
Topic Scripts
- 03/09/2007 game_over Locks the channel topic so that only users with specified flags can change it.
Topic Scripts
1.01 11/11/2000 Sup Logs channel topics to a HTML file.
Topic Scripts
0.1 10/12/2007 vigilant Lets you add topicmasks for a channel. Such as, welcome to #channel, news: *, Then lets you replace * with anything you enter in the channel by using a command. Nice way to keep topic up to date with the latest and save a default topic as well. See extended description.
Topic Scripts
1.1 20/12/2001 domsen An advanced topic management script with HTML capabilities.
Topic Scripts
1.1 14/01/2000 k-rist Remembers the topic and resets it if it becomes unset. See extended description.
Topic Scripts
1.18 05/06/1998 Dagmar d'Surreal Topic enforcement script. See extended description.
Topic Scripts
1.5.2 01/04/2000 The Valheru Adds a !topic command that can be used by ops and voices. Includes a DCC interface.
Topic Scripts
1.3 09/01/2006 jedi Tags the topic with the channel URL when someone sets a new topic without including it. Also features a command for refreshing the topic after a desync due to netsplits.
TORPunisher.tcl 0.2.2 11/04/2010 Ratler Will ban all users using TOR anonymity service, see

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