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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Simple Country Code lookup - 18/03/2003 ThEdGE Adds a public command for looking up top-level domain codes.
Simple eggdrop uptime 0.2 28/12/2003 Ofloo Simple uptime script that shows the uptime of the Eggdrop, not the shell.
Simple Op 1.0 10/12/2002 Nirox^ Gives op-status to the added users in the bot that are owners, added with the n flag. When !op is typed, the bot will give op to the user that typed it in the channel he typed it in. Simple, but uses insecure hostmask check only.
Simple Roll
Game Scripts
1.0 31/03/2008 Samutz A dice roll script that rolls a random number between 1 and 100, or 1 and a user-specified number. It's designed to partially mimic the /roll command used in World of Warcraft.
Simple Vhost
Services Scripts
1.3 25/01/2006 sLiDer A script for oper bots that lets you change its hostname via HostServ.
sitedb 1.0 14/04/2004 GnuMatiC A site database script to be ran with an eggdrop. It allows users of a channel to add and remove sites from the database. It also allows users to update various information to help keep track of sites. Almost every option allows the scripter to fully customize which features they want to use.
Sitelist.tcl 1.1 26/05/2003 quantum Allows you to add and delete sites to a sitelist file using public commands. You can view the list through notice/msg and/or get the bot to send the sitelist file directly.
SKooL 1.02 13/07/2003 DrN Lets your bot run those lessons you find on most networks. It tries to make running them easy on the OPs.
Skywalk Directory Searcher 1.1 11/07/2004 Oliver Queries the Skywalk Directory for a given word or words and returns the category matches. This directory contains all the data from DMOZ / ODP and includes thumbnail snapshots.
Slap 2.0 21/01/2013 solloman A fun script for 'slapping' the entire channel. Slaps are specified in a text file. In English and Romanian.
Slap Jack
Game Scripts
1.0 08/03/2008 Justdabomb2 The card game 'Slap Jack' for your Eggdrop. See extended description.
Slap Jack (Dutch)
Game Scripts
1.0 29/03/2008 Lowerland & TijN A Dutch version of Slap Jack by Justdabomb2.
Slogan Maker - 14/05/2013 keops and bahaa Allows you to output text from the Sloganmaker site.
Sloganizer 2.0 17/11/2005 Twista Based on the sloganizer website ( You give it a word/words with !slogan <word(s)> , and it adds that word/words to a slogan picked at random from a database of 171 slogans, then outputs it to the channel. Also features a random slogan and slogan word logging feature, and more.
Sloganizer 1.0 25/02/2008 Hen Asraf Will generate a random slogan from a file called slogans.txt. Keywords in each slogan will be replaced by their appropriate properties. Comes pre-packed with 158 slogans ready for use.
slowvoice.tcl 1.4 15/06/2004 FireEgl Voices users who join the channel with a random delay to prevent +v flooding.
smallprotect 1.00b 26/04/2006 superior Takes the specified actions when unauthorised users op, deop, kick or ban.
Limit Scripts
1.2 07/12/2003 gozzip Manages the channel limit so that there is always between 2 and 8 slots open on the channel. This is to prevent large join floods, and other pesky stuff. The reason for the offset, is to prevent an annoying amount of limit changes to the channel, but still preserve the 'safety'.
Services Scripts
1.0 19/05/2004 Smiley Identifies a Bot after connecting to an IRC server and sets vHost on. Basically can be used for any commands and any amount of commands. For registered eggdrop bots on IRC servers.
Smiling - 31/12/1999 Laurababe Makes the bot respond to smileys.
SMS Send 1.1 09/08/2002 Peter Postma Send a SMS message to a GSM.
SnowBot.tcl 1.40 20/03/2002 Ha0 The Snowbot Scripts are simple general public commands scripts. This command is available for all pub commands and very simple to use.
Sound kick 1.0 23/04/2001 irco Kicks users who send SOUND and MP3 CTCPs to the channel.
Spam Check
Anti-Spam Scripts
2.5.2 23/07/2003 MC_8 Anti Spam. Script looks for auto text (on join, on part - msg, notice, dcc, invite).
Spam Detective
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 23/08/2003 MarlbMan Detects MSG/CTCP/NOTC spam in one channel, alerts in another.
Spam Scripts 3.0 23/10/2006 Justdabomb2 Sends short spam to a nick or channel given in a public command. Has abuse control and other features. See extended description.
Spam Sentinel
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 24/01/2009 BLaCkShaDoW This package works with two bots. One will cycle the chan and (if set) will message the users on join. If spammed, the bot will message a second bot which will ban the abuser. See extended description.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 16/01/2001 SerialCRACK A simple spam blocker. Ban & kick the spammer. The ban-time, the kick message and the words are fully configurable. Script is in Italian.
Anti-Spam Scripts
2.6 30/08/2004 demond An elaborate, general purpose anti-spam script with the unique ability to communicate with instances of itself running on other bots, in an attempt to organize a distributed spam scan of the whole network, by using forked IRC client-scanner, roaming channels; can also function from an oper bot.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.1a 27/05/2004 MD87 A TCL implementation of the spamcalc algorithm (see, which can make your bot ban people with 'spammy' hostnames (or just notify the channel, depending on the settings).
Spanish Horoscopes 1.0.1c 04/03/2007 Rosc2112 Spanish horoscopes from
sPeX 1.4 12/06/2002 K-sPecial A channel control addon with extensive public commands.
Game Scripts
- 08/09/2002 Sergios K. IRC Game, the famous game Spin The Bottle.
split_link.tcl - 14/09/1999 Bass Automatically relinks netsplits. For server admins.
Spruchscript - 17/05/2001 Thomas German script which sends messages to the channel from a database.
Spychan 1.2 - MeTroiD Spychan will relay everything done on the channel you're spying on and report it to a channel of your choice.
sql quotes
Quote Scripts
1.43 21/04/2002 mick Quote script utilizing fastbase-sql to store quotes in a mySQL database.
sqltell.tcl - 08/09/2014 Moritz Wilhelmy Public notification script for channels. Whenever a nick comes online, they will be shown all messages that were stored for them while they were out.
SRVXDrop 1.0 Beta 25/11/2003 Muridae Emulates the GamesNET channel service 'srvx' using multiple bots to prevent 'excess flood'.
Seen Scripts
0.2.22 09/08/2010 samu A very, very simple !seen script, which will not only tell you when the bot last saw the specified nick, but also where.
Game Scripts
1 26/08/2003 TALES Scissors, stone, paper game for the channel.
StarWars108 1.04 13/03/2008 Ozy^ Two simple scripts to spin 108 selected Star Wars lines. sw108i will post quotes related to channels idle time and sw108s will use predefined time/channels and is more straightforward. Based on idlechat & nicepal.adv scripts, I've just tweaked a bit and added quotes.
Statistics.tcl 1.0.2 07/11/2004 perpleXa An alternative for those who don't want to install stats mod, this script provides some information about smilies, lines, words etc. by typing $stat / $top10 or $top20.
stats-public.tcl - 22/09/2003 BlackDeath Adds public commands that display statistics from stats.mod. Script is in German.
StatsScript 2.18 06/11/2011 UncleSam Generate pisg stats for your channels. Features own log system, upload statsfiles (html) over ftp or write them directly to filesystem, set layout/skin/language for every chan different, generates all neccessary pisg config files, short urls if mod_rewrite enabled.
Status.tcl 1.1.1a 31/01/2004 Kissmine Will msg/notice/dcc a user on the bot's time, date, uptime, channels, users, and connections. Designed for Eggdrops and Windrops.
Seen Scripts
0.3.7 24/10/2011 lee8oi A reimagining of Seend script designed to track users by storing thier latest activity & hostmask. Activities include joined, parted, kicked, quit, nick change, spoke, and action. See extended description.
StatWWW 3.22 04/01/2001 Goblet Creates a web page displaying how active people are on the channel (how much they talk, kick people, etc.). See extended description.
StatWWW Piecharts 1.0 09/01/1999 Goblet Plugin for StatWWW that creates a web page with pie charts. See extended description.
Steamcast BotScript 1.0 19/11/2005 coldfyre A modified version of shoutcast.tcl by ^DooM^ that allows for use with Steamcast servers.

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