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Name Version Date Last Author Description
script.ini - 05/12/1997 Merlin Detects users with the script.ini trojan. Bans them and sends info on how to remove it.
Seatouchs Pub Modes - 27/09/2005 seatouch Public commands script with a focus on channel modes.
Topic Scripts 27/03/2006 miCHa When a user sets a topic, this script will save it and change the topic to indicate who set it (e.g. "Topic Nr. 5 by miCHa ("). The actual, "secret" topic can be displayed by +o users.
Botnet Scripts
1.0 10/12/1999 David Newhall II Botnet opping script. Improved version of Getops.
security.tcl - 18/09/2000 JaSonic Allows users to store a special security word/phrase that can be checked if they forget their password.
seeklist.tcl 1.0 10/12/1998 MrKubo Adds msg commands for searching the userlist and banlist.
Seen Scripts
5.5.4 27/09/2000 Ernst, et al Seen script. Better than the seen module. See extended description.
Seen Scripts
5.5.4 27/09/2000 Ernst, et al Seen script. Better than the seen module. Portuguese version. See extended description.
Seen Scripts
- 02/12/1998 Christian Felde Makes the seen module work with altnick3.tcl.
Seen Scripts
2.3 25/09/2008 BadGod Alternate Seen System using original seen services on UniBG Network that can not be used anymore in private channels. This script uses SeenServ and seen services and makes them work together.
Seen Scripts
1.8.3 06/08/2011 lee8oi A seen script that will tell you how long ago the bot last seen the specified nick, what channel they were on, and what their last message was to that channel. It also allows you to do partial nick searches using * and even lets you .seen yourself! See extended description.
Selective Flood Control 0.1 16/04/2006 Daniel Milstein Allows for the bot to ignore a user if too many commands of a certain type are issued. This restriction will only apply to commands that the user marks and the bot will only ignore an ignored user when s/he issues marked commands.
Self Protection + 1.0 05/01/2003 MeS Protect people who have +m,n,b,o on chan from being banned or deoped. If a ban is set on a bot or an oper of the chan, the victim will be unbanned and oped, while the lamer will be deop/kicked/or banned. You can choose different degrees of offences. Script is in French.
sen-stats.tcl 1.1 30/04/2006 Sentence Spanish script for the Perl IRC Statistics Generator (pisg) with FTP support.
File Server Scripts
1.4.1 15/08/2000 MC_8 Adds public commands for making the bot DCC send specified files.
sendftp.tcl 1.01 09/05/1999 Ernst Contains a proc that lets you send a file to a server via FTP.
sendftp.tcl 1.0 05/10/2000 Ernst Contains a proc that lets you send a file to a server via FTP. Windows version. See extended description.
SendMsg 1.0 21/07/2003 WPnL Send Messages to channels specified every X minutes.
sentinel.tcl 2.70mq 10/03/2003 Power A version of sentinel.tcl modified to set mode +q instead of +i. For use on the Bulgarian IRC network UniBG.
sentinel.tcl 2.70 19/04/2002 slennox Bot and channel flood protection. Also integrates BitchX simulation (mainly because it'd be messy to have separate scripts handling CTCPs) based on that used in bitchxpack.tcl. This script replaces lockchan.tcl.
Serbian Trivia
Game Scripts
2.0 19/01/2006 Klakon The first Serbian trivia script, featuring 2000 questions.
Server Synchronization 1.1 11/07/2001 KuNgFo0, skyppey Synchronises the bot's server list from servers on a web page.
ServerJump 1.0 01/04/2005 TheCaGE Will jump servers every 8 hrs to keep k-lines at a minimum. Ensures that the bot will regain ops before it changes servers.
service script 2.1b 11/04/2006 chris General public/msg command service script which is multi-language (English and German) capable. Contains over 56 commands (topic, vip, badchan and many many more) and can use different triggers for each user.
Services Scripts
1.08 27/10/2001 ClubCX Services script keeping the bot opped in the channels it's in. Allows for non-op channels, and for op-critical channels. Will work with any services, including other eggdrop bots. It will never flood them, and will not request ops multiple times.
Services GetOps
Services Scripts
1.0 26/02/2000 benbe Allows the bot to interact with ChanServ and NickServ. See extended description.
Services Scripts
- 10/08/2001 MrDigital Simple ChanServ/NickServ request script for DALnet.
Services Scripts
1.7 16/11/2001 Wcc & MatriX- Provides advanced interaction with DALnet Services. Passwords and channels to ask for ops/invites/unbans on can be added and removed from the partyline.
Set Topic
Topic Scripts
0.5 12/12/2008 [IsP] Set/save a channel topic with !topic <topic text>. Retrieve it with !topic.
setctcp.tcl 1.00 02/08/2000 Sup Adds DCC commands that let you change the bot's CTCP replies.
sethyx`s multiscript 1.2 24/07/2004 sethyx` Adds lots of cool features to eggdrop. Channel commands (the most important), owner commands, shitlist & a little fun. All of the commands are protecting the owner from bad things. See extended description.
Seti 1.1 22/10/2002 |SmAsH| Adds a public command for retrieving SETI data for a particular user from SETI@home.
seti.tcl 1.3 03/09/2003 BlackCat Will let you get you Seti@home stats by msging or typing your email in the chan. Has Full stats and Normal stats, and will also get your team stats.
setiathome statistics 0.1 08/11/2001 nilo Fetches statistics from a setiathome group and displays it in a channel or privmsg to the nick who made the request.
Sex Dice 1.0a 23/10/2007 TechJoose Allows you to roll the sex dice on a random person or a person you specify.
SGoogle 08/07/2010 samu An actually working google script made with Tril. Highlights words matching the query and prints the result into the channel. Works with UTF.
ShellTime.tcl 1.6 18/06/2002 Wcc Shows users the time on the eggdrop's shell. See extended description.
ShellUptime.tcl 0.3 09/01/2002 Oranginam A little script to display the uptime of your shell on channel.
short-words-kick.tcl 1.0 01/09/2005 Michal Nazarewicz Kicks everyone who writes using "s h o r t w o r d s". Simply trims the message and divides number of non whitespaces by the number of whitespaces in the message. If the result is lower then sw_word_len the user will be kicked.
shout-adv - 02/10/2003 MithikoS Advertises a shoutcast server on a channel.
SHOUTcast 2.13 05/08/2013 Mezen Shoutcast-2.13 DNAS 2* Compatible. Works with the latest BSD and Linux Version. Includes a routine to announce the current song, bitrate and listeners, and a routine to advertise radio URL. TDOM required server-side to run this script.
SHOUTcast Transcoder 0.3 05/02/2012 breeze Allows you to control SHOUTcast Transcoder 2 Beta (Build 54) via IRC. See extended description.
shoutcast.nor.tcl 1.03 12/04/2005 DevilWolf Norwegian version of domsen's shoutcast.tcl. Highly configurable script which gathers info from the shoutcast xml page and posts it to channels. Includes dj management, song requests, advertising and much more.
shoutcast.tcl 1.03 02/01/2005 domsen Highly configurable script which gathers info from the shoutcast xml page and posts it to channels. Includes dj management, song requests, advertising and much more.
shoutcast.tcl - 03/03/2007 Sm0ke0ut Easy to use shoutcast script. Supports commands such as: !np/!song, !dj/!title, !server, !status, !record, !listen, !genre, !website/!url/!link, !icq, !aim and even a request module !request name.
ShowChansPlus 1.05 13/07/2003 DrN Shows in DCCloglevel and/or wallops what channels a user is on that joins the channel, allows you to auto-ban based on "illegal" channels or real name field, announces when an OPER joins the channel, and more.
File Server Scripts
1.40 19/04/2009 dMG/t!s Extract and display the file_id.diz from a textfile to an IRC channel of your choice. Able to detect if the file is not existing or if the input textfile does not contain a file_id.diz. showDIZ recursively searches for the argument (input) file relative to the $rootdir variable.
Silence.tcl - 08/07/2007 Someone Simple script protects bots from private msg/notice/ctcp/ctcr floods using Undernet's Silence feature.
Silent.tcl 1.1 11/02/2008 SpiKe^^ Personal bot protection against ctcp, notice, msg & ctcr using the server silence command used by many networks. Options include exempt by user flag, & individual offense settings. See extended description.
Simple Advertise 1.2 12/02/2007 DeeJay An advertising script that will msg a random advertisement from a file to a channel at certain times of day, with a specified delay between the messages. Can be configured to your needs.

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