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Name Version Date Last Author Description
File Server Scripts
1.3.1 13/11/1999 [-Scorp-] Maintains a requested files list. Controlled via public commands. See extended description.
Request 2.0 26/10/2006 Justdabomb2 Request a nick join a specified channel via public command (!request <nick> <channel>). See extended description.
Request script with pointsystem
File Server Scripts
- - jlykkegaard A script for making requests for files. Features a points system. Script is in Danish.
Request script with pointsystem (English)
File Server Scripts
2 02/11/2008 Country|Rocker A script for making requests for files. Features a points system. Translation of original Danish script.
Respect - 13/09/2001 SLaVe A general public and msg command script, with functions like !auser, !deluser, !op, etc. Uses flag-based security only.
respond.tcl 2.0 08/02/2004 Cruz Makes the bot respond to specified words said in the channel.
Responder 24/03/2002 MC_8 Makes the bot respond to specified words said in the channel. If database done correctly it could be used for AI (artifical intellegence) or !search or @find or !help .... whatever. Script is in perpetual beta.
respontalk 2.0 26/12/2011 Indra Pratama & RaE Basic auto-responder script which selects a random response to a pre-defined list of trigger words when said in the channel. See extended description.
Restricted 1 18/08/2010 istok Removes users from a channel, and keeps users out - effectively the same as /chanserv set #channel restricted on.
Restricted access 1.1 12/10/2001 CrazyCat Makes access to a specified channel restricted. Only people who are in the bot's userlist can join the channel.
Restricted access 1.4 01/11/2003 quantum Bans and kicks anyone from a specified channel who's not in the bot's userfile (can be bound to flag). Includes kick counter and random kick string from file, plus default kick msg (for no existing kick msg file).
Retardkicker 0.8 31/01/2003 Thomas Kalve Pedersen Script for kicking people who use public away-announcements in your channel(s). No .tcl-file editing needed, just load the script and do .chanset #channel +awaykick for the channels you want retardkicker to work in.
revengebot.tcl 1.0 02/01/2002 gregul Protects other bots with global flags from being kicked, deopped or banned.
Game Scripts
1.0.1 12/05/2009 Leg A riddle game. When triggered, this script gives the player a random riddle/puzzle and 3 minutes to answer it. If they do, they get opped for 1 hour, otherwise they get banned. Comes without predefined riddles, i.e. users must create and edit the "riddles.txt" file themselves. whois tool 0.1 25/03/2009 WindowsLive Querys RIPE for information about user IPs.
ripecheck.tcl 3.7.0 02/03/2012 Ratler Check host or IP address against a whois or geo database and then ban the user if the country matches your list of TLDs for a certain channel. Also comes with an arsenal of IP/host lookup tools. See extended description.
Robocop 1.0 08/06/2002 RobotMan An Italian script with many public commands.
roBOTMan 1.2.7a 04/03/2003 SerialCRACK A channel manager script containing general public commands plus NickServ identification. Script is in Italian.
Game Scripts
1.0 21/01/2005 LightAngel First ROMANIAN trivia with 7000 Romanian questions included! Also generates HTML pages with trivia stats. Romanian translation of Souperman's trivia script.
rrdstats.tcl 0.4 26/11/2001 Vetinari This stats script uses the rrdtool ( to show the current and past number of users, lines/minute, length of lines, number of words and join/part stats of a channel.
Greet Scripts
0.1 09/09/2005 rehash Simple single-channel greet script with MSG on/off switch.
rsh-serverCmds.tcl 0.1 29/09/2005 rehash Add public WHOIS, WHOWAS, WHO, VERSION, USERIP, and USERHOST commands to Eggdrop.
rsh-stats.tcl - 24/09/2005 rehash Creates a PHP-based channel statistics page.
rsh-stats4ascript.tcl 1.02 15/08/2006 OryNider Creates a PHP-based channel statistics index. Based on rsh-stats.tcl by rehash. Adapted to work with A&A scripts (and not using log files).
Services Scripts
0.1 30/09/2005 rehash Will automatically login to X @ Undernet with the username and password specified in the script at the time interval specified. You can also specify the modes you want the bot set on itself after login.
rss reader 02/07/2006 chris RSS reader for sites which include RSS feeds. Full administration is in the script (add (rss sites), remove (rss sites), last (news), help (command overview), news (to enable/disable sites for each channel).
rss-synd-shortlink.tcl - 10/01/2011 HM2K Shortlink expansion for rss-synd.tcl, supporting tinyurl, youtube and reddit.
rssnews.tcl 2.2 08/11/2006 demond An RSS newsfeed announcer. Supports multiple feeds on several channels simultaneously, providing correct XML parsing and HTML translation; does not require external packages.
RTB 2.11 28/07/2008 DjGeCkO Written for all chillers and smokers. You can start real-time-blunt/bong, countdown with your friends and much more. Script is in German. See extended description.
rules.tcl 1.0 23/04/2002 `Dracu|a`, Wanderer|, ShadowLord A simple tcl that lets users type !rules (says in channel) or !rules <nick> (/notice <nick>) to display a channel's rules.
rules.tcl 1.0.0 11/11/2004 Alien Will add public command for viewing channel rules. It is available to all users, and it's fully configurable.
rulez2b.tcl 1.1b 02/11/2003 kalzoo A simple channel rules script. Sends via NOTICE or PRIVMSG, and keeps track of how many times they've been viewed.
Russian Roulette
Game Scripts
0.3.1 27/10/2004 dozilla A Russian Roulette script, which isn't developed completely yet, but it is fully playable already. It supports games up to 3 players and at least 2 players. Players who lose get shot and are kicked from the channel.
Russian Roulette
Game Scripts
0.3.1_english 04/07/2006 Cyclone A Russian Roulette script, which isn't developed completely yet, but it is fully playable already. It supports games up to 3 players and at least 2 players. Players who lose get shot and are kicked from the channel. English version.
Russian Roulette
Game Scripts
- 07/09/2006 Dopeydwerg Russian roulette game with statistics feature.
Russian roulette
Game Scripts
1.0 13/08/2004 Temmer Russian roulette game played via public commands in the channel.
Game Scripts
- 09/04/2010 YottaByte Simple Russian roulette game. Script is in Dutch.
rxp.tcl 1.0 09/06/2011 rojo Standard regexp s/mistake/correction/ script with added flexibility. This script allows users to correct each other's lines, act on text said several lines ago, and supports alternate deliminators (s!oops!fixed! or similar).
safe passes 1.1 01/02/2001 wreck Enhances password commands to make sure users set secure passwords.
Safe-Proxies 2.0-alpha 01/11/2002 Bragatto An attempt to reduce bans on proxies' IP address. On the party-line, you can add, remove or list some registered IP address, that will always be "safe" on the channel. If someone tries to ban them, the bot will remove the ban and alert the OPs from the channel.
SajtGrip 0.23 05/02/2003 Malice Uses "lynx -dump" command to retrieve a webpage. The analysis is then done accordingly, parsing has to be custom-made for each mod.
Santoral 0.1 22/08/2004 ping Retireves your saint's day information from the web.
sap.idle_control.tcl 1.01 25/05/2007 SaPrOuZy Deops and devoices users if they are idle for a certain time on a channel. It exempts users with f flag or users whose nicks are listed to be exempted.
sbash.tcl - 11/11/2009 sanku Posts a bash from in a channel. Can post a random bash or selected bash. Script is in German.
sc2ranks.tcl 266 06/05/2011 thargos Retrieves Blizzard Starcraft 2 ladder statistics. Eggdrop script enabling the use of the JSON API ( Works with eggdrops and windrops, tcllib 1.12 or higher is required.
sc_serv_control.tcl 0.3 16/02/2012 Breeze Returns information about SHOUTcast DNAS Server 2 (last Build 29). See extended description.
Scan Port 1.0 26/04/2001 irco Scans users on join for open ports (e.g. Wingate).
scbnc.tcl 1.0 11/02/2010 bnc Remake of shoutcast.tcl. Easy and simple to use. Add it to the bot, then type !radio in the channel and the bot will display the current song's title. See extended description.
Scrabble - 09/04/2002 Ozh A scrabble script. Type "!scrabble some_word" to see what would be your score in scrabble. Script comes in two versions (English and French) since letters don't have the same values. See extended description.
Game Scripts
1.0 22/01/2012 Indra^Pratama A modified version of moxquizz.tcl by BhasIRC with support for the Indonesian language, in addition to English. Also adds colour. See extended description.

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