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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Quoteable Quotes
Quote Scripts
1.0 13/03/1999 dragonflu Quotes script with public commands for adding, removing, and displaying quotes.
Quote Scripts
2.0 06/09/2001 Baerchen Quote script with special features such as scheduled quoting. See extended description.
Quote Scripts
1.00 27/07/2003 JamesOff An eggdrop TCL script (with an optional PHP-based Web interface) that allows channel users (with the right flags) to store IRC quotes in a MySQL database. Adding, searching, fetching, and deleting from the channel are supported. Multiple channel support is native.
Quote Scripts
1.0 21/11/1998 Dude Quotes script with public commands for adding and displaying quotes.
Quote Scripts
1.3 08/04/2000 k-rist Advanced quotes script. See extended description.
Quote Scripts
1.0 23/06/1999 Code Mouse Quotes script for storing/displaying quotes. Controlled via public and msg commands.
Quote Scripts
0.01h 27/11/2006 Rosc2112 Stores quotes from users and shows them either randomly or by number. Includes a search function, quote categories, logging, configurable limits for users and for categories, permissions fully configurable, handles tcl-special characters properly, etc. See extended description.
Quote Scripts
0.6 BETA 28/09/1999 Gh0stWriteR Displays information about the current stream on the Starfleet Radio shoutcast server.
radio 3.0 31/01/2013 MadaliN Connect to almost any radio station (shoutcast) without having to know its password. All the commands are public. Script is in English.
Radio On Line - 28/06/2003 Sergios Returns the title & artist currently on air on a radio shoutcast server.
radio2.tcl - 01/06/2002 jj Will create public commands for radio stations (e.g. Shoutcast).
Radioscript 0.9 22/04/2006 hangy For radio streams that have IRC channels; used to manage the stream, channels, mods/djs, etc. Comes with a nice botnet ability to spread your radio to different IRC networks. English & German versions.
rae.tcl 1.0.1 30/04/2009 Sentencia Dictionary/diccionario of the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy). Highly configurable, can display on one line or more. Also has an auto update. Script is in Spanish.
randmsgtonick 1.0 25/02/2008 Nor7on Sends a message to a random nick on your channel every 15 mins or when the !randmsg public command is used. Can be used to check for spambots or infected clients. Script is in English and Spanish.
randname.tcl 1.04 02/08/2000 Sup Makes the bot choose a random realname (in /whois info).
Random Away 1.1 24/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Makes the bot change its away using a random away from the aways set in the script. Sets the away on connect then changes it at a specified interval.
Random CTCP Version Reply 1.0 27/04/2002 Progeny Basic script makes the bot send a random reply to CTCP VERSIONs it receives.
Random Drone Nick Remover 8.19.b 11/07/2005 awyeah Will remove random and drone nicks from a channel on join and when the bot gets opped. Nicks such as floodbot nicks, spambot nicks etc. Has 3 types of detection modules, many exemption options, 6 punishment levels, an optional kick counter, custom kick messages, channel mode lock settings and more!
Random Facts 1.0 08/01/2004 hrz Displays a random fact from a fact file when triggered in a +facts channel.
Random Quote Module
Quote Scripts
1 09/05/2010 Get_A_Fix/istok A basic random quote script for eggdrop. See extended description.
Random Topic
Topic Scripts
1.0 01/10/2003 Ha0 Automatically sets a random topic on the hour and half past the hour.
randserv.tcl - 17/09/1999 FireEgl Randomises the server list and adds support for port lists/ranges.
Topic Scripts
2.04 01/09/2000 Sup Advanced script for setting random channel topics.
randversion.tcl 2.00 12/09/2000 Sup Makes the bot give random CTCP version replies.
rblchk 0.8 07/08/2005 leprechau When a user joins a channel, this script checks their host against the configured dns blacklists (rbls) that you have set up in the script. Features a scoring system for varied levels of punishment.
Rcon thru TCL 1.0 02/01/2003 Sleight of Mind A plugin that allows you to rcon to Half-Life servers through your eggdrop.
rconsole.tcl 1.7 13/08/2005 demond Provides the unique feature of opening a remote console, i.e. logging into and controlling remote bot(s) without actually dcc'ing or telneting to it; thus it can be used to circumvent firewall limitations not allowing otherwise normal partyline access via DCC or telnet.
rd-dico.tcl 1.1 - Regis Damongeot Allows the bot to show the definition of a French word by typing "!dico aWord".
ReadFile 1.4 19/11/2000 MC_8 Makes the bot msg the contents of a file. Includes public and msg commands.
Services Scripts
1.0 23/02/2009 BLaCkShaDoW When a ban is set on a channel, this script sets the ban on Undernet's X. Can be activated/deactivated on specific channels, and the ban level and duration can also be set. Script is in Romanian.
Record Kicks and Bans 3.1 07/10/2003 MC_8 Records Kick and/or Bans in a channel and e-mails the data to the e-mail address you set (or log to file, ie .html).
Recruiters 1.00 29/03/2002 DrN Recruiters was a requested script by MiNdGaMeS@UnderNet. It is designed to let users list games with homepage and contact information. Best for game leagues.
Refresh_bot_bans 1.2 25/06/2001 Algol Checks the bot's banlist when the bot gets ops and ensures that matching users are kickbanned (plain eggdrop with +dynamicbans will only kickban users joining after the bot gets ops).
regchat.tcl 0.8 14/11/2003 Errtu Manage a chat-session where users are given +v in a +m room, according to a list. See extended description.
regextalk.tcl 2.0 07/01/2004 simon Keeps the PRIVMSG, NOTICE or CTCP ACTION any user last contributed to a channel your bot is also on. Upon a PRIVMSG that matches the pattern of a regex replacement (ala Perl, but with less options), the bot will perform regsub on the last line of this person on the given channel.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.0.0 23/05/1998 cl00bie Links channels on different IRC networks. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.0.1 05/03/2009 iamdeath Links channels on different IRC networks. Updated version of cl00bie's script with added colours/features and fixed bugs.
Released 1.03 31/08/2004 DrN A simple way for programmers/groups/etc to provide a list of dates programs/files/etc were released.
remind.tcl 1.0 25/07/2000 dre^ Adds a reminder function to the bot that works like an alarm clock.
Reminder 1.0 17/10/2002 Prince_of_the_net Reminds channel ops to be on help channels at regular intervals.
Remote Control
Botnet Scripts
1.10 23/10/1998 LuNox Botnet commands script.
Remote Http Administration 0.2 20/07/2004 Ofloo Gives you an http interface to your eggdrop, and allows you to control it from Internet Explorer, Netscape, and so on.
RemoveBans.tcl 1.6.0 24/12/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Makes the bot remove all bans set on channel once every 15 minutes.
Remuser.Us Blog News 1.1 25/04/2010 Squit Provides on a specified channel news from IRC/YM blog wWw.ReMuSeR.Us. Can also supply news from the subdomain "filme" who is about movies. Script is in Romanian.
Rep.tcl 1.1.0 01/11/2010 Luminous Public reputation script for ops and voices. Its intended purpose is to help distinguish between negatively and positively contributing users, similar to forums that use reputation systems. Think of it as "chat rep". Includes the ability to view points for a specific user or all users.
repeat.tcl 1.1 09/04/1999 slennox Kicks and/or bans users who repeat the same line in a channel several times. A complete rewrite of the original repeat.tcl script (don't let the v1.x fool you, this is newer and much better than the old repeat.tcl v4.1).
repeat.tcl (@/+ exempt) 4.1 26/11/2002 |am| A repeat script against channel repeats. It considers a repeat only if the same thing is said one after the other.
RepeatKick 2.29 15/04/1999 Darren Coleman Advanced repeat flood detection.
repeatpro.tcl 1.2 25/06/2001 Algol Stops different types of repeat floods, shouldn't miss any repeat.
Report script
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 29/03/2011 dc Allow channel users to report a spam bot to +mno users from the eggdrop userlist. Same commands used by +mno from the userlist will ban the bot. If you want to use this script, the eggdrop must be opped on channel.

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