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Name Version Date Last Author Description
PubCOM 1.8.3 19/09/2002 Zsac A no frills public command script. Comprehensive and simple to use.
pubcommand.tcl 3.0 02/08/2010 GoGers Advanced version of my previous public command script, now with !ban !kban !act !say !join !part !chattr !adduser !deluser !botnick (to change the botnick if you got bored with same botnick) !uptime and !identify (dalnet services). A modification of the Avenger script.
Public (de)Voice Command 1.2.1 16/04/2000 MC_8 Adds public triggers that allow visitors to voice/devoice themselves.
Public bot control 3.2 31/12/2002 Prince_of_the_net Public commands script, used to control a bot from the main channel. See extended description.
Public Channel & User Commands 2.0 16/10/2013 UsmanAli Public commands script that lets you run many commands without needing to get on the partyline.
Public Channel and User Mode Commands 1.62 24/02/2004 coolsi Has several public commands for use by users with mode +o or higher on the bot. It does things such as !op, !voice, !kick etc.
Public Commands 1.2 29/10/2001 FeaRx Meant to make life a little bit easier for you, its got a lot of useful public commands.
Public Commands 1.2 22/06/2004 kurupt A public commands script with many commands like !op, !deop, etc.
Public commands - 15/08/2005 stimpy Adds public and msg commands that displays all public commands (binds) available on your bot.
Public DNS Lookup 2.1 07/10/2005 Stimps Adds public commands for performing DNS lookups.
Public IP Information Checker 0.3 06/12/2010 Hawkee Shows information about an IP Address, which is taken from ip2location. Supports website auth. See extended description.
Public Note 1.0 14/11/1999 Wingman Allows non-users to store notes on the bot using a msg command.
Public notes 1.01 16/01/2001 Sergio100 A public notes system allowing anyone to leave a note to a specified nick.
Public Quotes System
Quote Scripts
1.32 05/09/2008 MenzAgitat Adds the following public commands: !quote !addquote !lastquote !randquote !findquote !quoteinfo !delquote (and a few other admin commands). Many features (automatic daily backup, antiflood, full multichannel support, ...). This pack includes English and French version.
Public whois 1.0 - MeTroiD Adds a public command that makes the bot perform a WHOIS on a user and display the results in the channel. Made for Quakenet but should work on other IRCDs that use the same RAWs.
Pulp Fiction oneliners 1.0 18/02/2006 Eddlandos Simple random quote script based on FAN's Duke Nukem oneliners, instead filled with Pulp Fiction quotes.
Punbb2Eggdrop 1.0 12/07/2006 Abask Displays messages from a PunBB discussion board. Script is in English and Russian.
Purge 1.1 21/01/2002 Coven A small script to scan the userfile for users with no pass set/no flags or both and delete them.
File Server Scripts
1.20 20/04/2009 dMG/t!s Attaches an ascii ad (and a line with date and time of upload) to every (text)file uploaded to the filesystem. Also announces new uploads on the channel, and works as a dupe checker that will remove uploaded filenames that are a match against its database. Written for ircNET #ascii.
File Server Scripts
1.0 16/07/2008 Nor7on Uploads files from the bot's directory to a remote FTP server at the specified interval. See extended description.
Services Scripts
- 25/02/2003 Nor7on Authenticates your bot to Undernet's X and sets mode +x. Script is in Spanish.
Services Scripts
1.0 23/12/2012 Chiruclan Provides login to PyServ services on some networks
Q Auth
Services Scripts
- 08/09/2005 Auths your Eggdrop on GamerIRC (ModServ) and QuakeNet (QBot). See extended description.
Q Auth (ENG)
Services Scripts
1.3 19/03/2001 Higu Auths your bot to Q on Qnet. English version.
Q Auth (FIN)
Services Scripts
1.3 19/03/2001 Higu Auths your bot to Q on Qnet. Finnish version.
Q protection
Services Scripts
1.1 16/11/2009 Djoezy Channel protection script that works with Q from Quakenet. Protection against massban/deop/op, user/bot against deop/ban/kick, channel against forbidden/protected channelmodes. Several settings for exception flgs and protection flags. You decide which channelmodes are forbidden/protected.
Services Scripts
0.07 22/07/2001 Athan Script to authenticate, hopefully securely, with the 'Q' bot on QuakeNet IRC.
Q-Check 2.01 - Mettwurst For checking the auth account of users on Quakenet.
Services Scripts
1.0 11/05/2002 Arganan You can add and auth your bot for Q with this script. This is simple script, but read instructions, before you use this script.
Services Scripts
1.0.045 26/01/2005 perpleXa A replica of QuakeNet's chanserv, supports a lot of commands, requires authinfo.tcl (included).
Services Scripts
1.0 15/09/2005 Kacper Gutowski Simple Q authorization script for the QuakeNet network. Authorises before the bot joins any channels.
Services Scripts
1.1a 12/07/2003 coven A script for quakenet that checks the users when they join a chan for their q auth name and bans them if they match a list of banned auths.
Services Scripts
1.0 05/01/2005 perplexa Auths your bot on QuakeNet using Q's challengeauth function. Keeps the bot outside of all chans until it's auth'd.
qstat map change notify 0.1.2 05/10/2005 Moonunit Map change notifier for any game supported by qstat. Features multi game server / multi ircchannel support. Requires qstat.
Qstat4Eggdrop 2.2 26/06/2003 Peter Postma Query gameservers to get the server status and player info.
QuakeNet Channel Controller
Services Scripts 27/07/2006 chris Controls the chanlev and chanflags of your channels with QuakeNet Services.
Quakenet channel modes 1.0 21/11/2006 Smash` AKA FragUK Displays the channel modes available on Quakenet and their usage.
QuakeNet deop protection
Services Scripts
1.51 05/12/2003 Jack Makes it possible for the bot to op/voice itself via the QuakeNet channel services Q and L when somebody deops/devoices it (assuming the bot has the right access on the services).
queues.tcl - 05/09/2003 BarkerJr A utility for script developers. It allows you to create more queues so that you aren't limited by just three queues.
Quick-Bot 1.2 10/01/2003 Dataforce An all-round script sort of like Stormbot, only without the need to say the bot's name at the start of each command. Designed mainly for Quakenet, but adaptions can be made for other networks. Latest updates at
QuickLoad 0.01 16/07/2003 Loup Will load all of the .tcl files in the directory you tell it to. This can be very useful if you do not keep old tcl's with your eggdrop, i.e., if you want to try a new script all you need to do it ftp it to your eggdrop and rehash.
QuickVote 1.02 13/07/2003 DrN Allows you to have quick and dirty yes/no voting questions in a channel. Votes can be via channel command or via message command. See extended description.
quitban.tcl 1.1 24/11/1999 slennox Bans people who use specified quit messages. Wildcards are supported.
quizgod.tcl v0.7.3c 30/11/2001 domsen Lets your bot automatically answer the standard questions provided by quizbots running moxquizz 0.7.3. It fakes a real user and wins the quiz because it knows 'everything' very fast. Random errors and replies to channels specific actions and much more included.
Quote Scripts
1.0 30/04/2000 Koloth Quotes script with public commands for adding, removing, and displaying quotes.
Quote Scripts
1.2.1 17/08/2001 Steinsky Adds !quote, !addquote, !quotestats and !quote *matchtext*.
Quote TCL
Quote Scripts
3.52 23/08/2002 stigmata Complete quote management script with powerful features. See extended description.
Quote TCL
Quote Scripts
3.52-W2D01 07/04/2009 Way2Death An improved version of Stigma's quote script. The original script DCC'ed you the txt file with results. Now it outputs a given amount of quotes + a list with all quote numbers.
Quote Scripts
0.1 19/07/2000 sat0r Quote script with stats and ftp backup functions.
Quote Scripts
1.1 13/06/2006 N86ers Simple quote script that displays a random store quote via a public command.

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