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Name Version Date Last Author Description
phone.tcl 1.1 18/09/2000 JaSonic Allows users to store their phone numbers on the bot. Includes DCC, msg, and public commands for accessing the info.
Quote Scripts
1.0.0 20/02/2002 Adunaphel A PHP script that uses the files generated by QuoteMe to create a webpage containig the quotes stored with QuoteMe.
Pick-A-Kick 1.02 27/08/2002 DrN Your basic "CuteKick" type of script. Current version contains 49 different kicks. Kicks can have an optional ban. Included commands are a QuickKick, QuickKickBan, and a TempBan w/user notice.
ping-delay.tcl 0.1 19/04/2006 Michal Nazarewicz Adds a random delay to CTCP PING replies.
Ping.tcl 1.4 27/05/2009 Opposing A nice little script that replies to !ping requests (can be enabled/disabled on each channel).
ping.tcl 1.2 05/02/2007 HM2K Listens for ping requests in a chan or by msgs and responds accordingly.
pingmeter.tcl 1.1 08/03/2009 arfer/nml375 Ping script with millisecond granularity including colour lag meter
Pisg Automaker 0.5 21/03/2003 Arganan A little script which can generate your pisg stats-page by typing !pisg in your channel.
PISG User Configuration Script 0.1a 18/08/2006 Rosc2112 Allows users to edit their PISG user options such as nick, aliases, pic, bigpic, sex and link, from the bot.
pisg-new.tcl 1.0 25/03/2006 Trip-Out Pisg-New.tcl has been rewritten to allow uploading of logs via FTP (done by a seperate bash script). It responds to !stats requests in the $statschan and will only generate new stats when $statsnick requests it. When normal users request !stats, it will just show the URL.
pisg.tcl 0.15 03/12/2008 HM2K Auto stats script for pisg (perl irc statistics generator). Based on a script by Arganan.
Planet3Dnow 1.11 12/11/2003 surffritze A powerful script for the popular site Planet3Dnow. It can read out the latest news, downloads and articles. For this you have three different triggers to manually receive the information, but there is also a autopost-function for each category. Script is in German.
Planetarion Target 3.68 16/12/2001 Reykov McKenzy A script for alliances in Planetarion ( to coordinate attacks. See extended description.
playlist scan 0.5 - #@homer Create playlists in HTML using public commands. Good for those streaming radio with Shoutcast. The listeners can check the current playlist with a public trigger and know what the DJ has.
PM-users 1.00 22/08/2002 Papillon Small script to send pm's just to the users known to the bot in a channel. See extended description.
Game Scripts
1.3 25/11/2005 arfer Consists of a playing card parsing engine to recognise the best 5 card poker hand from a number of input cards, a demo script to exemplify its use either via the generation of random cards or by manually inputting them, and a poker slot machine emulator which is a full single user game script. See extended description.
PortCheck.tcl 2.0 05/11/2001 Wcc Checks the status of a port on a host. Returns either Accepted, Refused, Failed, or Timeout. It also portscans users on join and can ban the user and/or send an op notice if a banned port is open.
PostBot 3.6 26/05/2006 sECuRE Posts new threads and answers from a Woltlab Burning Board into multiple channels. Script and manual are available in German and English.
POstings QuOte - 31/07/2003 ShaZz Quote script with public and DCC commands. Script is in French.
PrayerRequests Bot 1.0 23/03/2007 ifiredmybrain Allows users to add and view prayer requests. Uses Mysqltcl to store the prayer requests.
pricebot - 02/02/2014 withnail Lists current Cryptocurrency prices on Cryptsy. Coins currently supported are DOGE, LTC, DGC, TIPS, WDC and EAC. Will also list the current price in USD of bitcoin on mtgox. A modified version of errei's bitcoin.tcl script.
Private - 31/03/2003 Nor7on or SCheRinG Makes the bot respond to private messages with a message. Script is in Spanish.
Private Chan 1.2 31/01/2005 Rana Usman Will only allow users on a specified channel if they've been added through .add nick *!*, otherwise it will kick. Useful for those who want to keep a channel private or don't want strangers in their channel.
Private Spam/Invite Detector and Kicker
Anti-Spam Scripts
4.58.ab 19/06/2004 awyeah This script utilizes two eggdrop bots, one channel cycler bot to detect spam and the other opped bot to remove the spammer from the channel. This script has alot of customizable functions and features and also has multiple channel and multiple cycler bot support. See extended description.
Private TCL 1.0 18/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW For users who want to keep their channel private. Only specified users are allowed to join the channel. Has public commands for adding users, etc.
ProblemNick 1.02.2 01/09/2014 SpiKe^^ Written for Undernet and other networks with no NickServ. This script makes it possible to have an Eggdrop grab and hold the a nick as soon as it becomes available, and release the nick to the correct person/bot on public command and/or automatically on-join. See extended description.
File Server Scripts
1.0 14/09/2002 Alex Kramarov Opens access to ftp server for a certain amount of time after an irc user hits the trigger. It will also provide some statistics about the ftp server and the access list.
ProjectX IRC 2 HTML 2.00 24/02/2003 Natrak Logs what goes on in an IRC channel, converts it to HTML and makes it visible to users on the web.
Protect Ops 2.0.6 09/10/2003 MC_8 This script basically does what 'chanset''s 'protectops' and 'dontkickops' does, but with more options and customized reactions. A "super protectops" as someone called it, wording in relation to slennox's script "super bitch".
protection.tcl 01/01/2006 miCHa A protection script for QuakeNet. After some kicks (which you can also edit to another number) the user will get banned, the channel will be recovered and the bot request op for that channel. It also has a full administration, which you can get after you type "your command help".
Protectv1.1.tcl 1.1 03/04/2001 kenny Prevents opped users from opping and deopping other ops.
Protsys 3.7 21/01/1999 DuRanDaL Protects certain users/bots when they are deopped/kicked/banned.
protuser.tcl 1.6 25/06/2001 Algol Protects users having a specific custom flag against deop/kick/ban.
protuser1.0.tcl 1.0 03/05/1998 Cron Protects users who have a certain flag.
ProxyCheck.tcl 1.1 11/02/2005 Ofloo Proxy detection script with async socket that scans for specific ports on connect, and bans client when ports are open.
Bouncer Scripts
3.1 16/02/2006 BaRDaHL Provides total control of a psyBNC bouncer direct from Eggdrop's party line (console). Script is in Spanish.
Bouncer Scripts
1.0 23/04/2001 irco Allows the bot to connect to a psybnc server.
psybnc 0.7 - #@homer Checks how many users are connected on one or more psybnc servers.
Psybnc Proxy
Bouncer Scripts
- 16/06/2002 Thule Will let you to join by a psybnc and to set psy's parameters as pass - vhost or proxy - server and obtain some info as listserver by partyline.
Bouncer Scripts
1.3 17/12/2003 MyCraft Allows your bot to connect to a psyBNC bouncer. Supports server cycling.
PTnet autoid
Services Scripts
1.0 01/05/2001 nXistence Identifies the bot's nickname when PTnet's NickServ asks for it.
ptools.tcl 2.1 09/06/2009 pDj Public commands script for channel functions.
Pub Commands 2.0beta - Drizzt A simple public commands script with wildcard support (in !op !deop !voice !devoice) and without the boring special characters problem.
Pub News4 - 09/05/1999 Ernst Addon for News System 4 which adds a command for making the bot read the news in a channel.
Pub.Country.tcl 0.1e 26/07/2006 Wizard Suntop Adds a public command that converts domain name country codes to country names. Several options are available to configure the script to your liking.
pubban.tcl 1.00 21/03/1999 slennox Adds public commands for adding bans and managing the ban list. This script is fully featured and particularly useful if you don't like having to DCC chat to the bot to add bans. It isn't quite refined yet, though, and there are a few small bugs.
PuBC 1.0 18/11/2001 PaDrino Public commands script.
pubchancomm.tcl 1.82 17/11/2004 glide A public channel commands scipt, including commands: !op !deop !voice !devoice !kick !ban !kban !unban !topic !help !about. For voicing, opping etc.,multiple targeting is possible (e.g. !voice <nick1> <nick2> <nick3>).
pubcmd 0.1.4 09/06/2011 hrz Public command script that can actually handle special characters (unlike the rest of them). Features: remote channel control, authorization, custom triggers, and other fun stuff.
pubcmds.tcl 1.1 11/09/2000 Bommer Adds public commands for performing channel functions. Requires auth.tcl.

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