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Name Version Date Last Author Description
On This Day 1.1b 22/10/2007 TechJoose Grabs the headlines for what happened today in history.
Botnet Scripts
0.1 05/01/2000 destruct Botnet opping script.
OnJoin Mailer 2.3 15/09/1998 Alpha Sends an e-mail to a specified account when a specified nick joins a channel.
Onjoin Mailer - 12/08/2002 Wulf Sends you an e-mail when a friend joins/parts a channel.
OnJoin Messenger - 31/12/2002 generick At the end of X joins on X channel, the bot will randomly search for a line in a phrases file and will message the random phrase to specified channel with the nick that hit the specified joins.
Greet Scripts
0.1 25/07/2001 Banned Sends a random greeting to people who join the channel.
Only +x Users To Join 1 14/06/2004 Rana Usman Will only allow users with +x mode to enter a specified channel in the configuration. Script has been tested on Quakenet and Undernet. Useful for those who only want registered users to join their channel. Bot will ban user on joining channel who doesnt have +x mode.
Op Commands - 17/08/2005 xTc^bLiTz Contains various op/master user commands such as !ban, !kick, !adduser, etc. Has a !commands that lists all commands available based on user flags.
Op Control - 17/08/2005 xTc^bLiTz Allows you to control who can and cannot be opped in your channel. Also has it's own delayed auto-op that checks if anyone else has opped the person first, then ops them if no one has. Delays are on a variable as are the auto-op/no-op flags.
op tools 1.1 06/05/2001 nXistence Commands for global operators and owners for !op, !vo, !b, !kb, !ub, !broadcast, etc.
Op/Voice In +D mode 1.1 - Azeem Ops and voices users while the channel is +D on Undernet.
OpBan - 24/07/2012 wEEt Adds public commands for banning specific hostnames. Script is in Romanian.
OpBegger 1.04 13/07/2003 DrN Will kick/ban non-OPs for asking for OPs or trying to use defined bot OP commands.
Oper mod 2.0 19/01/2003 Major T.L.P Allows +S users to perform a bunch of IRC operator commands via the eggdrop's DCC console. Commands included are: chatops chghost global kill kline local sajoin sapart and wallop. This script also logs all usage of commands as a security feature.
oper.tcl 0.6 12/01/2011 ev0x Provides oper commands to easily manage users from IRC. Triggers have been set to do standard things such as op, voice, auto-op etc + a number of other things.
Operator Status 0.4 15/12/2002 ThEdGE Allows Operators to set themself to away or available, users can simply type !status (or a custom command) and they will get the status for the operators currently on the channel. All works with public commands. Useful for helpdesk channels for example.
Ophmisu Trivia
Game Scripts
1.0.8 22/04/2012 WSergio Romanian trivia script that supports team game. Players are allowed to create teams and invite others in them. This script it's an hardly modified version by WSergio of the well-known old trivia.tcl script. Now includes 173,664 questions (in Romanian). Now compatible with Tcl 8.5.
OpKills.tcl 0.1 08/03/2001 masterT Logs kills by IRC operators.
OpKills.tcl+NewNet 0.1 19/05/2001 masterT Logs kills by IRC operators. Modified for use on NewNet.
opless.tcl - 06/05/2004 dun_dacil A little script to keep track of opless channels. It has commands to add them to a list, delete them from the list, check if still opless, and specify ownership. It will also check automatically if channels on the list have become oped and remove them.
Services Scripts
- 07/06/2005 CBernetic Uses Undernet's X to perform simple OP commands like op, deop and kick. Script is in Romanian.
Oraakkeli.tcl 1.2b - BouBBIN A Finnish script that lets you ask anything from the oraakkeli, and it answers you. Answers are based on oraakkeli in the website
oroscopo 1.1 21/04/2004 ^AngeloB^ Adds 12 public commands (one for each sign) that retrieve your horoscope from a website in flagged channels. Script is in Italian.
os check 0.1 - #@homer An operating system test where you can look what a kind of webserver any webpage has.
OTBN.tcl 2.3 beta #2 01/07/2003 Overtech Technologies Basically one of your traditional channel operation all-in-one TCL scripts. However, this script stands out due to its focus on use by bot services as well as with the lengths to which we have gone to ensure this script is as secure, stable and user-friendly as reasonably possible. See extended description.
ourTube.tcl 1.0.1 02/05/2009 Sentencia Detects if a YouTube URL is pasted in a channel (with own flood protection) and then prints the title, rating, views, author, last comment or description. Highly customizable, you can add or remove anything you want easily. Can use !youtube <text> to search videos and it will show the matches.
PacketStorm.tcl 0.1 25/03/2006 Proietti M. Rodolfo Performs a search of the packetstorm security database. English version.
PacketStorm.tcl 0.1 25/03/2006 Proietti M. Rodolfo Performs a search of the packetstorm security database. Italian version.
PacketStorm.tcl 0.1 25/03/2006 Proietti M. Rodolfo Performs a search of the packetstorm security database. Spanish version.
Pandora 0.02 27/07/2003 TheBeasT A bunch of entertainment scripts that respond to public commands and words. Script is in Dutch.
partmsg.tcl 1.2 11/04/2001 slennox Sends a message to people who part the channel. Includes multi-channel support.
partyline 1.1 11/11/2002 hyperunknown Will display everything the bot gets and everything that happens on the partyline into a channel of your choice. See extended description.
Partyline Auto Away 0.0 31/08/2000 LionPing Uses a timer to check partyline users' idle time and set them away if they've been idle for longer than the specified time.
Partyline Botnick changer - 28/12/1998 Data Adds a DCC command to change the bot's nick.
Partyline Logger 1.0 22/01/1999 Cashflo Logs partyline chat, join, and parts.
partyline notify 1.2.1 22/01/2001 wreck Sends a message to the channel notifying you when someone joins the bot's partyline.
Botnet Scripts
1.0 06/03/2004 Biga Simple script that makes sure all bot passwords are set to prevent imposters from linking in to the botnet.
Passchecker.tcl - 20/11/1998 jok Performs an on-join check to make sure users have a password set. Includes a .checkpass DCC command.
passchk.tcl - 14/09/1999 Bass Makes sure users don't choose 'simple' passwords. Also performs an on-join check to make sure users have a password set.
passgen.tcl 1.8 09/01/2002 domsen Generates random passes using different charsets like numbers, small letters, capital letter, word or alphanumeric. Includes password generation by using certain masks.
Password.tcl 1.4.1 17/04/2000 Nils Ostbjerg Stops users setting bad/easy to guess passwords. It forces them to choose from at least 2 of the 4 groups: uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers and special charecters.
Services Scripts
2.8 26/03/2003 openglx NickServ identify script with ChanServ commands. Compatible with DALnet and other networks.
Peak 1.01 22/06/2004 perpleXa Fully configurable peak script. You can set up the output style, excludes for clones/network services, flood protection, etc.
peak.tcl 1.8 25/07/2004 FireEgl Keeps up with the peak number of people in the channel and announces it when a new record is set.
Penthux Anti-Ping Timeout 1.1 07/07/2005 Penthux For eggdrop bots having problems with 'ping timeout' errors on IRC, etc. Instead of pinging itself, or another bot or user/nick, this script will ping the server with a silent RAW command.
Periodic Table 1.0 19/02/2001 Peregrinus Displays info and chem symbols for all the elements in the periodic table.
Periodic Table Of Elements 1.0 09/11/2002 Odie Displays info and chem symbols for all the elements in the periodic table. German translation of Peregrinus's script.
permchan.tcl - - Spurlos With this tcl script only permanent owners can use the command .+chan or .-chan
Game Scripts
0.2 24/06/2005 NrealiZ Allows up to 6 players to play the game of Perudo (a South American variant of the game Liar's dice). The package includes an English and a French version.
pete.convert 1.0 19/10/2001 peterre Converts between units, applies formulae, and evaluates arithmetic expressions. You can edit in new conversions and formulae without needing to understand Tcl.

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