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Name Version Date Last Author Description
No login msg 1.3 04/04/2002 TRiNuX Tells people who attempt to use the 'login' msg command that the bot is not a stormbot, and stops the msg showing up in the partyline.
No Manual OPs - 01/01/1999 WinDeX Allows only bots/owners to op users.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.6.3 02/04/2001 PPSlim & wreck Advanced anti-spam script that detects many types of spam. See extended description.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.09 13/07/2003 DrN Tries to detect channel advertisments and auto-bans them. I've started adding in "Mass Message", Invitor, and general script advertisment triggers as well. Looks at publics, notices, messages, and actions.
Anti-Spam Scripts
- 24/05/2004 kazoo An anti-advertising script. Allows ops to advertise, voice to advertise once before being kicked and non-voice/ops will be kicked upon first advertisement.
noawayactions.tcl 1.03 11/11/2000 Sup Punishes people who send away actions to the channel.
nochanctcps.tcl 1.04 02/08/2000 Sup Punishes or warns people who send CTCPs to the channel.
NoColors On Chan - 18/03/2006 solloman Bans users who use coloured, bold or underlined text on the specified channels. Script is in Romanian.
nocolors.tcl - 18/12/2001 Mercurius Kicks and bans users who use colors in messages, actions and topics. See extended description.
nocycle 1.1.1 01/03/2006 Nonoo When someone joins and parts a channel within the given time, the script (optionally) bans the user's host and (optionally) notices him not to do that. The script won't ban/notice users with +f flag.
nocycle.tcl 1.3 10/04/1999 slennox Prevents your bot from pointlessly cycling channels on EFnet servers that don't give ops when split, while still allowing you to use +cycle for other situations. The EFnet features this script dealt with are now mostly defunct.
nodbot 3.1-8+ctcrfix(Wcc) 28/08/2001 Joseph_, Wcc General public commands script with NickServ support.
nodbot 3.1 17/04/2000 nodnuke23 General public commands script with NickServ support and other features. See extended description.
File Server Scripts
1.2 19/11/2001 Wcc Warns users if they run an Fserv or FTP ad in the channel. It bans for 5 seconds on the second offense, and bans for 5 minutes on the third.
nohost.tcl 0.2 12/04/2003 caesar Will allow only specified users to use some DCC commands.
NoIdle 1.0 16/12/2002 SerialCRACK A simple anti-idle script. In Italian.
NoList 0.95 17/12/2002 SerialCRACK Kick & ban those who say !list with a random kick message (3 only). Script is in Italian.
Services Scripts
1.2 15/03/2011 BLaCkShaDoW On a mass ban done by X, this script will record who did the massban and who gave access to the user. The user who did the massban will get suspended.
nomodes.tcl - 02/08/2009 dropped Will make your bot kick/ban/akick/+d/+dk users who change channel modes or set/remove bans. Only bot users with specified flags are exempt.
Nomsg-eng.tcl 1.0 27/12/2006 MMDollar If a user in the eggdrop (+fop) uses the command .msg to services (os/ns/cs/gliner/ms), the eggdrop will remove his flags, add +dk ones, boot them from the partyline, add a ban and send notes to all the owners of the eggdrop.
Non-standard CTCP Protection 1.0 04/01/2003 Prince_of_the_net Protects against non-standard CTCP requests.
nonsense.tcl 2.1 29/03/2003 stylus740 Detects caps, colors, channel adverts, bold, reverse, underline, disturb, slaps, repeats, largewords, urls, hugewords and massive channel adverts. Users collect punish-points and get punished accordingly. Script is in the German language.
nopartflood.tcl - - BarkerJr Will ban users who exploit the PART stacking bug in some versions of ircu, to part the same channel many times without rejoining.
nopchop.tcl - 30/11/1999 David Newhall II Adds DCC commands for displaying current channel ops and non-ops.
norepeats.tcl 1.1 24/07/2002 strikelight Will make your bot kick/ban users who repeat excessively. The repeat settings are defined channel specifically, so you don't have to have your bot kicking for repeats in all channels if you don't want.
nosense.tcl 2.01 10/03/2002 Merlin Unique autokick system which detects caps, colors, channel adverts, bold, reverse, disturb, slaps, repeats, largewords, hugewords and massive channel adverts. Lusers collect punish-points and get punished accordingly. Highly custimizable.
noteemail.tcl 1.2 17/09/1999 Futon Sends notes via e-mail if they're left unread for too long.
Info Scripts
3.03 31/05/1999 Amadeus Advanced information storage/retrieval. See extended description.
Notice.tcl 1.1 08/11/1998 Dude Adds the .notice DCC command and makes small changes to the .msg command.
NoticeBan 1.1 20/10/2002 Pulse Bans for channel notice made by normal users, chan ops/voices and bot users are exempt from being punished. See extended description.
noticepro.tcl 1.4 10/09/2005 fyre Protection Script for Channel Notice & Notice Flood. Bans those channel users who do channel notice, Op/Voice Exemption, Optional Banmask, multiple channel lock system to protect channel from same repeating offence.
Notifier 1.0 24/06/2007 Hen Asraf Notifies users from a list whenever one or more of the keywords in a list are said in any channel the eggbot is in. Basic script, room for improvement.
notifyICQ.tcl 1.2 08/08/1999 MC_8 Sends you an ICQ message when specified users join specified channels.
Topic Scripts
1.6.0 11/12/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Sets the channel modes to +t for 60 sec after a topic is set.
NoTriggers.tcl 2.3 16/07/2002 Wcc Warns users if they type a banned trigger in the channel. It kicks on the second offense, and bans on the third. See extended description.
noversions.tcl 1.05 02/08/2000 Sup Sends a CTCP VERSION to users who join the channel and punishes them if their reply matches specified words.
now_playing.tcl 1.0 18/08/2005 atnuuski Displays the current songname and artist playing on the with !np trigger.
Services Scripts
- 20/07/2001 The_Sucker Makes the bot identify on NS (the Bulgarian Nick Serv) and takes op from CS (The Bulgarian Channel Serv).
NSChat tcl - 12/01/2003 VaLoR An alternative to stormbot. Most of the commands are different to stormbot's.
Services Scripts
0.1 04/10/2007 d1g1t Identifies your bot to NickServ. The script is triggered when NickServ requests identification. Helps when services restart. Was designed for SurrealServices, which allows you to identify to a nick that you are not on.
nslookup 1.0 13/02/2003 gozzip Uses the eggdrop's built-in dns module. It will resolve hostnames and IPs, just like a normal nslookup would do. Channel commands, as always.
nSPLiT 1.01 25/08/2001 jestrix Compares the currently linked servers on the network to a master list in order to report split servers. The list is updated at regular intervals and whenever a 'SPLT' is detected. This script is a netbots.tcl component. See extended description.
Numerology Based Fortune Telling - 25/11/2001 sirgrim Takes your birthday and adds it up until it's one number, then gives you a reading based on that final number.
Nyheter.tcl - 26/12/2005 N86ers Shows the latest news from Script is in Swedish.
Info Scripts
0.1kr 08/11/2001 Taeho Oh Dictionary script for adding terms and their definitions. Korean version.
File Server Scripts
1.6 13/10/1998 thepin XDCC file offer script. See extended description.
oidentd 1.0 08/04/2007 ztx/PPX Lets your bots interact with oidentd without conflicts like wrong ident.
oidentd.tcl 1.0 18/12/2002 Stephan Brendel Adds support for oidentd, allowing you to change the bot's ident if oident is available.
Omerta Prices 0.7 21/03/2010 vBm Gathers info about cocaine prices for the popular Barafranca web based MMORPG. Displays current time, prices of all cities and shows high/low price in predefined color.
On Idle 3.02 11/07/2003 MC_8 Will react to idle timers you setup. If a user idles in the channel longer than you want, have this script do something about it. Valid reactions include /kick,/ban,/msg and many more. This doesn't have to just kick/ban, can do much more for example deop idle'n op's.

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