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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Services Scripts
2.0 05/12/2008 Mirora Auths your bot to Q on QuakeNet. Update of MeTroiD's script.
auth.tcl 1.2 11/09/2000 Bommer Authorizes users for public commands and password-free msg commands.
Services Scripts
1.0 02/12/2003 lou Authenticates the bot to Q on QuakeNet. Replaces lou's old QuakeNet script.
Services Scripts
0.02.01 28/05/2006 krimson Makes the bot login automatically with X/Q from UnderNet/QuakeNet immediately after connecting to the server. Also performs definable usermodes before logging in. See extended description.
Auto Botnick Changer 1 15/01/2003 TALES Lets your bot change its nick when no active users are talking in the channel.
auto convert long names - 23/02/2005 NoZparker For users who have recently updated their bot to handle nicks of more than 9 characters. Automatically updates user handles in the bot's database from a max of 9 characters to up to 32 as the users join the channel.
Auto Cyclestats for Chanstats - 14/11/2002 ^DooM^ A small script to automate the !cyclestats command for chanstats 1.02 by Baerchen at regular intervals.
Auto Devoice 1.0 26/03/2011 CrazyCat A simple script to voice active users on channels and devoice them after idling. The idle time can be set for each channel.
auto identify to nickserv
Services Scripts
- 05/03/2009 GoGers NickServ identification script for DALnet. Identifies on connection and includes msg commands for identify, release and ghost.
Auto Invite 1.0 18/05/2009 BLaCkShaDoW On the channel where it is activated, this script will invite users with specific flags onjoin on another channel that you set in the script.
Auto Reop 1.2 05/11/2005 Rana Usman Deop protection and auto-reop for multiple networks. Tested on Undernet, Dalnet and Quakenet, and will work on many other networks.
Auto Welcome
Greet Scripts
2 15/12/2007 Rana Usman Will greet users who enter the channel with customised messages you set in a text file. Can greet via channel msg or notice.
Services Scripts
- 18/02/2003 LorT Auto-Auth Script with mode +x for Gamesnet. Auto-Auth with AuthServ on connect. Public .auth command for authenticating with AuthServ manually.
Auto-Auth Script for Srvx
Services Scripts
- 01/07/2004 Seven Srvx network services auto-auth script to authenticate to AuthServ / NickServ on connect. Includes public and dcc .auth command, and +x support. Works with GameSurge services by default.
Limit Scripts
0.52 23/06/2004 perpleXa A autolimit script which is able to have different settings for each channel.
Auto-op 1.0 11/05/2002 Arganan A little script which can auto-op all channel joiners. Can also give +av.
Autochangenick Beta 29/08/2006 WaSeEm1 Changes the bot's nickname at a specified interval. Multiple nicks can be specified. See extended description.
AutoExpire 1.0 10/12/1998 MrKubo Cleans out the userlist and banlist.
autojump.tcl 5.01 10/03/1999 DeathHand Advanced, automatic server management script.
AutoKnown 1.0.3 15/07/2003 Zsac Monitors the amount of time people have idled in your channel and then adds them to the eggdrop's userfile with flags that you define. Then, if the person ceases to idle they will be removed from the eggdrop user list.
Limit Scripts
1.02 21/06/2002 DrN Will let your bot automatically set a new channel limit using a predefined set of values. If anything it should help in botnet/clone attacks.
Limit Scripts 01/01/2006 miCHa Will set a new limit every 5 minutes, if some users haved parted or joined the channel. You can choose a limit between 3 and 10. The script can be administered through public commands.
autolog.tcl 1.22 23/01/2001 Abraham An enhanced version of the autolog.tcl script. This is a third party release.
autolog.tcl 1.23 28/01/2001 strolchi An enhanced version of the autolog.tcl script. This is a third party release that was last edited by strolchi.
autolog.tcl 1.0 13/07/2000 slennox If you want your bot to keep a logfile for a new channel, you normally have to add a new logfile command to the bot's config file, which can be inconvenient if your bot frequently joins new channels. This script automatically enables a logfile for each channel the bot joins.
autolog.tcl 1.24 30/11/2012 CrazyCat An enhanced version of the autolog.tcl script. Developed by multiple contributors, last edited by CrazyCat.
Automatic 2.0.3 04/01/1999 Christian Felde Automatic userfile management. Adds users who join the channel. See extended description.
automodes.tcl 12/02/2006 miCHa A dual-mode script for autoop and autovoice. Enabling auto-op will disable autovoice, and vice-versa. Can be controlled via public commands and enabled/disabled for specific channels.
Autoop Nick 1.1 20/01/2005 CoMMy Gives op status to specific nicknames in a specified channel set with the +autoopnick flag when they join.
autoReinvite 1.1 - Artix Re-invites people after quitting/parting if they're not banned. In case of a quit, adds them as watch in a database, to invite them when they reconnect. Database auto saved and trimmed in a file. Requires the unrealIRCd server with WATCH, eggdrop 1.6, tcl8.5, server, irc and channel modules.
AutoVoice 1.0 29/08/1998 t00nie Voices users who have a special flag. Includes a public command for adding new voices.
AutoVoice 2.0 21/03/2004 NoZparker Voices users who have a special flag. Original by t00nie, new features added by NoZparker.
autovoice on pubmsg 1.2 28/05/2001 aerosoul Gives voice to users who say something on the channel and devoices them after an idle time.
Autovoice.tcl 0.1 04/10/2007 d1g1t Autovoicing script. Can autovoice in specific channels. Can also be used to throw insults at people who use those annoying access thanking scripts.
autowhom.tcl 1.0.0 08/04/2002 Souperman Automatically does a .whom whenever a person logs on to the partyline.
average.tcl 2.13 26/01/2005 perpleXa Shows channel averages and max. users of different durations (last hour, today, yesterday, 7days, 14days).
AVOnJoin 1.01f 23/03/2001 Baerchen Autovoice script. Includes DCC command for enabling and disabling on specific channels.
aVote 1.1 19/02/2003 arcane Channel voting script featuring dynamic variable answers (e.g. !vote 10m|whats your favorite color?|blue:green:yellow:red). In German language.
aVote 1.1 04/03/2003 arcane Voting script with user-defined answers. German version.
aVote 1.1b 24/02/2003 arcane Voting script with user-defined answers. English version.
aVote 1.1b 14/03/2003 arcane Voting script with user-defined answers. French version.
aVote 1.1b 14/05/2003 kosmar Voting script with user-defined answers. Polish version.
aVote 1.1b DA 13/02/2007 arcane Voting script with user-defined answers. Danish version.
awaycheck.tcl 1.2 07/10/1998 strobe Keeps are record of users who set away.
Services Scripts
1.0 22/01/2003 SerialCRACK A NickServ/ChanServ script for AzzurraNet that allows the bot to identify itself and perform invite, op, and unban functions. Script is in Italian.
Babel Fish Translator 1.12en 07/07/2008 MenzAgitat Uses BabelFish to translate words or sentences from/to English. Allowed languages can be easily modified according to BabelFish's available languages.
Babel Fish Translator (French) 1.12fr 07/07/2008 MenzAgitat Uses BabelFish to translate words or sentences from/to French. Allowed languages can be easily modified according to BabelFish's available languages.
babel.tcl 3.2 29/05/2003 MORA Uses babelfish language translation in the channel, type !translatehelp for info.
Babelist 1.20 13/09/2002 Papillon Gives you the ability to add "babes" to a list, and then do some commands to check whether they are online or not... a nice way to keep track of your "babes".
Backup - 05/08/2001 r0gUe A simple backup script.

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