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Name Version Date Last Author Description
Nerfbendr's Standard UnoBot
Game Scripts
1.0 Beta 16/12/2000 Nerfbendr Channel Uno game.
Nerfbendr's TriBot
Game Scripts
1.0 Beta 16/12/2000 Nerfbendr Channel game script.
Nerfbendr's TriviaBot
Game Scripts
6.0 Beta 13/07/2002 Nerfbendr Advanced trivia game script. See extended description.
Botnet Scripts
1.16 30/04/1999 slennox A secure botnet commands script with encrypted communication. Commands include nethelp, netbots, netinfo, netshell, netserv, netpass, netsave, nethash, netsay, netact, netnotice, netjoin, netpart, netchanset, and netcycle. This is the old standalone version of netbots.tcl.
NetCraft 1.1 07/09/2003 Havenard Returns information about a specified website, such as type and version of the server, and type and version of the operating system, getting the information at, with a simple command !netcraft. Works in channels, private chat, and party-line.
netidle 1.0 03/08/1999 blue Anti-idle script that makes bots msg one another. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.08 13/07/2003 DrN A multi-net, multi-channel channel linking tool. It will echo channel chat, actions, sound commands, topic/mode changes, joins/parts/signoffs, kicks, bans, etc. Comes with commands to list who is in other channels, etc.
Botnet Scripts
1.0 16/01/1999 KuNgFo0 Botnet opping script. Better than Getops.
Botnet Scripts
1.3 02/06/2001 KuNgFo0, modified by cucgod Botnet opping script. Better than Getops.
Botnet Scripts
1.00 03/04/2001 LoLoMiN netbots.tcl component script that adds a .netrestart command.
Netsplit Detector 3.75.b 06/08/2007 awyeah A small snipplet which detects netsplits based on quit messages of users. If a netsplit is detected this script will make the bot send a notice to all channels it is on informing the channel with the servers split. ***NOTE: This script is only intended to run on the DALnet IRC network.
New DJ Voice Command - 02/06/2001 deku Adds a msg command for giving voice status to users on the channel.
newaidle.tcl 1.0.1 18/02/1998 Felipe Tonioli Anti-idle script.
NewBie.tcl 2.0 04/01/2003 Prince_of_the_net Useful for channels on DALnet that are mode locked due to spambots, this TCL informs new users having nicks of the format Guestxxxx (where xxxx are numbers) to register and identify to nickserv if they want to chat on the channel.
NewChattr.tcl 1.4.0 25/02/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Adds a list of the last 7 chattr changes on a user. Logs who did it and what was changed along with the time.
Greet Scripts
0.6.4 25/09/1999 toot Random greet script.
news 1.01 - cycomate Saves and recalls channel news on user request. Controlled via public commands.
News 2 HTML 1.0 14/11/1999 Wingman Creates a web page which you can add news to using a msg command.
News 2 HTML 1.1 29/11/2002 Kyle A version of Wingman's News 2 HTML script removing the ability to input HTML tags, providing better security.
News Syndication 6.9 19/08/2006 perpleXa Parses RSS and Atom feeds. Will help you stay up to date all the time. The script uses a seperated configuration file, which makes it really easy to set up and add or remove feeds. It also uses asynchronous sockets to prevent your bot from pinging out if you have added lots of feeds.
News System 4.2 09/05/1999 Ernst Advanced news system.
News System 1.0.1 26/11/2010 CodeNinja Allows you to add and list news items via public commands. Includes various settings for adjusting how news is displayed.
news.tcl 1.4.2 20/03/2006 DMS Reads news from rdf-links, which are available for nearly all interests. Should work with all rdf-links (and most xml). Documentation in English and German.
Next 1.1 02/03/2013 dirty Inc. A rewrite of the next tcl for help channels. Can be activated on any channel from IRC plus it has lots of commands like adding helpers, suspending them, stats of helpers and lots more.
next 2.0 16/11/2002 mortician Creates a list of users who join the channel and voices first user in list when doing ".next". See the script for more details and other commands/features.
NicePaL 2.1.3 03/09/2002 NicePaL General script with useful functions for ident, adding/removing users, public commands, and more. Now includes help file.
nicepal.adv.tcl 1.0 07/10/2002 NicePaL Sends random advertisements to the channel(s).
Nick Detector 1.0 08/06/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Detects when users change their nick and sends a random message to the user on the channel. You can set the messages in the script.
Nick Holder 1.1 28/07/1999 Peaker Makes the bot hold your nick while you're offline.
Nick Identify
Services Scripts
- 13/05/2001 blue, modified by Xenogear Basic NickServ identification script.
Nick Not Allowed 1.0 25/01/2003 Nor7on Kicks, bans, and sends msgs to people who join with a nickname that contains specified obscenities. Script is in Spanish.
Anti-Spam Scripts
1.0 25/02/2008 Nor7on Detects spambots by their nickname when they join the channel. Can set bans on the channel and in Undernet's X. Adapted to work with or without X and with or without op. Script can be enabled/disabled in DCC. Includes English and Spanish versions. See extended description.
NickComp.tcl - 30/11/1999 k-no, et al Adds botnet nick completion.
Services Scripts
- 31/12/1999 Laurababe Sends identification messages to nickop on Austnet.
Services Scripts
1.0 25/05/2000 wolven Automatically identifies a nickname to prevent it from becoming unregistered. See extended description.
Services Scripts
1.3 21/12/2000 m0de Allows your bot to identify to NickOp on request. Designed for Austnet.
NickPlus 1.0 10/12/2004 phil Write the current nicklist of a channel to a file. Differs from other similar scripts in that it recognizes the nick prefixes ~, &, @, %, and + ; not just @ and +. This script is useful for writing a list to be used on a web site or in another script.
nicksave.tcl - 20/10/2002 eggs Simple but effective script to save your nick via an eggdrop.
Nicksaver 1.00 13/09/2002 Papillon Makes the bot check all its channels every min and change its nick to the one specified if that nick is not in any of the channels.
NickServ & ChanServ Tools
Services Scripts
1.0 08/12/2005 Holli Gives the bot the ability to identify itself to NickServ. Also has a feature to gain op from ChanServ for a specified channel. Script is in German.
Nickserv identification
Services Scripts
09 22/03/2004 Dedan Advanced identification script for Dalnet. Auto-identifies your bot to Nickserv and asks Chanserv for Ops. Will keep your Bot OPed. Version 9 DCC and MSG commands.
Nickserv identification
Services Scripts
- 19/10/2006 Remorse A modified version of Dedan's advanced identification script, altered to work with NickOp on AustNet.
nickserv identification
Services Scripts
- 24/05/2001 - Will ident your bot to the nickserv on hybrid servers.
NickServ Identifier
Services Scripts
1.0 17/09/1999 blue Makes the bot identify itself to NickServ. See extended description.
NickServ Identify
Services Scripts
- 30/03/2000 DrLinux Identifies your bot to NickServ.
Nickserv Identify
Services Scripts
1.1 16/06/2001 WD40 Periodically checks to see if Nickserv is online and identifies the bot if it is.
nickserv identify
Services Scripts
- - net Makes the bot identify itself to NickServ on, Bosnian IRC network.
Services Scripts
1.1 19/01/2002 medusaXX NickServ identify script for epona IRC services (version 1.4.9 at the moment).
Services Scripts
- 26/03/2000 TheWJM Sends identification messages to Nicky on a regular basis.
njf.tcl 0.7 01/02/2005 caesar A small and effective channel locker in case of a botnet join.

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