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Name Version Date Last Author Description
!Dns 3.1 13/07/2002 I_strike Adds a public command for resolving DNS. Script is in French.
!learn TCL
Info Scripts
0.2 14/09/2002 Hal9000 Information storage script that learns words and their definitions. Accessed by public !learn command.
!learn TCL 0.21 28/04/2003 Win a 2 An extended version of Hal9000's learn script.
!Ping 1.0 13/07/2005 MrBoss Adds a public command that lets you ping the specified host or IP and display the results in the channel. Script is in Portuguese.
!User@host 1.1 22/09/2001 deku Adds a public command that displays a user's user@host when requested.
!who.tcl 1.2 13/02/2003 MC_8 Perform a public !who request (wildcards accepted). If no match, it will try and dns it and try n` find that.
(GRNet's) Spam Hunter
Anti-Spam Scripts
0.1a 04/01/2010 Frozen Detects public/notice/ctcp and all kinds of channel spam, and filters it with the addition of a "word/phrase exception list" to avoid report/kick or kick&ban entertainment links as,, shoutcast radios and other urls like that, which are permitted on your channel.
./twlc news retreiving tcl 1.0 20/03/2002 Defcon7 Allows you to get the latest news of directly on IRC.
.next 1.06+mc1.0 05/03/2003 caesar A replica of the .next TCL script that is running on #zt and #nastrand channels @ Undernet.
File Server Scripts
1.0 15/06/2000 [spiff] Adds a public trigger for displaying information about an FTP server.
3xBot 1.12 26/06/2000 TripleX Large script with too many different features to list. See extended description.
Game Scripts 16/05/2006 miCHa Answers questions when you ask the bot. Script is in two languages (German & English) and you can administrate it through IRC.
ABCNews 1.1 18/10/2002 ThEdGE Will echo all the new headlines from in your channel, also the ability to get the last 5 headlines with a trigger.
Abuse user Report 1.0 02/10/2003 Ha0 Automatically logs abusive ops who kick the bot, and allows owners to view the list by typing !report in the channel.
AbuseReport 1.0 20/07/2009 BLaCkShaDoW Reports the channels the bot is absent from, those on which it's not opped, and channels that have fewer than a set number of users.
abv.tcl - 27/05/2010 game_over For mail users. Shows you how many new mails you have in your mail box. Script is in Bulgarian.
Access increasing script
Services Scripts
1.0 03/03/2009 iamdeath Undernet channel access management. Adds an op with 1 access level and adds 1+ every day.
Game Scripts
1.0.1 14/04/2002 Souperman A word game in which players must try to make a meaningful phrase from a string of letters (the ACRO). See extended description.
Acronym Fetcher 1.0 08/03/2007 MenzAgitat Fetches the meaning of a given acronym by using "".
Acronym Fetcher (French) 1.0 09/03/2007 MenzAgitat Fetches the meaning of a given acronym by using "". French version.
acronym.tcl 0.2 08/02/2005 fragp Uses "" to retrieve acronyms. Includes public and DCC commands.
action flood protection - 06/03/2004 AcADIeN Watch your users for ACTION ( /me ) abuse (like slap or away).
Action Reverse Replyer 1.03 26/07/2007 mindcry Simple action reverse for fun, reversing any action via pub msg or private to bot and built in flood protection to prevent bot from flooding server with action msg. Also equipped with exemption flags to exempts bots or friendly users.
Active Chatter 3.80.b 23/02/2009 awyeah Voices users who have said a certain number of lines on a channel (Active chatters). Additionally, it also devoices users who are idling for more than a certain amount of time on a channel (Unactive chatters).
ActiveChan 1.00 20/05/2001 DrN Lets a DCC user set thier active console channel to any channel the bot is on that they have access to. See extended description.
Add a Lie 1.0 07/07/2002 Rush Makes the bot tell lies.
Add Me 2.0 12/04/2003 Ozh Organize pickup games in an IRC channel. With commands like !addme and !removeme, players can enrole themselves into a list, and when the player list is full, the bot notices everyone to join a given server.
add-on.tcl 1.2 08/07/2002 funak Adds "Added" and "Changed" entries into the userfile new or changed users, also notifying owner(s) of bot, who were added or removed. Also adds handle and date@time to bans' reason, so banned person can see who set a ban on him.
Added.tcl 1.4.4 02/10/2001 Nils Ostbjerg Sends a note to the users specified in the config file's notify-newusers setting when a new user is added and adds an extra field to userfile entries showing who added the user.
Botnet Scripts
1.03 13/07/2002 MyCraft Lists all Added Bots of the Botnet. Checks for Linked Bots, OnChan Bots and displays missing Linked/OnChan Bots.
AddOp 2.0 30/03/1998 Digger Public commands for adding new ops.
Services Scripts
2.0 30/04/2005 emac A channel service bot intended primarily to act as a complete combination of ChanServ, NickServ, OpServ, HelpServ, and Global.
ADV on Timer 0.4 16/11/2003 JingYou Advertise colour text messages on specified channels plus multiple text messages.
ADV Seeker
Anti-Spam Scripts
0.2 31/07/2005 MekDrop Detects prohibited advertisements on the selected IRC network.
adv.tcl 1.5 30/12/2010 HM2K Allows you to advertise across many channels. Usually used in large channels or shell channels.
Advance Channel Greet
Greet Scripts
1.0 05/01/2003 MeS Displays notices (e.g. channel URL) on join and private msg (goodbye message) on part. Also provides an !info command in the channel. Script is in French.
adver.tcl - 08/08/2000 Ultimate Bans people who send invites to the channel.
Advert 1.05 09/12/2002 DrN Will allow you to define advertisment lines to be sent to anyone leaving a channel the bot is on. May also be used with a connected bot to send the ads through. Definable probability if it will advertise.
advert 1.4 27/04/2006 chris Sends an advertisement (or other message) every X minutes to all channels where the script is activated. Complete administration via public/msg commands.
afnorris.tcl 1.1 12/04/2006 AkiraX Random Chuck Norris and Mr.T "facts" from the web.
afthes.tcl 2.1 12/04/2006 AkiraX spellchecking, thesaurus and etymology.
Aide Commands 1.0 03/01/2003 MeS Allows you to create public help commands and text to go with them. For example, you add !helpers, then configure the text that will be noticed to the person who uses !helpers. This script is in French.
aidle.tcl 1.1 27/03/1999 slennox Basic anti-idle script that sends random messages to a channel at random time intervals.
Akick and Anti Akick - 22/07/2004 m4a1sD Auto-kicks users who kick the bot. Script is in Bulgarian.
Alarm 1.0 beta 26/11/2005 stalker Allows you to set timed reminders using public commands, and sends you the reminder when the timer expires.
alice.tcl 1.4.0 02/03/2004 strikelight Will turn your bot into an artificially intelligent chatterbot. See extended description.
All Protection 4.7 21/12/2010 Opposing Protection against all types of floods such as text, notice, caps, repeats, codes, advs, bad words/nicks/idents, ctcp/ctcr, mass deop/kick/ban, channel limit, join, part messages, revolving door (flyby), nick, clones and random drones. Also has protection against botnet (mass) and private floods. See extended description.
Allakhazam item info 1.0.0 05/12/2005 Lopo Allakhazam wowitem info for World of Warcraft users. Based on the imdb info script released by phillie.
allchan.tcl 3.01 18/11/2000 Sup Adds lots of commands for performing functions on all channels the bot is on.
Allmodes - 10/03/2003 Chaos A set of three small scripts that set +o (@), +h (%), and +v (+) modes when users join a channel.

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