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Channel Linking Scripts
0.1 09/02/2007 HM2K Relay for bitlbee. Based on linkchan.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.01 21/10/2001 shred Channel relay script. Uses the botnet to relay messages between different channels/networks.
Channel Linking Scripts
3.6 13/10/2011 CrazyCat A complete relay script which works with the botnet. You can use it as a spy or a full duplex communication tool.
File Relay TCL
File Server Scripts
0.49 14/11/2005 [IsP] Search and send files via channel/msg triggers to the bot. New update includes bugfixes, SUB-DIR file searching/sending, KB/MB/GB size info, and send to a specified user. Should work on any eggdrop (no longer OS dependant).
ircd.tcl 2.4 29/09/2004 demond Emulates ircd by connecting as IRC server and relaying nicks/chans/msgs in attempt to populate your tiny network; has the ability to relay channels as one-to-many, i.e., to split a large channel your bot is on into several smaller channels; supported uplink types are hybrid6, hybrid7 and unreal.
Channel Linking Scripts
- 03/06/2001 BarkerJr Allows one bot to relay channel messages between two networks using a socket.
Mailtools 1.0 21/02/1999 Taske Relays messages via e-mail. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.0.0 23/05/1998 cl00bie Links channels on different IRC networks. See extended description.
Channel Linking Scripts
1.0.1 05/03/2009 iamdeath Links channels on different IRC networks. Updated version of cl00bie's script with added colours/features and fixed bugs.
Spychan 1.2 - MeTroiD Spychan will relay everything done on the channel you're spying on and report it to a channel of your choice.
Urban Dictionary 1.7 11/08/2006 perpleXa Looks up terms on and relays them to an irc channel.