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(GRNet's) Spam Hunter
Anti-Spam Scripts
0.1a 04/01/2010 Frozen Detects public/notice/ctcp and all kinds of channel spam, and filters it with the addition of a "word/phrase exception list" to avoid report/kick or kick&ban entertainment links as,, shoutcast radios and other urls like that, which are permitted on your channel.
kicksource 0.2 26/05/2004 #@homer Kick a source (moderator) from a shoutcast radio stream using a public command.
KNAC - 25/09/2002 Ozh The bot answer to !knac with the name of the song and artist currently on air on (streaming rock radio).
LaBo Trial DJ Script 1.0.0 23/01/2007 LaBo A trial DJ script for Internet radio stations who want to trial DJs. This is my first ever script and it works great with Tido's icecast/shoutcast scripts.
now_playing.tcl 1.0 18/08/2005 atnuuski Displays the current songname and artist playing on the with !np trigger.
playlist scan 0.5 - #@homer Create playlists in HTML using public commands. Good for those streaming radio with Shoutcast. The listeners can check the current playlist with a public trigger and know what the DJ has.
Quote Scripts
0.6 BETA 28/09/1999 Gh0stWriteR Displays information about the current stream on the Starfleet Radio shoutcast server.
radio 3.0 31/01/2013 MadaliN Connect to almost any radio station (shoutcast) without having to know its password. All the commands are public. Script is in English.
Radio On Line - 28/06/2003 Sergios Returns the title & artist currently on air on a radio shoutcast server.
radio2.tcl - 01/06/2002 jj Will create public commands for radio stations (e.g. Shoutcast).
Radioscript 0.9 22/04/2006 hangy For radio streams that have IRC channels; used to manage the stream, channels, mods/djs, etc. Comes with a nice botnet ability to spread your radio to different IRC networks. English & German versions.
scbnc.tcl 1.0 11/02/2010 bnc Remake of shoutcast.tcl. Easy and simple to use. Add it to the bot, then type !radio in the channel and the bot will display the current song's title. See extended description.
SHOUTcast 2.13 05/08/2013 Mezen Shoutcast-2.13 DNAS 2* Compatible. Works with the latest BSD and Linux Version. Includes a routine to announce the current song, bitrate and listeners, and a routine to advertise radio URL. TDOM required server-side to run this script.