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BarScript - 04/02/2003 fedayking A simple Dutch bartender script.
chcmd.tcl 1.1 18/09/2003 carinito A public commands script in both Dutch and English.
coffeeshop.tcl - 06/02/2003 fedayking A Dutch bartender script.
Crack the Code
Game Scripts
1 06/11/2003 TALES A math game. Supports Dutch, English, and German. See extended description.
Date.tcl 1.3nl 12/08/2001 BaseFreak Stores birthdays and events and lets you check how many days there are until each event. Sets a topic when it's someone's birthday. Dutch version.
funny.tcl 1.0 16/03/2004 Carinito Funny responses to MSG and public commands. Script is in Dutch.
iq.tcl 1.0 22/08/2005 GoD Randomly guesses your IQ and makes an appropriate commment. Script is in Dutch. See extended description.
k.tcl 1.0 02/12/2002 ]HaTiX[ A script to let your bot automatically log into K (kind of chanserv) on the Dutch KreyNet-server.
knuffel.tcl - 22/05/2001 NeoFlame A simple Dutch bartender script.
love.tcl - 21/03/2004 carinito A Dutch script based on loveserv.tcl.
Pandora 0.02 27/07/2003 TheBeasT A bunch of entertainment scripts that respond to public commands and words. Script is in Dutch.
Game Scripts
- 09/04/2010 YottaByte Simple Russian roulette game. Script is in Dutch.
Slap Jack (Dutch)
Game Scripts
1.0 29/03/2008 Lowerland & TijN A Dutch version of Slap Jack by Justdabomb2.
Strip Tease 1.04 16/10/2001 DrN Makes your bot perform a strip tease in the channel. Dutch translation of DrN's script by a third party.
Services Scripts
2.1 31/01/2005 Fr33Man A script for bots opered on networks using the Auspices IRC Services that allows registered users to change their own vhosts. Can prevent users choosing vhosts containing specified "bad" words. Includes Dutch and English versions of the script.


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