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Bad Nick 1.2 24/02/2004 Rana Usman Will kick a user using defined badwords in their nicks. Very simple and will take only a few minutes to configure completely.
Bad Word 1.3 14/09/1999 TheGhost Kicks/bans people who use specified 'bad words' on the channel.
BlackTools 2.4 20/08/2012 BLaCkShaDoW The Ultimate Channel Control Script, now having a language module (in which you can add other languages if you want), protections (antipub, antinotice etc.), modules (badchan, badword, topwords, limit, seen, antidle etc.) and lots of commands to control your channel and your eggdrop. See extended description.
Bwords 2.1 28/05/2003 - Lets you define a list of badwords, channels set +bword will kick+ban users when saying these words, bans by default.
Channelhelper 2.0 08/02/2009 Djoezy A script to manage multiple channels. It has topic protection, welcome, badword, VIP scan, spamscan,channel mode protection, etc. Works with channel and global users. mIRC script included for managing channels. Specialized for Quakenet, but can run on other networks.
Kufur.tcl 2.0 29/07/2005 Stonkeep Yuklendi Turkish badword script. GLINEs and KILLs if the bot is an IRCop, otherwise it will kick and ban from the channel.
list kicker 0.1 28/06/2004 Cobratek Kicks a user for using a banned word. For people tired of having warez kiddies coming into their channels, throwing out a !list and leaving. Based on BadWord.tcl by TheGhost and/or Rajeh Alharithi, but stripped down to the essentials.
Swear Kick/Badword Kick 1.2 24/02/2004 Rana Usman Kicks users who swear / use badwords on different channels. Very easy to configure with several options.
tkbadword.tcl 0.10 08/08/2011 tomekk Kicks/Bans people who say bad words. Words are stored in a file. Op protect is allowed. You can add/del/list words via priv msg. You don't need to rehash/restart your bot. You can define ban duration time etc. Script is very simple to use.
Veed 0.4 01/01/2003 Naveed Scripts with multichannel support that allow each channel owner configure the scripts for his needs. Includes Vdeop, Vbadwords, Vadvertise, and Vaway scripts.
ZimoZimo badword 1.5.0 12/05/2004 Rajeh Alharithi Kicks/bans people who use specified bad words in the channel.