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The Tcl Archive is one of the web's premier repositories of Tcl scripts for Eggdrop, allowing you to search or browse hundreds of scripts that can enhance your bot's functionality. It currently hosts 1743 scripts by 939 authors, and was last updated 7 October 2014.

If you can't find the script you're looking for in this archive, try the bseen scripts site and


The search uses "AND" matching (e.g. a search for greet join will match scripts containing greet AND join in the title/author/description). Substrings are also matched (e.g. a search for greet will match changreets.tcl), so there's no need to use wildcards.

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New Scripts
Scripts added or updated during the last month.

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Scripts added or updated in the past year.

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Every script in the archive.

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Scripts with the highest number of downloads.

Anti-Spam Scripts (26)
Identify and punish users who advertise on the channel or send spam to users who join.
Botnet Scripts (31)
Make botnet management easier with botnet commands, botnet opping, linking and other botnet-related functions.
Bouncer Scripts (14)
Connect to servers through a bouncer.
Channel Linking Scripts (9)
Link channels on different IRC networks, with the bots relaying channel activity between them.
File Server Scripts (32)
Share files on the channel via DCC or FTP.
Game Scripts (86)
Play games hosted by the bot, such as trivia and word games.
Greet Scripts (27)
Greet users who join the channel with a general or user-specific message.
Info Scripts (32)
Store terms and their definitions, and display these in response to user requests. Also known as "dictionary" or "learn" scripts.
Limit Scripts (20)
Set and dynamically adjust the limit on the channel. Used to prevent tens or hundreds of floodbots from joining at the same time.
Quote Scripts (40)
Display famous quotations randomly or in response to user requests.
Seen Scripts (19)
Store and retreive information about when a user was last seen on the channel.
Services Scripts (112)
Interact with IRC services such as ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, and X.
Topic Scripts (42)
Keep a particular channel topic, store topics, and display random topics.

Note that I am not responsible for these scripts and do not offer support for them, nor can I guarantee the integrity of the files. Most of the scripts in the archive are written for Eggdrop 1.3, 1.4 or 1.6. It's hard to keep track of exactly which versions are supported because of the number of changes and new Tcl commands in 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 bots. Information about version support may be included in the script's documentation.


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