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If you represent a shell provider or know of a provider that should be added to the shell provider list on, would like to point out any outdated or incorrect information about a provider, or have found a provider that is no longer around or offering shells, fill out the form below. If you represent a provider and would like more than a text listing, please contact me for advertising info.

Providers, read this if you want to be listed correctly:

  1. The list is for shell providers who offer accounts suitable for running Eggdrop. You must sell accounts with SSH access or telnet and FTP access and this must be specified in the product description. Otherwise, it isn't clear they're not just "bot rental" services.
  2. If your location is obscure (e.g. a server location buried in the second paragraph of the "about us" page) you'll be put in the "unknown" category. Make sure your location is published in a way that's clear and obvious to potential customers, such as an address on the "contact us" page.
  3. The above point also applies to payment methods. It should be easy to tell from your website whether you accept credit cards or PayPal without having to first fill in personal details and submit the order form.
  4. The "prices start at" field in the list is based on full access shell accounts, not bouncer-only accounts.
  5. If you have a non-English website, it will help to include your information (prices, location, etc.) in the comments space below.

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