Old News

15 May 2009 - Eggdrop 1.6.19+ctcpfix released

Described as an urgent update with further information to follow, a new version of Eggdrop has been released to fix a bug in CTCP parsing code in servmsg.c. That's the only change. Visit the files page to download 1.6.19+ctcpfix from egghelp.org or the eggheads FTP server.

28 April 2009 - Updated logs2html module

logs2html v2.4.0 is now available for download from the files page. The changes are as follows:

  • module can convert and show logs for several years
  • the output pages are now in xhtml format
  • added dont-print-time parameter
  • added month-block-orientation parameter
  • some color-names fixed in default css file

28 March 2009 - last.mod v0.5

A new module has been added to the files page:

Last.Mod records logins and logouts on your bot's party line. With the '.last' command you can see who was on, from which remote host at which time (and how long he/she was there).

21 March 2009 - Suzi project patch updated for 1.6.19

The Suzi patch fixes issues Eggdrop has handling non-Latin characters, and is particularly useful for users of the Cyrillic or Greek alphabet. The patch addresses problems with:

  • Get/send/process strings which contain non-Latin characters in Tcl interpreter
  • 'Case sensitive' and 'not matching' binds
  • set nick "non-Latin-characters"
  • Stripping characters with code 255 in party line or DCC chat
  • DCC commands '.chhandle' and '.handle' and their Tcl analogs
  • Detecting locale encoding

Visit the patches section to download the updated version for 1.6.19.

15 February 2009 - Updated nohostwhowhom patch

BarkerJr's nohostwhowhom patch has been updated by Free-bob for 1.6.19. This patch prevents Eggdrop sending hosts upon joining a botnet or on a remote who, as well as fixing the .vbottree version display bug in 1.6.19. Download it here.

17 January 2009 - New SSL patch

durex has updated the SSL patch for Eggdrop 1.6.19 to work with 64-bit systems. It also includes a fix to ensure it compiles with thread support. Download the patch from the files page.

4 August 2008 - Patches updated for 1.6.19

The IPv6 patch has been updated by Free-bob for 1.6.19. Also updated is his topicprot topic-locking patch. Visit the files page for patch downloads.

6 July 2008 - 14 new modules added

Pan-(G) has created a bunch of Eggdrop modules implementing functions typically added via Tcl scripts, including channel limiting, flood protection and clone checking. All of these modules can be found in the modules section of the files page.

20 April 2008 - Eggdrop 1.6.19 released, SSL patch updated

After almost two years a new Eggdrop release is finally out and can be downloaded from the eggheads.org FTP server. Though not a major update, it's a recommended one as it fixes a buffer overflow issue in the server module, which could be exploited by a malicious IRC server. Support for QuakeNet's +T channel mode has also been added. You can read the release announcement here and the full list of changes can be found in the updates file.

Rootie has updated the SSL patch to work with 1.6.19. This patch allows your bot to connect to IRC servers using SSL where available. You can grab it from the files page.

7 April 2008 - Updated IPv6 patch

Scott has made some fixes to the unofficial IPv6 patch for Eggdrop 1.6.18 in an attempt to fix crashes caused by the previous version. You can download the updated version of the patch from the files page.

20 January 2008 - Updated Russian language pack

The latest version of Sergey Turchaninov's Russian language pack has been added to the files page. The update adds a third set of language files in UTF-8 encoding and fixes some spelling errors.

26 November 2006 - IPv6 patch for 1.6.18

Free-bob has updated the IPv6 patch for Eggdrop to work with 1.6.18. You can download the patch from the files page.

13 August 2006 - Patches updated for 1.6.18

Several updated patches have been added to the files page since the final release of Eggdrop 1.6.18. The first was an updated SSL patch by Rootie, which also fixes compatibility problems earlier versions had with BarkerJr's mysql.mod. The latest include the first new topic protection patch since 1.6.12, and an updated version of the Suzi Project patch that may be of interest to users of Cyrillic and other alphabets containing non-Latin characters.

16 July 2006 - Eggdrop 1.6.18 released, server move for forum

Eggdrop 1.6.18 has been released. Only one significant change has been made since the release candidate a few months ago, so if you're already using 1.6.18 RC1, there is no rush to update. You can read the release announcement here and download 1.6.18 from Eggheads.org FTP server.

The user forum has been moved to a new server. If the forum is closed or inaccessible when you visit, you're still being sent to the old server's IP. It shouldn't take more than a day or so for the DNS changes to reach your ISP, but if you require support in the meantime, visit #egghelp on freenode or a support channel on your preferred IRC network.

26 April 2006 - SSL patch for 1.6.18 RC1, Bulgarian language files

poci has updated the SSL patch to work with Eggdrop 1.6.18 Release Candidate 1. As always, you can find this patch on the files page.

Eggdrop is now available in yet another language with MMDollar's translation of the language files to Bulgarian. Download this complete set for 1.6.17 from the language files section.

4 April 2006 - Eggdrop 1.6.18 RC1 released!

Eggheads has made available the first release candidate for Eggdrop 1.6.18. Major changes include:

  • Fixed several build problems on Mac OS X, NetBSD, and OSF1.
  • Dns.mod should compile on Mac OS X now. Thanks to Netscrape @ EFNet for testing.
  • 'channel get' Tcl command now works for stopnethack-mode.
  • Many improvements to the notes and bind code.
  • Added support to MSGM, PUBM, NOTC, and WALL binds to support bound procs returning 1 to prevent logging of the trigger message text.
  • Added the 'exclusive-binds' setting. If this is set to 0, MSGM and MSG binds, PUB and PUBM binds, etc. are both triggered when a matching event occurs.

See guppy's full announcement for details, and the updates file for a complete list of changes. You can download 1.6.18 RC1 directly from the eggheads.org FTP server.

15 November 2005 - Russian language files

A complete set of Russian language files by Sergey Turchaninov has been added to the files page.

18 October 2005 - Italian language files for 1.6.17, updated logs2html module

Real_Privilege has created a complete set of Italian language files for Eggdrop 1.6.17. You can download it from the language files section.

Also on the files page is the latest version of Alexander Fedotov's logs2html module. Recent improvements include support for bold and underline tags, the ability to change the meta tag, and some bug fixes.

19 September 2005 - Unoffical IPv6 patch for 1.6.17

Jerome has submitted an IPv6 patch for 1.6.17, based on the 1.6.13 patch. You can download it from the files page.

12 September 2005 - Croatian language file

A Croatian core language file for Eggdrop 1.6.17 has been added to the language files section.

9 August 2005 - Updated netset.tcl for v4.10

A missing setting in the example netset.tcl file included with netbots.tcl v4.10 has been causing some problems. To fix it, find the following line in your netset.tcl:

nb_set NoteBot nb_update "YourNick"

Do a manual find in case you've already changed "NoteBot" and "YourNick". Then add the following line before it:

set nb_update ""

The files on the netbots.tcl page now include the updated netset.tcl. In this case, I've decided not to alter the version number as that would mean people having to update and reload all the scripts as well to make them display "v4.11", rather than just editing the settings file.

8 August 2005 - netbots.tcl v4.10 released, logs2html source available

Although there are no plans for a full resumption of development after three years of inactivity, netbots.tcl remains one of the most widely-used scripts, so I thought it was time to release an update that would make things more convenient for users. netbots.tcl v4.10 contains the updated botnetop.tcl and chanlimit.tcl components that were available separately, and the updated version of sentinel.tcl which was released as a test version. I couldn't resist fixing some bugs and adding a couple of small features as well; the full list of updates can be read here.

Alexander has made available the source code for his logs2html module, previously released as a binary only. You can now find both in the modules section.

28 July 2005 - Remote console script, Tcl Archive updates, logs2html v2.3.1

One problem with Eggdrop's .relay function is its need to establish a new connection to the target bot. This a creates few annoyances. First, each bot must have a listen port and this information needs to be correctly set in each bot's user record. Second, the connection may fail due to firewalls. Third, you can only control one bot at a time. demond's innovative rconsole.tcl overcomes these problems by utilising the botnet link already established. Load this script on each of your bots, and you can forget about having to set and maintain listen ports. You'll be able to control multiple bots from the one console, and failed .relay attempts will no longer be an issue. Download rconsole.tcl from the Tcl Archive.

Speaking of the Tcl Archive, a few small improvements have been made in recent weeks. The main one is the addition of a submission form for new scripts, so you no longer have to e-mail the files to me directly (unless you really want to :D). Another is almost all scripts now have a date, making it easier to tell the old scripts from the new. Previously, many scripts lacked a date, since it was added only if the author wrote one in their script (it's now based on the the last modified file within each zip/tarball). Also, if you're wondering where the "downloads" column has gone, just rest your cursor over the script name to see a "tooltip" display the number of times the script has been downloaded.

Finally, Alexander has sent in another update to his logs2html module. v2.3.1 moves page style descriptions to a CSS file, fixes a few bugs, and no longer requires Tcl. You can find it on the files page.

22 July 2005 - log offset patch

Would you like the timestamps in your bot's logfiles to display your local time instead of the shell's time? makam has sent in a simple patch for Eggdrop 1.6.17 that makes your bot do just that. You can find the patch on the files page.

31 May 2005 - Eggdrop's development status, new flood protection script

Eggdrop devteam leader Wcc has posted a statement on Eggdrop's development status. While commenting on the success of 1.6.17, he also says that progress on Eggdrop 1.9.x / 2.0, expected to be the next major release of Eggdrop, has slowed as members of the existing team have less time to work on it, and makes a call for new developers as well as people willing to test the new version.

Opposing (aka Sir_Fz) has announced a beta version of a flood protection script intended to detect and respond to numerous types of floods. With sentinel.tcl well past its prime and receiving only minor updates, a protection script with a wider scope that is able to detect and respond to the latest fashions in flooding is long overdue.

7 May 2005 - MegaHAL 2.7 released

An updated version of the MegaHAL module has been released. The updates include:

  • Fixed *BSD compile errors.
  • Added a config setting to specify how often to save the brain file.
  • Added a config setting to disable the creation of backups of the brain file.
  • Added a config setting to specify the (8.3) file name to store the brain as.

You can download the new version from the modules section of files page. Instructions for installing and using the module can now be found in BarkerJr's wiki.

1 May 2005 - logs2html v2.1.0

Alexander Fedotov has updated his logs2html module with support for HTML links and e-mail addresses in logs. You can find the new version on the files page.

3 March 2005 - New version of logs2html, Dutch language file

A new version of Alexander Fedotov's logs2html module, which converts channel logs to HTML for displaying on the web, has been added to the files page. This update adds support for multiple channels and allows you to specify the page colours.

Unfortunately, due to problems caused by a conflict between Eggdrop and the MySQL lib, Douglas Cau is no longer maintaining MyStats.mod and has requested it be removed. The PostgreSQL version of the module is still available on the files page.

Foxman has converted Eggdrop 1.6.17's core language file to the Dutch language. You can download this file from the language files section.

14 February 2005 - Updated PgStats

An updated version of PgStats.mod, a channel statistics module that stores its data in a PostgreSQL database, has been added to the modules section. This version has some bug fixes and adds two handy new partyline commands.

12 January 2005 - Polish core language file

Czysty has contributed his first version of a Polish translation for Eggdrop 1.6.17. At the moment it includes the core language file only. You can find it in the language files section.

28 December 2004 - logs2html module

Alexander Fedotov has created a module which converts log files to HTML format for publishing on the web, and generates a calendar page that links to the converted files. The logs2html module can be downloaded from the files page.

17 December 2004 - Improved Finnish language files

DtW has completely rewritten the Finnish language files included with Eggdrop 1.6.17, improving the translation and correcting mistakes. You can download this set from the language files section.

15 November 2004 - Spanish language files for 1.6.17

Ajayu has sent in a set of Spanish language files for Eggdrop 1.6.17. I've added it to the language files section.

10 November 2004 - New version of PgStats.mod

Douglas has released v1.1.0 of PgStats, a module that creates a channel statistics and stores its data in a PostgreSQL database. The new version fixes a couple of bugs and adds some new features and options, including the ability to add users automatically. You can find this module in the files section.

15 September 2004 - nohostwhowhom patch for 1.6.17

BarkerJr has released an updated version of his patch that prevents Eggdrop from showing other users on the botnet your IP/hostname. It has been added to the files section.

31 August 2004 - SSL patch for 1.6.17

Hot on the heels of 1.6.17's release, poci has updated the SSL patch which allows your bot to establish SSL connections with servers that support it. You can find it in the patches section. Update: the patch file originally uploaded had DOS/Windows end-of-line characters, which was causing problems on some shells. I've changed the file to Unix format and uploaded it. Please download it again if you were having problems.

24 August 2004 - Eggdrop 1.6.17 released!

After a few weeks as a release candidate, Eggdrop 1.6.17 has now been released. The major changes listed in Wcc's release message include:

  • The compiling errors (and the crash) that were discovered shortly after 1.6.16 was released are now fixed.
  • We now compile (with modules!) on Mac OS X and NeXT Step.
  • An improved Compiling Guide / FAQ in doc/COMPILE-GUIDE.
  • Many improvements to the build/compile process.
  • Added a "stripcodes" Tcl command for efficiently removing control codes from strings (see doc/tcl-commands.doc).
  • Op (+o) implies halfop (+l) now.
  • Added support for Quakenet channel modes.
  • Added a set of Finnish language files and a Finnish MOTD.
  • Fixed Tcl encoding issues with .tcl and .set.
  • Detect Tcl in $HOME/lib and $HOME/tcl/lib first, as to make it easier to allow users to override the system's Tcl version.
  • Bot idx's are now considered valid to the "valididx" Tcl command.
Refer to the updates file for the complete list of changes. You can download 1.6.17 from the Eggheads FTP server.

8 August 2004 - SSL patch for Eggdrop 1.6.16

poci has updated hoe's SSL patch for 1.6.15 to work with 1.6.16. This patch allows your bot to securely connect to IRC servers that support SSL. You can download it from the patches section.

4 August 2004 - Eggdrop 1.6.17 RC1 released, Turkish language files, PuTTY security hole

The first release candidate for Eggdrop 1.6.17 is now available. Read about the major bug fixes and changes in Wcc's release message. If you have a botnet, give 1.6.17 RC1 a try on at least one of your bots to help find any bugs before the final release. You can download it from the Eggheads FTP server.

TuRKeR has created a complete set of Turkish language files for 1.6.16. You can download them from the language files section.

Many Eggdrop users on Windows use PuTTY to connect to their shells and bots. A serious security hole has been found in the SSH client and it's recommended that all users upgrade to the new version that has just been released.

24 July 2004 - Tcl Archive problem fixed

Thanks to all those who e-mailed and informed me of the problems accessing the Tcl Archive over the past twelve hours. The server errors had to do with corruption in the download counter database, which was also the cause of the archive being unavailable a couple of times in the past. I've now made some changes so that in future it automatically informs me of the problem while allowing to search and download from the archive even if the corruption reoccurs.

3 July 2004 - New Asuka patch

The QuakeNet Asuka patch submitted a few days ago reportedly contains errors and may not function properly. The original maintainer of the Asuka patch for 1.6.15 has now released his own 1.6.16 version, and I've replaced the patch by him_selfe in the files section with the newer patch by MikeC.

30 June 2004 - Asuka patch for 1.6.16

him_selfe has sent in a patch for 1.6.16 that adds support for the Asuka (QuakeNet) extensions, among other things. You can find it in the patches section.

23 June 2004 - Finnish language files for 1.6.16

A set of Finnish language files by Mikko Vester has been added to the language files section. Included with the .lang files is a Finnish version of eggdrop.conf.

19 June 2004 - 1.6.16 / Tcl 8.0 Compiling Issue, 1001 Tcl Scripts

Eggheads recently posted a notice regarding problems compiling Eggdrop 1.6.16 with Tcl 8.0. Be sure to check it if you're having trouble compiling.

The Tcl Archive has finally surpassed 1,000 scripts, each added and updated by hand over the past five years. In the most recent updates you may notice several "old" scripts by Dr. Nibble, FireEgl, and MC_8 appearing under "new" scripts. This is because the existing versions in the archive were outdated and are progressively being replaced by their most recent versions. As MC_8 is officially retired from public scripting, and the story could be similar for DrN and FireEgl, please do not bother these people about the scripts I've updated.

1 June 2004 - Eggdrop 1.6.16 released!

More than a year after the the release of 1.6.15, the long-awaited Eggdrop 1.6.16 is finally available. Read the official announcement to see the major changes, or view the updates file here for the full list. You can download 1.6.16 from Eggheads.org, and for those who are a bit rusty on upgrading the bots after all this time, check out this section of the FAQ on how to update your bot.

28 May 2004 - MyStats.mod, MC_8 retires

Douglas Cau has submitted a statistics module for Eggdrop similar to stats.mod, but using MySQL or PostgreSQL databases to store data and keep track of users. The module has been developed for some time now and is considered stable. I've added both versions to the files page.

After years of writing and maintaing Tcl scripts for Eggdrop community, MC_8 announced his retirement earlier this month. A prolific scripter, MC_8 created useful scripts not only in great quantity, but with a degree of quality and responsiveness to user requests that few have matched. All the while, he created an IRC and web-based FAQ system that has helped countless people in Undernet's #Eggdrop.

15 April 2004 - Eggdrop 1.6.16 RC1, No Host Who/Whom for 1.6.16, Eggdrop.conf creator for Linux, Change of e-mail address

Eggdrop 1.6.16 Release Candidate 1 was recently released. See Wcc's announcement for full details and download locations. If you have a botnet, please consider upgrading at least one of your bots and help the development team iron out any bugs before the final 1.6.16 release.

BarkerJr promptly released a patch for 1.6.16 which prevents it from showing other users on the botnet your IP/hostname. You can find this patch in the files section.

Also added to the files section is Simeon Mladenov's GUI-based Eggdrop.conf Creator for GNU/Linux.

Finally, because of the barrage of worm-generated junk messages I've been getting recently, I've changed my contact e-mail address. The updated address can be found here.

8 March 2004 - French egghelp, Eggdrop LogViewer, wget (again), empty bot password issue

CrazyCat has been maintaining a French version of egghelp.org. Much of egghelp.org's content has been translated and some modified to increase its relevance to French readers.

A PHP-based system for viewing Eggdrop logfiles via the web has been added to the files section. Eggdrop LogViewer by Seitan end Yvl features a multiple user login system allowing users to view only logfiles that are defined for them.

A few people have reported problems downloading scripts from the Tcl Archive using wget. After trying it myself I noticed that the users' shells were most likely cutting off everything after the & character in the URL. So when using wget, remember to enclose the URL in double quotes or place a backslash in front of the & character.

Finally, late last year there were reports of a security issue with Eggdrop. It was based on the fact that in a typical botnet, a leaf bot may have bots in its userfile with no password set, allowing an imposter to establish a link to it without requiring a password. There are several ways to prevent this happening to your botnet, the most obvious being to make sure each bot has a password set for every bot in its userfile (a Tcl script can make this easier--netbots.tcl users can use .netpass for example). Other things that can prevent this include allowing only users to telnet to leaf bots and enabling protect-telnet, both of which are now described in the bot protection and security section.

24 December 2003 - Romanian language files, SSL patch

blowfish has created a complete set of Romanian language files for Eggdrop 1.6.15, which can be found in the language files section.

Thanks to MyCraft for sending an SSL patch for 1.6.15. I've added it to the patches section.

I've finally updated the Tcl Archive in what will probably be its final update for the year. My first New Year's resolution will be to complete the implementation of a more automated script submission system, so that long-suffering authors won't have to wait so long for their scripts to appear.

17 November 2003 - MegaHAL v2.6b

BarkerJr has released an updated version of the MegaHAL module featuring the following updates:

  • Made the module compile and run on Eggdrop 1.6.16.
  • Made the module compile on OSX.
  • Check to see if quiet-save is set when saving.
  • Allow channel settings to be added to "channel set," etc, areas of the config if the module is loaded before channels module.

You can download it in standard and win32 versions from the files page.

17 September 2003 - Russian language file, Tcl Archive errors

Admiral has submitted the first Russian language file, a core language file for Eggdrop 1.6.15. You can download it from the language files section.

Several people reported receiving errors while using the Tcl Archive over the past week or so, and a large number of errors was confirmed in my error log. The causes of this problem have now been fixed.

30 August 2003 - wget problem fixed

Several people recently reported a problem using wget to download pages or files on egghelp.org. Some versions of wget would return a "redirection to itself" error. This problem has now been fixed.

22 August 2003 - MegaHAL 2.6a

In a desperate grab for more publicity, BarkerJr has released version 2.6a of the MegaHAL module, which also fixes a few bugs. You can download it from the files page.

24 July 2003 - MegaHAL 2.6, Hungarian setup guide, clonepro.tcl vulnerability

BarkerJr recently released version 2.6 of the MegaHAL module, which can now be downloaded from the files page. The major changes include:

  • Added +freespeak that lets megahal talk even though he's not asked.
  • Made it compile properly on SunOS.
  • Made the bot strip colours/bolds/underlines/reverses out of text before learning from it.

Janos Kapitany has made a very nice Hungarian translation of egghelp.org's setup guide for Eggdrop.

In this thread in the user forum, a vulnerability was discovered in the script clonepro.tcl by Algol, v.1.1. The problem is in the way it creates utimers, allowing users who join a channel with certain uhosts to execute commands like "die". I have removed the script from the tcl archive. If you happen to be running this script on your bot, I recommend unloading it.

22 July 2003 - Tcl Archive changes

I have to apologise for the slow updates to the Tcl Archive (among other things), but it hasn't been without reason. I've been working on the Tcl Archive to pave the way for improvements. Most of it has been behind-the-scenes stuff, but a few changes are visible. These are:

  • Categorisation, so you can easily view all scripts of a particular type (e.g. Limit Scripts, Quote Scripts). So far, I've sorted just under 250 scripts into twelve categories.
  • Download counter, allowing authors and users to view the popularity of a script.
  • Keyword highlighting, so you can see where your search terms match the results.

Other future improvements will allow authors to add and modify their own scripts, so that the archive can be updated more frequently, and a feature allowing users to rate or comment on scripts is also a possibility.

3 June 2003 - caesar's 1000th post

caesar Congratulations to caesar on achieving his 1000th post in the egghelp.org user forum. caesar's frequent contributions to the Tcl Scripts forum in particular have been of great value.

26 May 2003 - Eggdrop 1.6.15 status

Many people who've used 1.6.15 will now be aware that the .voice DCC command is broken, and a small number of people with odd systems may have run into problems compiling the bot due to problems with the "compatibility" code. Initially these were considered show-stoppers and another new release was planned, but as it turns out, the problems aren't that serious unless you have a major dependence on the .voice command.

One temporary workaround for the .voice problem is to use .dump mode #channel +v nick, although this is only available to global +n users. And for those with compiling problems, this patch may help. More info on using patches can be found in the Using Patches section.

It is expected that 1.6.16 will be released within the next few weeks after going through a new beta process (hopefully preventing problems like those above from slipping through).

6 May 2003 - Eggdrop 1.6.15 released, Dopa bash script

Eggdrop 1.6.15 has been released! You can download it from one of the locations listed below.

Eggdrop 1.6.15 [ 939 KB ] [ Updates file ]

USA/Canada (round robin): ftp.eggheads.org/pub/eggdrop/source/1.6/eggdrop1.6.15.tar.gz
France: ftp.club-internet.fr/pub/eggdrop/source/1.6/eggdrop1.6.15.tar.gz
The Netherlands: eggheads.mysmartcity.nl/eggdrop/source/1.6/eggdrop1.6.15.tar.gz
Poland: ftp.pl.eggheads.org/pub/eggheads/eggdrop/source/1.6/eggdrop1.6.15.tar.gz

According to Wcc's release message, the major changes in this version include:

  • Support for the IPv6 protocol.
  • Many bugfixes related to the transfer and filesystem modules.
  • Several more functions have been exported for use by module coders.
  • Updated UnderNet's max bans to 45, and EFnet's to 25.
  • The nick bind is now triggered even if the nick is not on any channels (ie if the bot's nick changes before it's on a channel).
  • Removed strict-servernames -- $server is now always the server's realname and $serveraddress is it's server list entry.
  • Merged use-console-r and debug-output into one new setting named raw-log.
  • Updated recommended Tcl version to 8.3.4.
  • User-punishing and tcl_maskhost nor use matching banmasks regardless of strict-host.
  • Updates to the 'autobotchk' script.

For anyone curious about what happened to 1.6.14, it was released briefly but turned out to be a dud, much like 1.6.11.

In other news, Dopamina has released a bash script named "Dopa" that uses prompting to allow newbies to easily configure their bot and crontab. You can find it in the files section.

1 April 2003 - Quickdrop config maker

Zapped has created a shell script named Quickdrop that makes config files for Eggdrop. I've added it to the files page.

22 March 2003 - MegaHAL 2.5a for Win32, Tcl "hall of fame" script nominations

BarkerJr has updated the Win32 version of the MegaHAL module to 2.5a. It is available for download from the files page.

With the Tcl Archive now housing over 800 scripts, it's getting much more difficult to find the best ones, particularly for those people who are brand new to vast array of scripts available. Therefore, I've decided to create a new section, a "hall of fame", which focuses on the best ones. However, it's not really fair nor desirable for I alone to pick and choose these scripts, so I'm asking for the help of the community. A new thread has been created in the user forum where members can nominate scripts. More details are available in the thread.

20 March 2003 - Updated Danish language files

TheAvatar has submitted an updated version of his Danish language files to correct some errors in the original release. You can find the updated set of files on the files page.

26 February 2003 - Norwegian language files

A complete set of Norwegian language files by Moonsh|ne has been submitted and is available for download from the files page.

I took a peek today at Eggdrop's default English language files and it appears they've not changed since Eggdrop 1.6.10. This means that, in theory, any set of language files written for 1.6.10 should work on 1.6.13 and vice versa, and I've separated the language files into two sections to reflect this. It also means that, in addition to the English, French, and German language files that come with Eggdrop, there are Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Romanian language files which should all work with 1.6.13.

22 February 2003 - Danish language files, X-Bot software

A complete set of Danish language files for 1.6.13 has been submitted. It can be found on the files page.

A new commercial program for managing Eggdrops has become available for purchase. X-Bot 2003, which is operated through a Windows interface, aims to make it easy to create bots and manage them on your shell account. More information can be found at the product's website.

2 February 2003 - Updated IPv6 patch

The IPv6 patch previously submitted apparently has problems. Wcc has fixed them and submitted a new patch, which can now be downloaded from the files page.

9 January 2003 - IPv6 patch for 1.6.13

IPJonas has updated Sascha Bielski's IPv6 patch to work with Eggdrop 1.6.13. You can download it from the files page.

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