netbots.tcl Issues

A list of reported problems, bugs, requests for features/changes, their status, and notes (e.g. interim fixes).

Date Issue Versions Affected Status Notes
Problems and Bugs
27/11/2002 sl_wideban sets bans that ban the bot itself, causes problems (e.g. if the bot disconnects and can't get back in) unknown pending (investigate) unconfirmed
20/11/2002 netupdate has problems in setups where multiple bots are run from the same directory all pending (implement) requires changes in netupdate to support netbots installations in differently named directories, see this faq
16/3/2002 bans are repeatedly set then removed when repeat.tcl and/or sentinel.tcl is loaded and ban functions are active on multiple sharebots probably all resolved (4.09) half-fixed by checking if ban exists before doing newchanban in repeat.tcl, rest depends on fix of eggdrop sharebot ban problem (should be fixed in later 1.6 bots)
4/1/2002 mass mode commands aren't working reliably (e.g. mass voice only does one line of voicing), superbitch also affected probably all pending (investigate) seems to be a queue-related problem with Eggdrop 1.6 (possibly only the later versions)
4/1/2002 netdump is not working properly (sends user handle instead of specified text) 4.00 - 4.05 resolved (4.09)  
4/1/2002 bot bans but doesn't kick after detecting multiple repeat floods if rp_warning is enabled in repeat.tcl 4.00 - 4.05 resolved (4.09)  
4/1/2002 receiving  the error invalid command name "nb_chattr" 3.00 and later resolved (4.09) probably caused by people not removing the special section at the bottom of their netset.tcl (will be removing the rename nb_chattr line from next version anyway)
Features and Changes
21/4/2003 implement functionality of stand-alone disconnect.tcl in netjump command n/a pending (implement)  
15/8/2002 detect all notice floods instead of just tsunami/avalance in sentinel.tcl 4.09 and earlier implemented (4.10) previously not implemented because it is an "annoying" rather than dangerous flood (sentinel.tcl's focus is the latter), picked up by standard text flood detector
15/8/2002 +R and +M support in sentinel.tcl for bahamut/Unreal ircd 4.09 and earlier implemented (4.10) +R support already implemented in next version, +M likely
7/8/2002 chanlimit.tcl has no special handling of netsplits 4.09 and earlier pending (implement) causes the script to set excessively low limits on long/large netsplits
4/1/2002 superbitch.tcl does not have an 'echans' (exclude channels) setting 4.09 and earlier pending (implement)  


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