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netbots.tcl is a flexible, feature-rich, and relatively secure botnet script for Eggdrop. It combines many of my previous standalone scripts, such as the original netbots.tcl, sentinel.tcl, botnetop.tcl, etc. with additional refinements and features designed to make botnet management easier and less time-consuming. It's great for standalone bots as well. However, because of its size and complexity, netbots.tcl is not suitable for users who are new to Eggdrop.

Download netbots.tcl v4.10
released 8/8/2005

Tarball: netbots4.10.tar.gz

Click here to read the list of updates and upgrade procedure for v4.10.

Enclosed scripts and documentation are in Unix file format and may not display correctly in Windows Notepad (try Wordpad or another text editor).


Full plain text documentation is included in the above archives, but you may also access the formatted (easier to read) version of the documentation via the web:

Netbots Documentation
Components Documentation
Advanced Documentation

After you've read the documentation and loaded the script, don't forget to use the .nethelp command in DCC, which explains all the commands available in netbots.tcl.

A new slennox's scripts FAQ section is also available, but it's a work in progress at the moment.

netbots.tcl Issues

Click the above link to view a page showing a list of reported problems, bugs, requests for features/changes, their status, and notes (e.g. interim fixes).


Eggdrop 1.6 and Tcl 8.3 or later is recommended. Backward compatibility with Tcl 7.6 and Eggdrop 1.3 remains a feature of netbots.tcl, but I'm no longer testing with these versions. If I ever get around to doing a code cleanup, legacy code intended to provide support for old versions of Eggdrop and Tcl may be removed.

Development Status

Major development on netbots.tcl ended in late 2001. Much of what was meant to become v4.50 or v5.00 was near complete by January 2002, with v4.09 intended to be a stopgap release. Unfortunately, the major new version was never finished, and it's been too long for me to pick up where I left off.

The new version, v4.10, is based on v4.09 and incorporates the updated botnetop.tcl and chanlimit.tcl components that were previously available separately, adds an updated version of sentinel.tcl with some important new features (e.g. custom lock modes and detection of plain notice floods), and contains a few bug fixes and a couple of minor new features.

Significant new features or overhauls are unlikely at this point in time. Most of the script was written last millennium and looks it, but it has aged gracefully and still works fine with the latest versions of Eggdrop.

Component Scripts

Loading a script as a netbots.tcl component rather than a standalone script can make botnet management easier by allowing you to centralise settings for all bots in a single netset.tcl and providing optimal functionality with netupdate.

Existing updated components that were previously available here as separate downloads have been implemented in the netbots.tcl v4.10 release. No other updated components are available at this time. Additional components for netbots.tcl not written by myself can be found at Johoho's Eggdrop Page.

Old Versions

Previous releases of netbots.tcl are available below (zip format only).