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In the past, I've tried my best to help people who e-mail me their Eggdrop and Tcl-related problems. But as the volume of mail I receive has increased, I haven't had time to reply to all problems, especially those I don't have an immediate answer to. Please use the following guide to find the right place to send your question or get help with a problem.

A word of warning: my slow e-mail replies are legendary. I've been known to take six months or more than a year to respond in some rare cases.

General Problems and Questions

1) If you're having problems setting up your bot, please ensure you've correctly followed the steps explained in the setup guide.

2) Make sure you check the Frequently Asked Questions page.

3) If you need a script to perform a certain function, try several searches of the Tcl Archive yourself before asking others where to find such a script.

4) If you're having a problem with a script you downloaded from the Tcl Archive that was not written by me, contact the script author.

5) If you want someone to write or customise a Tcl script for you, post a request to the Script Requests section of the user forum, and you might get lucky. Remember that Tcl scripting is skilled work that takes time and effort, even for experienced scripters. Don't e-mail me directly these requests unless you are going to pay me for the job.

6) If you have a general Eggdrop, shell, or Tcl-related problem, post a message to the user forum.

7) You can also try one of the IRC channels, but keep in mind that people aren't always around to help 24 hours a day.

8) If you're experiencing a complex problem (e.g. compiling problem), or you don't get an answer to your problem elsewhere, try one of the Eggdrop mailing lists.

9) If you need to report an Eggdrop bug, please check the BUG-REPORT form in your Eggdrop's doc directory, or visit Bugzilla.

Always include the Eggdrop version and/or script version when requesting help. Note that if you send a problem listed above directly to my e-mail address I am not likely to respond unless I have an immediate, concise answer to give you.

netbots.tcl and My Scripts

1) Check the slennox's scripts section of the FAQ.

2) For netbots.tcl, have you read the documentation and checked the netbots.tcl issues page?

3) If that doesn't help with your problem, post a message to the Script Support section of the user forum.

4) If you need to report a bug in netbots.tcl or one of my other scripts, please e-mail me directly.

5) Feature requests and ideas for my scripts can be sent by e-mail, but as development of my scripts isn't very active, it's unlikely that I'd implement them.

Always include the Eggdrop version and/or script version when requesting help.

Submit a Script or File

Simply e-mail me as standard attachments any files you would like added to the Files page. Please note the Tcl Archive is temporarily closed for submissions.

Website Comments

Any comments, suggestions, or questions about, including link requests, requests to translate the site, reports of broken links, etc. can be sent to me directly. You can also leave your comments in the Other Stuff section of the user forum.

My E-mail Address

In an attempt to reduce spam, I am now providing my e-mail address in a format that is not readable by spamming tools:

The first part of my address is lampbox and the second part is

And here are a few fake addresses for the spammers:,,

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