Eggdrop Command Reference

The Eggdrop Command Reference lists all commands in Eggdrop 1.6, including syntax and details for each command. All command descriptions are based on those used in Eggdrop's help files. This reference will allow you to learn many of Eggdrop's DCC, MSG, and public commands without having to dig through the DCC help system.


Core Commands
Assoc Commands
Channels Commands
Console Commands
Filesys Commands
Irc Commands
Notes Commands
Seen Commands
Server Commands
Share Commands


Using the Reference

Each command entry is displayed in the following format:



command syntax

A description of what the command does and how to use it.


example usage of command

In the command syntax, you'll often see options displayed like <this> and [this]. Options that appear like <this> must be specified when using the command. Options appearing like [this] are optional.

You may also see an advanced usage of those indicators. For example:

command <option1> [option2 <suboption1>]

In the example above, option1 must be specified. Specifying option2 isn't required, but if you do specify option2, you must also specify suboption1.